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Are you pondering over the transfer of your Emirates miles? You have come to the right place. 

Everything Knows About Transferring My Emirates Miles To A Family Member

Let us consider some of the questions to acknowledge Emirates flights Miles's transfer. 

Can You Donate Emirates Miles? 

  • Passengers having Skywards miles can donate or transfer their miles to others to club the reward and mile points together to reach the next level as far as your miles are concerned. 
  • Travelers can donate or transfer their miles for USD 15 per 1000 miles. 
  • The maximum transfer allowed is 50,000 per year for miles. 

Travelers can give miles to their family and friends. Miles are applicable on flights and hotels and would allow them to experience a range of tempting rewards. 

1000 skywards miles are equal to USD 30 and travelers can give 100,000 to 200,000 Skywards miles in a year. The transfer also depends on the recipient's membership tier. 

Can I Transfer My Emirates Miles To Someone Else? 

Passengers can transfer their miles to someone else but they would have to pay the transfer charge along with the processing fee at Emirates. 

The transfer charge is approximately USD 15 per 1000 miles and it takes around USD 20-25 as processing charges that are collected by the airline concerning miles transfer. If you are having Tier miles then you can only utilize them for your benefit. 

Can You Sell Emirates Air Miles? 

Travelers can sell only the Skywards miles that they own. Tier miles are not available for sale and one can only use these for their benefit and usage for flight booking and reservations. 

How Much Are 1000 Emirates miles worth? 

Each Emirates miles are worth 1 cent each, travelers can redeem miles for reservations with the airlines. Passengers can get USD 8 discount on redeeming 1000 miles.  

Travelers can get extra discounts on their flight bookings by taking miles from their family or friends. Although, it takes more to initiate the transfer of miles as travelers have to pay the transfer charges along with the processing fee charged by the airline. But if you are getting more rewards then you can club together Skywards for added benefits. 

How Do I Transfer My Emirates Miles To A Family Member?

Travelers can communicate with the customer service support team at the airline to get in touch with the experts for help and assistance with miles and rewards. One can communicate with the customer service personnel at the airline to get optimum help with the transfer of miles. 

Passengers can communicate with the customer support professionals at the airline via the customer support helpline number. People can also find help via the customer service support email address. You can communicate with the customer support team and they will guide you as far as transfer of miles is concerned. 

Moreover, if you would like to transfer miles via the website, you can follow the below-mentioned steps: 

  • Travelers need to visit the official Emirates website on their preferred web browser. 
  • Passengers need to perform login to their Emirates account to access the miles to initiate the transfer. 
  • Navigate to the My Account section on the homepage. (Directly you can call at +1-807-698-0205)
  • Select the Miles option and check your Miles balance to proceed with miles transfer to your family or friends' account. 
  • Travelers must also make sure that the recipient’s account has one Emirates flight or partner-earning activity. 
  • Next, travelers need to select the miles that they would like to transfer. Select the miles in the multiples of 1000, starting at 2000 and one can transfer up to 50,000 miles to another Emirates Skywards member in one calendar year. 
  • Initiate the transfer by selecting the transfer miles option. 
  • Complete the payment for transfer and processing fee. 
  • You will receive a transfer notification from the airline at your email address. 

Travelers must keep in mind that the transferred miles do come with a validity period and are valid for a minimum of three years from the date o transfer. The expiry of the points will be at the end of the receiving member’s month of birth in the third year.  

Also, one must be aware that they cannot reverse the transfer of miles from one account to another after they have willingly given away their miles to another family member or friend. Once the transaction of miles is complete you cannot reverse it in any condition. 

What is Emirates Skywards Mile, and how can I use it? 

If you talk about premium class flights, you can not miss Emirates airways. Emirates is known for its premium features and services. Emirates Skywards Mile is a feature you would like to learn more about. Emirates skywards Mile is a kind of program by Emirates airlines in which you can earn a point known as the “Emirates Skywards Mile” whenever you are flying with them or their partner airlines, such as Flydubai, etc., or their partnered hotels. 

What is the Emirates Skywards Mile’s real value? 

If you want to redeem Emirates Skywards Mile, you may have questions like What are Emirates Skywards miles worth? And the ways to save it. The value of Emirates Skywards Mile varies from location to location. It also depends on when you are flying or whether you are a frequent flyer.

 For your Information,

  •  Each Emirates Skywards Mile is worth 1 cent in economy classes. If you have 100 Emirates Skywards Mile points, then it means that these are worth 1 Dollar, and for 100000, it is $1000. 

  • But if you are traveling in Business class, the Emirates Skywards value is three times the economy class, which makes it an average of 3 cents per Skyward Mile. So if you have 100 Emirates Skyward Miles, it will fetch you 3 Dollars.

I have 5000 Emirates Skywards Miles. What are they worth?

You have 5000 Miles in your Emirates account, and you are not spending them; you should know, “How much is 5000 Emirates miles worth?” for every 5000 miles redeemed, you will get around USD 110.

What if I have 1000 Miles?

If you have 1000 miles and thinking, “How much are 1000 Emirates miles worth?” Then you should know it is like $30. 

What is the validity duration of Emirates Skywards Miles?

 Suppose you have a lot of Emirates Skyward points, but you can not use those points, or you are not flying enough to redeem them. Then you may think How long are Emirates Skywards Miles valid? Or doubt about whether your earned Skyward Miles is going to waste or not.

Yes! Emirates Skyward Miles are valid for a specific period. According to Emirate’s policy Emirates Skywards Miles are valid for three consecutive years regardless of your last flight. But the matter does not end here; your birthday and month are also involved in it. It is such a complex system.

So, according to this policy,

  •  If you have 300 Emirates Skywards Mile points in January 2022 and your birthday is in February, it will end by the end of February 2025. 

  • At the same time, If you have birthdays in the previous month of your flight like your birthday is in March 2022, and your flight is in April, then your Emirates Skywards Points will be valid for March 2026.

  • Although Emirates has revised their policy Due to Covid, all Emirates Skywards Miles points will be valid until 31st August 2022, regardless of their last flight or birthday

How to use miles to upgrade someone else? 

Suppose you have a bunch of Emirates Skywards Miles and are not flying for some reason. But someone in your family wants to fly with Emirates. In this situation, you may be thinking, ‘Can I use my Emirates miles to upgrade someone else?’ the answer is yes, you can. You can transfer the miles to someone in your family and then upgrade their seats. You also have to pay a processing fee, like $15 for 1000 miles. Also, there is an upper limit of how many miles you can send; it is 50000. 

As per norms, Emirates Skywards Miles are an excellent feature from Emirates, and passengers can avail of those benefits. To know more about Miles, you can contact them via the emirates chat support or go check out their website.


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