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Detailed Guide for compensation for Delayed, Missed or Damaged Baggage at Ethiopian Airlines

Among all the doubts faced by the passengers with Ethiopian Airlines, the most raised question is about delayed Baggage Compensation. To avoid such situations, you can make yourself familiar in advance by reading the below-mentioned information as it covers queries like how to claim compensation and other raised questions regarding the compensation for delayed or lost luggage.

Can you get compensation for delayed baggage on Ethiopian Airlines?

Travelers are liable to claim the compensation on Ethiopian Airlines for lost or delayed baggage. If your checked luggage is lost and you are seeking what you can do in such a situation, then you can claim compensation for the inconvenience. Still, the Airline does not provide reimbursement in case of minor damage due to over-packing and furthermore.

While traveling with Ethiopian Airlines, if any passenger's baggage is delayed, they can claim compensation. The airline will only compensate for the baggage if the passenger does not receive it within 21 days of departure. You can claim compensation for the delayed baggage in two easy modes. To get any further assistance, get a hold of customer service, and they will guide you.

Modes to claim compensation for delayed baggage 

Via official webpage - You can file a claim for your delayed baggage with Ethiopian Airlines by filling out a form through the official webpage. In the baggage claim form, mention your booking details and provide all the required information. After submitting the form, give it a few days, and the airline will get you the compensation after verification. Read the given information to fill out the form:

  • Get to the Ethiopian Airlines official webpage.
  • Click the "Help Center" button from the menu.
  • Then, you have to press the option to claim compensation for delayed baggage.
  • Fill out the form on your screen with the required details.
  • The airline will verify all the details and provide the compensation within a few days. 

Via phone call - Another way to claim compensation from Ethiopian Airlines for delayed baggage is through phone calls. Share the required details with the executive; they will register the complaint and help you with the procedure. Below are the instructions to file a claim through phone call:

  • Place a call to Ethiopian Airlines at the phone number (800 445 2733).
  • Tap on the IVR option to report delayed baggage.
  • The call will then get through with a live person.
  • Share the necessary flight information and the details about your baggage.
  • The executive will file your complaint and provide information about the next steps.
  • After verifying the details, the airline will compensate you.

Ethiopian Airlines Compensation Policy

Ethiopian Airlines has issued a delayed, missed, or lost baggage compensation policy to address the situations where passengers failed to get their checked luggage when they landed. But there are a few terms and conditions under this compensation policy; if the passenger experiences this unfortunate situation, then the Airline is liable to provide reimbursement. You should know the essential criteria whcih are explained in the given information; we suggest you read the data for better clarity.

  • Airlines do not provide a claim if the passenger's checked luggage. Material is defective.
  • Travelers are not permitted to get compensation for minor defects, dents, cuts, scuffs, dirt, and other factors.
  • You are not supposed to get the claimed damage that happened due to over-packing and inadequate baggage.
  • Ethiopian Airlines does not give compensation for the protruding parts, such as luggage covers, straps, hooks, belts, and locks.

How much compensation can u get for delayed luggage Ethiopian Airlines?

Passengers who have not received their baggage or whose baggage was delayed by the airline will get compensated for it. Ethiopian Airlines will have to provide $300 to the passenger for delaying their baggage. However, you can claim up to $700 if the airline has lost your baggage. For any additional details regarding it, you can get through to customer service, and the executive will fill you in with all the information.

What do you do if you have delayed baggage on Ethiopian Airlines?

In case of delayed baggage with Ethiopian Airlines, the passenger must immediately file a complaint and make a claim for compensation. To register a complaint for delayed baggage, you can fill out a form through the official webpage or call customer service. After filing the complaint, the airline will prioritize finding your luggage and assist you with the query.

Does Ethiopian Airlines compensate for lost baggage?

Ethiopian Airlines will compensate the passengers who have lost their baggage while flying with the airline. However, you will receive compensation for lost luggage if the airline fails to provide it within 21 days of departure.


If your checked luggage is lost while traveling on Ethiopian Airlines, then you are allowed to submit the claim form. It requires essential steps, which are explained in the information mentioned above. To get more details, you should visit their official website.


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