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Procedure to Request wheelchair Assistance at Airport

When a passenger with a disability requests wheelchair assistance to move through the airport, the airline's staff are required to provide the necessary service. It is clear that passengers get the facility of wheelchairs at the airport, but now the question arises: How do I add wheelchair assistance after booking? Well, wheelchair assistance or guided assistance is provided to passengers who are blind or have a mobility impairment. The steps required to book wheelchair assistance are as follows:

  • Go to the airline's official website and click on My Trips/ Manage Bookings.
  • Find your reservation using your login credentials.
  • After that, add a wheelchair under special assistance.
  • Provide the details of the passenger requiring wheelchair assistance.
  • Confirm the changes, and the assistance will be added to your reservation.

Other ways to add wheelchair assistance:

Passengers can also add wheelchair assistance through other contact methods on the airline's official website. Such as,

  • Via phone. 

Most airlines allow their passengers to add wheelchair assistance by contacting customer service executives through phone calls. Passengers need to call the airline and provide the details of the passenger requiring wheelchair assistance. The executive will guide you through the necessary steps to do the same.

  • Via Email.

It is advised to write an Email to the airline when there is a medical emergency, and the passenger needs wheelchair assistance. The email should contain all the medical documents and specifically mention the type of special assistance that is required at the airport. The executives will follow up and provide the necessary service.

Is Wheelchair assistance at the Airport Free?

Yes, wheelchair assistance at the airport is free. Passengers can carry their own wheelchair or request the airline to provide a wheelchair. It is essential to inform the airline about the special assistance while booking your flight or at least 24- hours before the flight departure to ensure a smooth travel.

How much do you tip for wheelchair assistance at the airport?

A reasonable tip for wheelchair assistance at the airport is $5. Passengers can tip more than this based on their experience with the service. There is no extra airport wheelchair assistance cost, so tip helps to boost the confidence of the helping staff.

How do I get through security with my wheelchair or mobility aid?

If you self-identify as a passenger who requires wheelchair assistance or you are accompanying a passenger with a disability. The first and foremost step is to arrive at the airport one hour before the standard check-in time if traveling with a battery-powered wheelchair. Steps to get through security with a wheelchair:

  • If a passenger cannot walk and pass through the metal detector, they will be required to go through a pat-down security.
  • Pat-down will be conducted by an official of the same gender as the passenger.
  • While the passenger goes through the pat-down or metal detector security, their wheelchair or scooter will be inspected.
  • All the seat cushions and removable pouches will be thoroughly scanned and inspected.

What services are covered under wheelchair assistance at the airport?

Wheelchair assistants are required to navigate the passengers through the different parts of the airport, whatever is needed.

  • The assistant will help in navigating the passenger from the airport terminal or vehicle drop-off point to the aircraft, including the check-in counter, security check, and onto the aircraft's seat.
  • Assisting from the aircraft's seat to the arrival gate, including the baggage claim area, terminal entrance, and to the vehicle pick-up point.
  • If the passenger is traveling on a connecting flight, the assistant must navigate the passenger to the connecting flight gate and seat of the aircraft.
  • The wheelchair assistants are not allowed to leave the passenger for more than 30 minutes, even when there is an accompanying passenger, or the passenger himself requests for the assistant to leave.


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