How do I report a lost item on TAP Portugal

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Tap Portugal Lost Item Report to the Customer Service 

TAP Portugal is well-known for ensuring that passengers get the best and most reliable assistance initiated when booking only. There are times when people lose one or two items from their baggage. In these situations, people often need clarification about how to get the solution. Losing an item while traveling can be stressful, but TAP Portugal has procedures to help you recover your belongings. Here's how to report a lost item on TAP Portugal.

  • Contact TAP Portugal: When you realize you've lost an item, contact TAP Portugal's Lost and Found department. You can do this through their official website, customer service number (+351) 211234400, or in person at the airport.

  • Provide Details: Be prepared to provide specific details about the lost item, including when and where you last had it.

  • Complete Lost Item Report: TAP Portugal may ask you to complete a lost item report with all the necessary details. This report helps them in their search efforts.

  • Check Lost and Found Database: TAP Portugal often maintains a lost and found database on their website. You can check this database to see if your lost item has been found and turned in by someone else.

Does TAP Portugal lose luggage?

No, the passengers traveling with TAP Portugal don’t lose their baggage often, but there are times when they miss their baggage items accidentally. It can happen to anyone without the airline’s fault. 

How to contact Tap Lost and Found?

TAP Portugal often provides an online form on their official website where you can report lost items or inquire about lost luggage. Fill out the required information, and they will respond to your inquiry, or you can connect with the customer service team of the airline.

How do I check the status of my lost luggage On Tap Air?

You can check the status of your lost luggage on TAP Air by using their online baggage tracing system. Follow these steps:

  • Visit the TAP Air website.
  • Navigate to the "Baggage" or "Lost and Found" section, where you can often find a "Track Lost Baggage" or similar option.
  • Enter your Property Irregularity Report (PIR) reference number. This unique reference number is provided when you report your lost luggage.
  • Click "Submit" or a similar option to check the status of your lost luggage. The system will provide updates on the location and status of your bag.

How do I get reimbursed for my lost luggage?

To get reimbursed for your lost luggage, follow these steps:

  • Keep all receipts for essential items you had to purchase due to the lost luggage.
  • Contact TAP Portugal's Lost and Found department and provide them with the receipts and details of your expenses.
  • The airline will review your claim and may offer compensation for the expenses incurred due to the loss of your luggage.

How much compensation do you get for lost baggage at Tap Air?

To determine the compensation amount for your lost baggage, you should:

  • Contact TAP Portugal's Lost and Found department and report the loss.
  • Please provide them with all the necessary details, including the value of the lost items and receipts for essential expenses.
  • TAP Air will review your claim and offer compensation within the limits of their liability.


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