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Does everything know about How Much kg baggage is allowed on Kuwait Airways?

If a booking has been made on Kuwait Airways, the travelers will definitely go with the baggage allowance provided by the airlines. A certain amount of luggage allowed the travelers to take along with them. The weight of the baggage should be according to the tickets booked by the travelers. 

Here is the baggage allowance given by Kuwait Airlines to their travelers. 

For economic flyers:

  • If travelers have reserved the flight tickets in economy class, the carry-on baggage should not be more than 6 kgs.
  • For the check-in baggage, travelers can keep a 30kg maximum weight with them. 

For business class or first-class flyers:

  • The carry-on baggage for business or first-class travelers is no more than 9 kgs.
  • For check-in baggage, they are allowed 40 kgs per bag.

What is Kuwait Airways' extra baggage fee per kg?

Suppose it can happen that travelers might have some extra baggage with them, and it will definitely cost additional charges by Kuwait Airlines. The travelers will ask about the charges and costs for the extra baggage:

The cost of the baggage is structured by the airline accordingly. The fees structure is given in the below section:

Extra Baggage fees of Kuwait Airlines:

  • When the luggage of the travelers is more than 32 kgs, it will cost them around $50 per bag.
  • For bags weighing more than 32 to 64 kgs, Kuwait Airlines will charge them around $200 per bag.
  • There are boundaries for the passengers for carrying extra baggage according to their reserved flight tickets.
  • Economy class passengers cannot carry more than 32 kgs with them.
  • First-class and business class are allowed to carry 64 kgs maximum with them.

How much does extra baggage weight cost on Kuwait Airways?

The cost of the extra baggage on Kuwait Airlines depends upon the number of baggage and weight. 

  • For bags more than 32 kgs, it will charge the travelers around $50.
  • For baggage of more than 64 kgs, travelers have to pay $150. 

How much hand baggage is allowed on Kuwait Airways?

Generally, hand baggage is denoted to be the carry-on baggage that travelers have to take with them on the aircraft. There are some rules regarding the baggage policies for Hand baggage of Kuwait Airlines. They have to follow the standard rules of weight and size of baggage that are given below:

Hand Baggage of Kuwait Airlines:

  • Economy class travelers can carry only one handbag with them, which should not be more than 5 kg. The size of the bag should be 55x35x25cm.
  • For first-class, and business class travelers, the carry-on or hand baggage allowance is not more than two bags. One should weigh 12 kgs, and the size should not be more than 55x35x25 cm. The secondary bag should be an accessory bag.
  • The carry-on baggage should fit in the overhead cabin of the aircraft.

What is Kuwait Airways Baggage Allowance?

The baggage allowance of Kuwait Airlines depends upon the class travelers' travel. The airline will show the allowance to the travelers according to it. The baggage allowance is mentioned in the below section:

Baggage allowance of Kuwait Airlines:

  • For the Royal class flyers, the baggage should not be more than one piece and should not exceed 11kgs.
  • The bags should not exceed 11 kgs for the first-class and business class. There is just one piece of baggage permitted.
  • The economy class travelers can only carry one bag, not more than 7 kgs. (Or you can call at +1-802-432-2552 for more information)

Carry-on Baggage allowance of Kuwait Airlines:

There are allowances for travelers traveling on Kuwait Airlines who want to know about the handbag or carry-on allowance. The following are the airline's terms and conditions:

  • Those travelers who have reserved Royal class can take two bags that are one standard handbag and another accessories bag.
  • Travelers who have reserved first-class or business class flights can take two handbags.
  • For economy class travelers, the carry-on baggage is one bag.
  • All travelers' carry-on bags should fit inside the overhead cabin of the aircraft. 

How many kilos of baggage is allowed in Kuwait Airways?

Kuwait Airways can allow 10 kg luggage with 115 dimensions and 45 inches. So, if you are thinking about that, How many kg baggages is allowed on Kuwait Airways? So, there you will see about it. Thus, The weight of your baggage is an important consideration when flying on Kuwait Airways. A passenger can be allowed only 10 kgs and one piece of luggage at Kuwait Airways. In addition, if you are a Silver member, you can also carry 23 kilograms of free baggage. These guidelines may vary by destination. When you book your flight, make sure you check in early to ensure you get the best available seats.

Kuwait Airways baggage policy and allowance

Nowhere you will get the information regarding the Kuwait Airways baggage policy and allowance that will help you gain knowledge regarding the luggage allowance, weight, and many more. For this, it is required to track down the following luggage policy.

  • According to the baggage policy, a traveler can carry 10 kg of 1 bag at a time while traveling.

  • And, if a passenger is a member of the Kuwait Silver program, the airline allows 23 kgs of luggage with two items on a Kuwait flight.

  • First, you are allowed only one piece of checked baggage, which is generally seven kilograms. If you carry more than that, you must pay per kilogram of the luggage.

  • Oversized baggage fees apply if your bag is larger than 62 inches. Oversized baggage fees are based on the type of fare, destination, and whether you are a Kuwait military member. 

  • You should also know that you can pre-pay for excess baggage allowance at the airport, but that's only if you travel on Kuwait Airways.

  • As a Kuwait baggage policy, you can be a handbag, a briefcase, an umbrella, a laptop, or even a coat. You have to take one piece of one of them.

  • You can even bring a handbag if you're traveling for business or pleasure. Kuwait Airways also allows you to bring one item that is more than 20 pounds.

How much luggage is allowed on Kuwait Airways?

  1. For the royal class-  32 kg per piece and three bags are allowed

  2. First class-  32 kg per piece and three bags are allowed

  3. Business class-  32 kg per piece and two bags are allowed

  4. Economy class-  23 kg per piece and two bags are allowed

How many kilos are allowed for baggage on Kuwait international flights?

If you are looking for How many kilos are allowed for baggage on Kuwait international flights? Then, you can carry two bags up to 32 kg of 158 cm while traveling.

What is Kuwait Airways' checked baggage and hold luggage policy

Thus, here you will find out about the What is Kuwait Airways' checked baggage and hold luggage policy? The following are the details of Kuwait Airways' standard checked baggage / hold luggage policy:

  • 2 bags are standard, with a maximum of 10 bags (up to 4 bags on Kuwait Airways Connection)

  • Maximum length, width, and height: 62 inches (157 centimeters).

  • Weight limit: 50 pounds (23 kilograms).

  • Excess baggage charges

Excess baggage, defined as three or even more bags per traveler, will cost $85-$95 per bag on Kuwait Airways flights.

  • Fees for overweight baggage

  • Any bag weighing more than 50 pounds is considered overweight and oversized. Checked luggage weighing more than 99 pounds is not accepted on Kuwait Airways.

  • Fees for oversized baggage

The weight is upgraded from 62 inches, it will be considered oversized luggage. For that, the airline will take the charges.

In case any query regarding kuwait airways baggage allowance, you can Kuwait Airways Customer Service


In case of Kuwait Airways mishandled your luggage or lost it, you can claim it anytime by visiting the website of Kuwait Airlines online. You can also contact the Kuwait Airways representative directly at the nearest claim desk at the airport. To get detailed information, you can follow the process below.


Step 1. Go to the official website of Kuwait Airways and locate the claim form page

Step 2. You can select the topic for which you wish to claim; here is the luggage 

Step 3. Once you select the luggage, your screen will display the associated form

Step 4. Fill in all the relevant information in the claim form, and make sure to provide your contact information and confirmation number too

Step 5. You can then click on the submit button to share your form

Step 6. The airline will review your form and get back to you as earlier as possible


In addition to the online procedure above, you can also contact a Kuwait Airways representative at the baggage claim desk within the airport. If your issues aren't resolved, talk to Kuwait Airways representatives to help you in this regard. 

If you don't get your baggage at the destination, you can file a report in the baggage claim area or by visiting the official website online. Once you claim your lost baggage, it takes approximately three days to get it back. However, in some cases, it might vary from 3--7 days also, depending on several external conditions.

If your baggage is lost, you can always speak to the Kuwait Airways representative by contacting them over the lost and found number. To get Kuwait Airways lost and found the phone, follow the simple steps below:-

  • You can visit the official site of the airline using any regular browser

  • Click on the help section on the top and go to the contact information page

  • There select the KAC offices and choose your location from the drop-down list

  • From there, you can get the Kuwait Airways lost and found number along with other details

  • Once you get the number, you can contact the airline and share your concern

If you have already claimed your lost baggage and didn't get any update, follow the procedure below to check your Baggage claims status online.

  • Land on the official website of Kuwait Airways

  • Then locate the Tracing page available on the website, click on Tracing 

  • You need to enter your reservation number and surname, then 

  • Click on the submit button to check the status of your lost baggage 

  • By doing this the detailed information about your lost baggage will appear on the screen

  • You can go through it and take appropriate action accordingly 

However, you can also speak to the Kuwait Airways representative about your lost baggage claim status. You can call on the lost and found the phone number and follow instructions to speak to the agent. Once connected, share your baggage details with the Kuwait Airways agent, and they will help you know the status.

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