How do I make a claim for lost luggage Air Serbia

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Is it possible for Air Serbia to claim lost baggage?

At times, it is quite possible that you, as a traveler of Air Serbia, are going to find the issue of baggage lost or damaged by the airline. So, under such circumstances, Air Serbia has given the option to claim online for lost bags, for which you need to fill up the lost luggage form at the official website. However, if this isn't possible, then you can given the assurance that by conducting with different contact mediums at Air Serbia, you will be given proper help from the customer service representative for the appropriate set of help. Besides this, in case you need to acquire an adequate set of ways that enable you to report lost baggage offline as well as online, then you can use the following passage to report online (PIR) or contact an Air Serbia representative on-call or via email. 

How do I talk to Air Serbia about Lost baggage?

In circumstances where you want to talk with an Air Serbia customer representative about the lost luggage, then you can use the official contact number of Air Serbia Airlines, and you need to follow the call prompts as mentioned below for your reference. 

  • Dial Air Serbia's customer care phone number: 1-718-725-8642
  • After you process the call, you need to follow the IVRs and choose the language 
  • Next, head to command options further, and there select the lost baggage claim option 
  • Now, your call is automatically being transferred to Air Serbia customer care helpdesk 
  • You hold by the call, and you next be able to get in touch with the live representative for help 
  • In the end, discuss with the agent about your lost luggage and provide the bag details and you will receive instant help. 

Can you claim for damaged baggage on Air Serbia?

Yes, Air Serbia permits you the option of using the available online form to claim the damaged baggage because the reporting (PIR) option is the best online way to initiate, and you will get guidance for it just by following the below passage steps to file it online.

  • Visit Air Serbia's official site, and at the homepage, tap the Explore Link tab.
  • Now, choose the baggage tab, and there you have the form link to select for help.
  • Once the opens onscreen, type the bag details such as bag tag number, dimensions, color, and other information. 
  • Next, select the reason for which you need to report for the lost luggage 
  • Finally, tap over the submit tab, and you will receive the confirmation email for the filed damaged or lost luggage form along with the application number to track.

Where is the Air Serbia baggage claim/lost and found office address?

In cases you need to request for the claim/lost and found service at Air Serbia, and you still need information in regards to the form, then you should visit the office directly to report the queries (Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra 17, Beograd, Serbia). While you work this sort of option, you can report lost or damaged luggage at the airport helpdesk along with the available team experts.


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