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What happens if you miss your international flight with Emirates? 

Emirates Airlines have a wide spread of traveling routes throughout international and domestic destinations. So when you have made a reservation over an international flight but the flight gets missed, then policies could determine follow-up. Further, accurate information about the Emirates Missed Flight Policy is elaborated at the bottom:-

  • When your flight gets missed because of your fault, then you might not be able to find any sort of remedy from the airline and may have to forfeit fare costs.
  • If you have informed the airline before the reason for the delay, then the airline might have been able to make an alternate arrangement. But this phenomenon is completely at the discretion of airlines.
  • When you didn’t show up for an outbound flight, then it could be considered a “no-show,” and all flight-related itineraries could be canceled.
  • If the connecting flight gets missed for a reason that is within the airline's control, then you can claim compensation for the same.

Emirates Missed flight policy

  • If you miss your flight due to traffic or natural calamity, you can reschedule the flight free of cost or get back a full refund. 
  • Sometimes, you get delays due to security checking or baggage delivery. In this case, they will provide you with compensation along with a refund. 
  • According to Emirates, if you miss your flight due to your own cause, you will not be entertained by them. 
  • Once you find that your flight is missed, you immediately need to contact the customer service representative and talk to them. 

What is a no show penalty, Emirates? 

A “no-show” is a situation in which a traveler doesn't conduct check-in nor show up to catch a flight. So, when you have bought a ticket from Emirates Airlines that falls under the “no-show” category, then you might be charged with a penalty. Thus, the penalty could be the flight ticket cost, and you could not be eligible to seek any refund.

Can I reschedule my international Emirates flight if I missed it?

Yes, you could reschedule your international missed flight. But such requirements are subjective and depend on the airline's discretion. So, when you are eligible to reschedule a flight, then you can use online modes to carry out the procedure. Thus the guide in context to that has been defined at the bottom:-

  • Reach out to the official web page of Emirates Airlines
  • Further, click on the “manage booking” option from the homepage
  • Later on, submit your booking reference number with the last name
  • Now, click on the reschedule options and click on the continue icon
  • On the next tab, choose a preferred traveling date with a flight and click on the next options.
  • Afterward, pay the cost on the payment tab with any shared options and click on the finish icon.
  • When your process is completed, then updated itinerary details can be received in a registered email. 

What happens if I miss my connecting flight Emirates?

Emirates Airlines provide a transit flight option that adds more than one flight to reach the destinations. So, when you have missed your connecting flight because of the first one and that to a fault of the airline, then you can claim compensation. Although the guide for utilizing it is as such:-

  • Go to Emirates Airline's official web page
  • Later on, click on the “help and contact” options
  • Now, click on the complaint icon
  • Further, a complaint form appears, and there, choose complaint types first.
  • Then, enter the information asked in the form and click on the submit icon.
  • And then, complaint details can be shared in the registered email and phone number.

Do I get charged if I miss my Emirates flight?

Emirates considered all the missed flights as "no show" and did not provide the fees or charges for the same. If you proceed to reschedule the same flight, you need to pay the extra costs according to the destination, travel dates, and destination. 

How to rebook my missed flight with Emirates?

You can rebook the Emirates missed flight online or with the customer service team. Therefore, you can follow the simple below steps to start the process. 

  • Firstly, you need to access the Emirates Airlines official web portal at www.emirates.com
  • After this, you can select the "manage booking" handle from the top. 
  • After adding the reservation reference code and last name, you will get the booking.
  • From the given bookings, you need to choose the missed flight you wish to rebook. 
  • You need to tap on the rebook option from the drop-down. 
  • If you are eligible, you need to add the new travel dates along with the time.
  • Once you search for the flights, you will get the available journey that you can rebook. 
  • You can select the relevant booking and confirm the details. 
  • At last, you can pay the necessary fees and complete the process. 
  • Emirates Airlines will send you the confirmation message at your registered email ID. 

Do you pay a penalty if you miss your Emirates flight?

No, you don't need to pay any penalty for the missed flight with Emirates, as you can reschedule the same by paying the difference up to 36 hours. You just need to pay the rebooking fees for your flight and get the new journey on the preferred dates. Although, you can communicate with the customer experts directly at 091670 03333.

Can I get a refund for an Emirates ticket if I miss the flight?

Yes, you can get a refund or entitles for the flight reschedule. For this, you need to fill out the refund request form immediately after the missed flight. You can log into your online reservation account through Manage Booking and access the flight. At there, you need to mention about the reason for the missed flight and attach the necessary proof. Once you submit the form, they will review the same and give you the refund within 7-10 working days. 

Incase you want to reach out Emirates Customer Service.


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