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Comprehend the baggage policies of Oman Air 

When booking a flight with Oman Air, it is vital to understand their baggage policies so you can plan your luggage accordingly. To avoid any hassle with your baggage at the airport, you must pack your bags within the limitations of the fare class. However, Oman Air has also allowed passengers to add extra baggage to their needs in advance. Now, learn the baggage policies and how to add excess baggage to your flight at Omaan Air. 

Oman Air Baggage Allowance Policy

To learn about how much baggage you can carry on your flight at Oman Air according to your travel class, review the below-mentioned baggage allowance policies:


  • The hand baggage is carried with the passenger in the plane’s cabin and can be kept either inside the front seat or above the head bins, depending on suitability. 
  • An economy class passenger at Oman Air is allowed to carry one piece of hand baggage, which can be a personal item, small purse, briefcase, etc. 
  • First and Business class travelers are allowed for up to 2 hand baggage on the flight.
  • The maximum weight of the hand baggage is 7 kg per passenger.
  • A person flying with an infant can additionally carry 10 kg of luggage in the cabin, except for the Economy Saver class. 
  • The dimension of hand baggage is limited to 115 cm. 

Check-In Baggage

  • The pieces of baggage that are transferred to the destination separately from the passengers are considered as check-in baggage. 
  • 1 check-in baggage is allowed per person for all the travel classes on Oman Air. 
  • An Economy Class traveler can carry 30 kg of weight as check-in baggage. 
  • An Economy Saver flight ticket holder is not allowed for free check-in baggage on their fare. 
  • A check-in baggage of 50 kg is allowed for passengers traveling in First Class and Business Class. 

Special Baggage 

Any item other than travel baggage carried on the plane is considered special baggage. This includes musical instruments, medical equipment, sports equipment, odd-size items, etc.

How to add extra baggage at Oman Air

If you need to carry luggage more than the applicable limit on your Oman Air flight, you must consider how to add extra baggage to your trip. The procedure to add extra baggage from the website is as follows:

  • Visit the Oman Air homepage,
  • Go to the Manage Booking tab,
  • Click the “Manage Booking” button after entering your Booking Reference and Last Name,
  • As your booking loads on the screen, you can look for the “Add Excess Baggae” option,
  • Now, a baggage allowance window will open,
  • Select your required baggage to add to the trip,
  • Pay the necessary fee and confirm the excess allowance with Oman Air. 

What is 2PC baggage allowance in Oman Air Economy Class?

According to 2PC baggage allowance on Economy Class at Oman Air, passengers can check in on their flight with 2 pieces of bag. Each bag should not weigh more than 30 kg. The dimensions for the bags are limited to 158 cm, and one must carry their luggage according to the same to avoid any additional charges with Oman Air. 


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