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What to do if baggage Delayed in Singapore Airlines 

Have you lost your baggage and want to claim delayed baggage on Singapore Airlines? Did your baggage get delayed on Singapore Airlines? In this short content post, you will get enough information about how you can file a report on Singapore Airlines or how you can claim your baggage. Let's discuss this briefly in the following parts.

Report about your baggage

Whenever a passenger's baggage gets delayed or missing, they should immediately report a complaint to the airport baggage lost and found division. If you are traveling with Singapore Airlines and you are facing the same problem, then you can use different ways to report your baggage.

Make a phone call.

You can also lodge your complaint to the Singapore Airlines customer service lost and found department by calling their phone number. You can dial +1 (866) 767-2247 and follow the steps.

  • Use the given number to connect with the Singapore baggage department.
  • Follow the on-call commands.
  • Later, you’ll talk to a Singapore Baggage support agent.
  • They will help you assist with every possible effort for your baggage.

Reach to the airport.

The best you can do is by reaching to the airport's baggage counter and tell the staff about your baggage issue. They will report your issue and help you track the baggage. If you are eligible to get any kind of compensation, then they will also reimburse you.

Report it online.

You can lodge an online missing, delayed, or damaged baggage report by going to the official website and then jumping to their contact support page, and following the below steps.

  • After reaching the help page, find the display prompts.
  • Enter your flight tickets and other relevant details and choose next.
  • Finally, kindly submit it. 
  • You will get a reference number in your email, which will help you track your complaint status.

Claim your Baggage.

In case you have filed a report for your baggage and within a day they have found it, then in order to claim it, you need to visit the nearest airport office to do the formalities, or you can also request them to deliver your baggage at your doorstep by making a phone call or writing them through emails. You can use the reference number to claim the baggage that you got at the time of filing the complaint.

Does Singapore Airlines compensate for delayed baggage?

Yes, in case your baggage got delayed for more than a few days then as per their baggage policy rules, you may be compensated by the Singapore airlines.

What is the maximum reimbursement for delayed baggage in Singapore Airlines?

In certain delayed baggage cases, the maximum reimbursement that you can get is up to $1000, although the reimbursement is subject to their baggage compensation policy rules.

How to make claim for delayed baggage compensation in Singapore Airlines?

Suppose you have reported a delayed baggage issue, and as per the policy, you are eligible to claim your baggage. Then, you can fill out a claim form, which can be found on the help page, or call the customer service executive for guidance.


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