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Emirates is one of the major airlines that offers end-to-end support to its customers for any travel issues and concerns. A person, whether flying for the first time on an Emirates flight or a frequent traveler, might seek the contact information to get through to the designated customer service team. Here, a number of contact methods have been covered for you.  

How do I communicate with Emirates?

The individuals who search for the best possible option to communicate with Emirates customer service to sort out the problems they possess with air travel are recommended to connect with an official person on call. Several travel problems can be sorted by communicating with a person at customer service, and regarding that, you will have to ring the call at this phone number: 1 (800) 777-3999. The assistance could be attained on call at your convenience due to the 24-hour customer support. 

Get in touch with Emirates through customer service: for that, you need to go to the Emirates Airlines web portal and look for the customer service tab under the “Help & contacts” bar. After that, you will get the ways to connect them that are:

Phone call: to call the live agent to connect with them, you have to click on the phone call option under Emirates Airways.

After that, select your locality.

Pick your reliable phone number: +1 (802) 432-2552 /1 (800) 777-3999.

Further, the airline will quickly speak to you and solve all kinds of issues. Also, by this, you can readily get in touch with Emirates airlines.

Social media: To get in touch with Emirates, you will get social media options on the customer service page. Go there and tap on it. After that, you will get the social media various platforms that are:

  • Instagram-
  • LinkedIn-
  • Pinterest-
  • Facebook- 
  • Twitter-

You have to select any social media platform and pawl on the “send message” tab. Write your query and send the message to them. And you will receive an instant reply from the airline person. Also, you can subscribe to Emirates customer service on these social media platforms. (Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter). To always avail of the services and get to know about any information. 

Thus, you can readily get in touch with the Emirates person quickly by these ways.

Does Emirates have WhatsApp?

Emirates Airlines does not offer WhatsApp support currently. However, there are other social media networks where you can obtain live assistance from an official person. In order to find the available social media channels, you will have to browse the "Help & Contacts" page on the Emirates site and choose the option that you prefer to get the assistance. 

Can I chat with Emirates customer service live chat

Yes, you can chat with Emirates through live chat so that assistance from customer service can be availed. The flexible way to get clarification on any matter without having to contact is to use live chat. By doing the following actions, you can get in contact with an Emirates live agent to discuss the problems: 

  • Glance through the Emirates Airlines' official website,  
  • Select Help & Contacts after selecting the help option. 
  • From the available contact options, choose the one you want.
  • A chat box shall appear on the screen once you tap the live chat option.
  • Speak with a live agent to get the remedies for the issues you have and determine the best remedy.

How do I talk to a live person at Emirates?

Emirates provides the best flight experiences to more than 150 locations with better quality amenities and various services. For any issue or problem, reach out to customer service and get the correct solution. To connect quickly, use the Emirates live chat button, and the executive will guide you through the message. Below are the instructions to connect through live chat:

  • Open the official Emirates web page.
  • Tap on the “Help and Contacts” section.
  • Click the “Start Live Chat” button.
  • Pick the desired option from the topics or write your question.
  • Then, you need to mention the requested information and other details.
  • After that, the executive will reply to the message and get you an answer.

Emirates Phone Number by country

  • Argentina: +541153551166/ +54 11 3988 4076
  • Australia: +611300303777
  • Brazil: +55 11 5503 5000/+55 61 3142 0727
  • Chile: +56223937300
  • France: +33157324999
  • Mexico: +525541606466/ +52 55 4170 8055
  • Spain: +34 912 757 792/ +34 919 464 036
  • UK: +443448002777/ +44 203 808 8746

Country Wise Emirates E-mail Address

  • Brazil:
  • Turkey:
  • UAE:
  • UK:,
  • US:,

How to reach Emirates customer service

You might select to use Emirates' complaint form to submit any questions you may have and be easily able to reach Emirates Customer Service. You can follow the detailed instructions provided to complete the form, submit it, and bring up the issue. 

  • Go to the official Emirates website and surf through it to reach the contact page. 
  • Select a query type from the list of available possibilities. 
  • Next, select the Feedback and Complaints tab by swiping it down to the Formal Complaint box. 
  • It will open in form. Complete the form and send in your problem. 

How do I contact Emirates by phone?

To connect with Emirates by phone, you can make a call to their contact number (+1800 777 3999) and communicate with a live executive. By calling the airline, you can get assistance regarding their services. Once you get a hold of the live executive, describe the issue, and they will provide an immediate response.

How do I call the Emirates call center?

Get direct assistance from customer service for Emirates manage booking or flight reservations by calling the call center. Mention the flight details to the executive, and they will provide you the assistance. Go through the given steps to communicate via phone call:

  • Dial up the call center phone number.

  • Tap the button to choose your language and select the preferred IVR from the options. 

             Press 1 to make changes to your booking 

             Press 2 for a new flight reservation 

             Press 3 to book special assistance

             Press 4 for luggage-related issue 

             Press # to get in touch with an Emirates executive

  • After that, you need to wait until the call gets connected to customer service.
  • Start describing your query to the live person and get an instant response with the answer.

How long do Emirates take to reply to complaints?

To ensure a timely response to all the filed complaints, Emirates Airlines generally takes a maximum of 15 working days to review and reply to the complaints. In case the complaint takes longer than that, you are advised to approach an official person to know the status of your complaint. 

Do you have to speak Arabic to talk at Emirates customer service?

It is not necessary to communicate in Arabic at Emirates customer service to get the official's help. The assistance has been provided by the airline in different languages, and you will be able to speak with an official by selecting your preferred language.

Where is Emirates headquarters in the US

The airline has headquarters in more than 85 countries, and you can visit their office to speak directly with customer service. If you have made a reservation from the US and need to get information regarding something, then get to the helpdesk counter at the airport. First, you need to share the flight details, and the executive will assist you with the query. Following is the official address of the airline’s headquarters in the US:

Terminal 4John F. Kennedy International Airport, QueensNY11430

How to book an Emirates ticket on call?

You can call Emirates customer service 24/7 for flight reservations or any information. If you want to book a ticket with the airline through the phone call, then follow the mentioned points:

  • Make a call to the Emirates reservation number.
  • Click the IVR to book a flight ticket, and a live executive will get assistance to you.
  • You need to share the destination details and provide the requested information.
  • Then, they will mention the details of all the available along with their timing and prices.
  • Choose the desired flight, and the executive will make the reservation for you.


Yes, you can chat with the airline customer service. The live chat is available on the official website or the app. You can state your doubts and get a quick response from the representative. You can use the live chat by using the given instructions-

  • Open the web portal of Emirates. 
  • Go to the help and contact option (+1-802-432-2552), and please tap on it. 
  • Choose the live chat option.
  • Click on the Start Chat option. 
  • Provide the required details and tap on the start option.
  • Get the list of the topics, choose it.
  • Get the information from the representative. 

If you want to communicate with customer service in the US, you can use this number-+1 800 777 3999/+1-802-432-2552 for the call. If you want to text the airline, you must number-1 888 320 1576. You must speak about your query and receive an instant solution from them.

Yes, Emirates provides toll-free numbers. The toll-free contact numbers are mentioned on the official website of Emirates. The passengers can go to the Help page and search for the contact numbers for their country. However, some customer service numbers are not toll-free, and international call charges will be applied.

Unfortunately, Emirates doesn’t provide the option of contacting through SMS. Chat with the customer service team of Emirates in other ways. You can speak to someone via live chat or get written Help from the Facebook or Twitter support pages. 

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