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What would be the best 7 International destinations to travel on Weekends?

Every traveler tends to fall in love with idea of traveling if it is affordable and easy to travel to. When long weekend approaches, who would not want to sit, relax and enjoy whilst they get to have the time of their life at their favorite destination? 

The best travel destinations to explore are just a few hours away !!! Just pack your bags and be on the move!!

Singapore: This place is a hub for vibrant cultural diversity and architectural marvels that will take your breath away!! Enjoy the extravagant cuisines of this place while you go on a shopping spree in Singapore amidst the marvelous gardens and amusement parks.

Vietnam: The rich culture, history, and scenic views welcome you to Vietnam, as the locals here will make you feel at home. Take that long-awaited cruise on Halong Bay while here. Not to worry too much, as the country provided you with an e-visa and even a visa on arrival.

Krabi: Krabi is famous for the aura of relaxation it creates for the passengers. Go to this hidden gem on earth to find the staggering coastlines, scenic beauty imbibing flora and fauna, serpentine caves, and beaches with iconic views. 

Seychelles: Being a visa-free nation, Seychelles can be the perfect destination for weekends. Stroll along the beach while enjoying the crystal clear water and the marine life that will amuse you. If you are a fan of underwater expeditions, go snorkeling along the beautiful beaches of Mahe. 

Bentota: All water sports lovers and foodaholics will find a place at Bentota as they lie down to relax at the beaches at this place. The beach vibe that this place tends to create is quite exemplary and vibrant.

Istanbul: The land where Ancient Greek history meets the chequered landscape, Istanbul is a delight for travelers regarding food, culture, and sightseeing.

Dubai: Dubai boasts of extravagance and luxury in the lap of man-made islands. The places are already traveling in the future, which the traveler will be able to get glimpses of when visiting this place. A trip to this place is incomplete without going to Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, and Desert Safari. 

Where is the cheapest place to travel abroad?

The cheapest place to travel abroad is Cambodia. Most Southeast Asian countries are extremely cheap to travel to. The traveler can visit these places for the architecture, food, and rich cultural heritage that it showcases. 

How do I plan an overseas trip?

The following pointers need to be kept in mind when the passenger is planning an overseas trip:

  • In-depth research and analysis of the place.
  • Curate an itinerary keeping in mind the budget.
  • Make a list of all the travel documents to carry.
  • Advance booking for flight and accommodation.

How can I travel cheap globally?

Passengers can travel cheaply globally by making all the flight bookings in advance and researching the place to make a detailed itinerary. 

How much money do I need to travel internationally?

The cost of an international trip depends on the travel destination. It usually ranges between 400 USD to 1000 USD depending on how extravagant they want the trip to be. A traveler usually spends an average of 50 USD daily on their trip. 


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