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A Brief Description of how to get a hold of Kuwait Airways from the USA

Kuwait Airways flies to a distinct destinations, and one of them is the USA. When you choose this airline as a travel companion, then, you can acquire a number of facilities such as managing itineraries, seat options, special assistance, miles, and many more. When there is anything touch to get, then contact its customer service. Although, if you have a question, How do I contact Kuwait Airways from USA? Then take a glance at the bottom.

How to speak with Kuwait Airways from the USA?

When you plan a trip with Kuwait Airways, then you can obtain the necessary services with exceptional ones. It has a flying route throughout the destinations, and one of those is the United States of America. When you have a desire to travel from the USA, then speak with customer service to acknowledge better facilities. Further, if you are facing doubts such as How do I contact Kuwait Airways from the USA? Then take a glance at the bottom.

Via call

One of the most used modes to get in touch is a call because you can gab answers for the abundance of trouble at once. So, the phone number as per the department has been displayed at the bottom:-

  • For general inquiry, +1 (201)-582-9200
  • For a complaint, +1 (201)-582-9250
  • For disabled passengers, +1 (855)-458-9248/+1-802-432-2552
  • For cargo, +1-(718)-553-2840

Via chat

When you have a problem establishing verbal communication with the airline customer service, then cite your issue over chat modes. In this manner, you can gain a rapid response, too, and the steps related to this are as follows:-

  • Get to Kuwait Airways' official web page
  • Further, click on the help icon and choose the contact us option
  • Now, click on the chat option and write your concern

Via email

When you urge them to keep a written record of a mentioned question and share an attachment related to confusion, then send an email to them. Further, you can avail a response from the airline within 12 to 48 hours, and the webmail address with their respective division are as follows:-

What is the Whatsapp number of Kuwait Airways?

WhatsApp is widely used by people nowadays. It's easy to understand, and the user-friendly interface facilitates communication. The whatsapp number of Kuwait Airways is +965 22200171/+1-802-432-2552. Save this number on your phone and start chatting on whatsapp.

How to contact Kuwait Airways on WhatsApp

On Kuwait Airlines, you can locate a number of modes to get in touch with customer service and seek solutions. But whatsapp is referred to as the constructive mode to state queries. When you are getting a query, " What is the Whatsapp number of Kuwait Airways? Then carry on reading here. However, the WhatsApp number is +965 22200171, and then send a message through your applications. 

How do I call Kuwait Airways?

As indicated by the name, Kuwait Airways is the flag carrier of Kuwait. It offers top-notch services to customers and flies to numerous destinations worldwide. It ensures that no customer comes across any kind of difficulty and thus employs a highly experienced and amiable customer service team. They are responsible for providing on-time and appropriate help to customers who face problems. If you are unfamiliar with the methods to contact them, this article can be immensely informative. You can call them in the mentioned way.

  • Open the official website of Kuwait Airways through the link
  • Navigate the page and click the ‘Contact support’ option.
  • When you land on the contact page, you will find its phone number 011 965 2434 5555.
  • Call the mentioned number and get help from a customer service executive. 


What is Kuwait Airlines phone number?

When you could seek services with Kuwait Airlines, then getting doubts are quite familiar. In order to encounter those, airlines have various communication modes, but the most conventional method is call. Kuwait airways have phone number which is +965 24345555 and if you are calling internationally then use extension 171. 

USA: 1-201-582-9200​

How to get a hold of Kuwait Airways?

Are you unable to connect with Kuwait Airways customer service on a call? Do not worry! You can adopt any alternate way to communicate your problem to the airline. Various processes to seek assistance from them are listed below. 

Inform your issue via email:

An easy and suitable way to report your issues or queries to Kuwait Airways is to send them an email. It has a separate email address where customers can send their problems, complaints, queries, suggestions, and feedback. You have to compose an email mentioning your query or complaint and send it to The airline will reply to you in the next one or two days.

Contact on social media:

Another way that helps customers to connect with Kuwait AIrways customer service for help is social media. You can get connected with them on different social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Go to their official page and click the message icon. Type in your concerns and send them directly. They will respond to your text shortly. 

Can I speak to a customer care agent at Kuwait Airways via Social media?

Yes, you can speak to a customer care agent at Kuwait Airways via social media easily, as the airline is available on various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You have to  follow the airline on social media and send a message to get the reply. 

How to talk with a live person on Kuwait Airways

You could get a distinct form to get a hold of Kuwait Airway, but contact with a live person could be obtained over call. For that, you can dial the Kuwait Airways Customer Service phone number, +1 (201)-582-9200, and then choose a suitable language from the first recorded message. Afterward, pick a relevant option from the shared telephone menu, such as:-

  • Press1 to make a reservation
  • Press4 for a baggage policy 
  • Press7 to request a medical aid 
  • Press0 to contact customer service

How do I call Kuwait Airways from outside Kuwait?

Want to call Kuwait Airways from a foreign country? It has a separate number to receive international calls. Any customer outside Kuwait has to call the specified number to get in touch with the airline. To find the required number, you should follow the given steps.

  • Go to the Kuwait Airways website through the link mentioned above. 
  • Place the cursor on the Help tab and click the ‘Contact Us’ option. 
  • You will find the international number of Kuwait Airways, which is +965 24345555 ext 171. 
  • Give a call at the mentioned number, and Kuwait Airways customer service will connect with you.
  • Inform your issue and provide the required details. Finally, you will get an appropriate solution. 

What is Kuwait Airways head office Addresss?

When your concern didn't get heard by the Kuwait Airlines customer service, then establish contact with their head office. Further, you are having doubts such as What is the head office number of Kuwait Airways? Then do not get worried because the answers are present here. However, the head office phone number is 965 24345555, and the office address is raised at the bottom:-

Kuwait Airways, PO Box 394-Safat 13004 State of Kuwait

Sunday to Thursday from 08:00 am - 02:00 pm

How can I manage my Kuwait booking?

You can manage your booking via the kuwait airways reservation number or via the official website easily. You may follow the steps below.

  • Open the page
  • Go to the tab "manage," and you will get various options to choose from.
  • Choose the option most relevant to your query and follow the instructions you get to complete a task.

Can I connect with a representative using the email address to file a claim?

If you want to file a claim, you can send an email to kuwait airways complaints email address You have to write the reason and attach relevant documents for making a claim and also mention your contact details. The airline will respond within a few days.

If you still have been questioning, "How do I file a claim with Kuwait Airways?" another easy method to file a claim is by sending a letter to the address given below. You must give the details of the canceled flight and the passenger's details. You will get a revert within a few days.

Airways Customer Relations, PO Box 394, Safat-13004, Kuwait.

How can I file a complaint with Kuwait Airways?

You can file a complaint with Kuwait Airways, whether it is a kuwait airways group booking or a regular booking using the official website. You can follow the steps below.

  • Open the page
  • Click "help," then go to "contact us."
  • Select the tab "Compliments and Complaints."
  • Fill in your name, number, email address, flight date, number, cabin class, and your comments.
  • Click "submit," and you will get a reply from the airline within a few days.

How can I change my date of travel on Kuwait Airways?

An individual has two options if they want to change the date of travel in their booking. The first option is to use the official site, and the other option is to contact the customer service of Kuwait Airways. The procedure for both of these options is explained below:

By Website 

You can change the date of your booking from the website and get a reservation on a new flight by following the below process:

  • Reach the homepage of Kuwait Airways in your browser,
  • Click the Manage option to open the table,
  • Pick the “Modify or Upgrade” option,
  • Enter the last name and the booking reference in the columns,
  • Next, by tapping the “Retrieve Booking” button, your booking will open on a new page,
  • Now you have to opt for the Change flight option followed by Change Date,
  • Set your required date for the available flight search,
  • Choose the suitable one and proceed,
  • You might need to pay the date change charges and the fare difference,
  • After that, your travel date on the Kuwait Airways booking will be changed. 

By Customer Service

You can ask an official at the Kuwait Airways customer service to change your travel date in the booking you made earlier. For the same, you need to do as per the provided instructions:

  • Call on the phone number: 011 965 2434 5555,
  • Wait for an official to avail on the call,
  • Then you have to ask to change the date on your booking,
  • Give the booking reference and passenger name to the official so that they can access your booking,
  • State your required travel date to get a flight ticket,
  • Make the requirement online, like the date change charges and the fare difference,
  • After that, the official will change your travel date at Kuwait Airways and will send you an email of the same. 


A traveler wanting to contact Kuwait Airways Dubai customer care by phone call and looking can use this contact number (00971)04-2281106 to place the call. You will avail an official to talk to by following the IVR menu you listen to on the call. The official will help you with your queries and travel requirements. 

In case you have booked a flight with Kuwait Airways scheduled from JFK Airport and like to know which terminal you should use, Kuwait Airways is at Terminal J for the arrival and departure of the flights. 

There are some items that are not allowed in Kuwait Airways are those are listed here that you must consider before your travel:

  • Explosives Items such as Dynamite, gunpowder, and plastic explosives.
  • Incendiary Substances and Devices
  • E-Cigarettes
  • Ropes and masking Tapes
  • Poisonous and infectious substances like insecticides and weed killers.

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