How do you add TSA PreCheck to a booked Allegiant flight?

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Meticulous Guidance on TSA Precheck with Allegiant Air

One of the best facilities you can acquire while traveling with Allegiant Air is the TSA Precheck, as it makes the flight boarding process quick and you will be able to avoid all the inconveniences that could possibly affect the journey. Saving yourself from removing clothes or the accessories you are wearing will be easy. It has multiple benefits as well that make it more convincing to access the flight. You have to apply for TSA Precheck prior to the journey by going to the airline's official website. Let us enlighten you more about it so things can be easy and quick to approach. 

Does Allegiant participate in TSA PreCheck?

The Airline does have the TSA PreCheck available at some selected airports. Whether you will be able to navigate this service or not completely depends on the airport you have selected for the boarding. Therefore, in order to enquire about the same, you need to make flight bookings with the Airline so they can inform you whether the TSA PreCheck is available. If you have queries about the flight or the TSA, then dial 1 (702) 505-8888, the customer service phone number, and connect with the help center. Follow some instructions and the IVR menu so you will be able to talk to someone on call from Allegiant. 

How do I add TSA PreCheck to an existing Allegiant reservation?

The TSA PreCheck can be added only after you have made the reservations with Allegiant Air. During the booking procedure, this service cannot be accessed. You have to go through a simple process to request the TSA PreCheck for your reservation. The information related to the check-in and boarding will be provided so you can accordingly get through the process. By following the steps given below, you will be able to add TSA PreCheck easily: 

  • Visit the official website of Allegiant Air.
  • Then, click on the Manage Trip option given at the top right corner of the page. 
  • Enter the First and the Last Name of the passenger with the confirmation number. 
  • Click on Find Trip, and the journey details will be opened.
  • Go to the Menu and select TSA PreCheck, and the form will appear. 
  • Fill in the form with all the required information and click on submit. 
  • After the process is completed, a confirmation will be sent via email. 

Why isn't my TSA PreCheck showing up on Allegiant?

There could be multiple reasons that are stopping your TSA PreCheck from working properly with the Airline. It might have expired so having a confirmation from the Allegiant executives is mandatory. The Airport may not support this service, so you have to check it beforehand. You might have added the wrong details, which are stopping you from accessing this service. For more details, contact Airline. 

What benefits does Allegiant Air TSA PreCheck offer?

Once you have added the TSA PreCheck service to your booking, knowing which facilities you can access is vital:

  • You do not have to remove shoes, jacket, belt, etc.
  • The long queues can be skipped. 
  • Travel-sized liquids are allowed to be carried in a bag. 



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