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Breeze airways are one of the prevailing airlines as they book your travel according to your needs. You can proceed to their website and book the trip. If you indulge in the issues, you can talk to the customer service team and get guidance.

How do i speak to someone at breeze?

You can connect with customer service using different ways and speak with the representative. Therefore, the following are the ways you can choose to reach the representative. 

  • You need to visit the valid portal of breeze.
  • Then move your pointer to the contact us option.
  • At the option, click on the call us button.
  • The page will show you the toll-free contact number; dial it.

After that, connect with IVR and follow the instruction below to get in touch with the airways live person.

  • Press 1 to go through flight status
  • Press 2 manage to book 
  • Press 3 for baggage details 
  • Press 4 to speak with the breeze airways customer service (+1 802 432 2552) personnel.

Through chats:

You can choose the live chat feature and get through with the customer service team. Thus, you can get access to the live chat feature online at their contact section. Once the chat box appears, you can send your issues to the virtual person and get an immediate reply. The live chat feature of Breeze airways is accessible round the clock.

Through email:

Breeze airways allow you to convey the issues on the email. Thus, you need to compose the questions and send them to When the customer representative reviews the query, they will give you the solutions in the mail within 24 hours. 

Through social media 

Digital platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. These social media platforms will help you in getting answers quickly. Social media holds millions of customers around the world. The airline delivers all the updates and latest information on the official social handle page. 

  • You need to browse through the official site of breeze airways.
  • Then at the end of the page on the follow us section.
  • Under the section, you need to tap on any of the social handle links.

Does Breeze have a customer service phone number?

Breeze Airways assists its passengers 24/7 to make their journey easy and comfortable. If you have any queries with the airline and want to discuss it with their representative. You can call them they will discuss your concern and give you the best possible solution for your query. To get assistance, dial 501-273-3931/ +1 802 432 2552 and their representative on call. 

Breeze airways customer service telephone number:

Breeze airways give you the facility to get in touch with the customer representative directly on the phone. You need to dial the breeze airways toll-free contact number 501 273 3931 and follow the on-call instructions. Following are the IVR commands that you will hear on the phone:

  • Choose 1 for language selection
  • Choose 2 for the new reservation
  • Choose 3 for the existing flight
  • Choose 4 to acquire the refund
  • Choose 5 for the flight status
  • Choose 6 for the baggage
  • Press 7 to talk to the live person

When you choose the preferred button, your phone will be transferred to the representative on the spot. You can consult all the issues and obtain detailed knowledge. 

How do I speak to someone at Breeze?

The passengers are provided with various options to interact with the airline's representative. They can choose to speak with them over offline and online mediums if they find online options to join their supervisor. Then they can choose to chat with them over their social media handles. They are giving replies on apps like Messenger. To talk with them on Messenger, visit their webpage and click on the Messenger logo in the contact us section. After this, log in with your account and say Hi to the representative. Wait for the reply, and then start the conversation. There are several social media links provided below to follow them.

How To Call Breeze Airways?

Travelers who want a real-time response from the airline's officials can call them. They provide their services over call 24/7. To get Breeze Airways Customer Service on call, follow the process below:

  • Move to the official site of Breeze Airways.
  • Click on contact us.
  • From here, scroll to the call option and click to get their official number, 501-273-3931.
  • Dial the number and follow the on-call instruction to get a live person on call.
  • Once an agent joins you, start the conversation regarding your concern.

Where do I send an email to Breeze Airways?

The passengers who had to suffer any issue while traveling with the airline. They can bring the notice of the airline by writing them an email. They are ready to listen to their passengers' complaints and feedback and make the necessary changes per the suggestions. Compose an email at to their representative. They will resolve your query or take action for your complaints within 24 hours.  

How do I get a human on Breeze Airways?

Suppose you have to cancel your itinerary for Breeze Airways as you no longer wish to pursue you're traveling as you are getting issues like medical emergencies or last-minute illnesses, due to which you are strictly guided not to proceed with your traveling. Thus, in such uneven circumstances, Breeze Airways customer service options are quite relevant ways you can select because then you will receive proper assistance from the experts.

Steps to call Breeze Airways by phone:

  • You need to visit the official site page of Breeze Airways.
  • Then from there, tap the contact us/help icons accordingly. 
  • Now, you have the respected contact number, which you must dial. 
  • After that, listen to all the voicemail instructions step by step. 
  • Press the option that enables your call to connect with an available team representative. 
  • Lastly, you need to wait over the call, and within a few minutes agent will arrive, and you will get appropriately assisted with ticket cancellation and refund procedures.

How do you get in touch with Breeze?

Some alternative modes are also available on the official site page of Breeze Airways, and to simultaneously learn about them, you can read the following section. You will get guided adequately by the assistant. 

Connect by online chat: You get the option of online chat direct from the official site of Breeze Airways. To follow the steps for connecting with this portal virtual assistant, you will have to read the following points, as they will guide you quite correctly.

  • Visit the contact us page, and you will have to tap over the chat icon.
  • Then from here, you have to log in to the account with the correct details. 
  • Follow the chat prompts you have to enter your query under the text field, and you will receive an appropriate response.
  • Note you get immediate response from the virtual assistant as they are available 24/7 to provide you with complete assistance.

Send an email to Breeze customer service: For the email service, you must fill out an online form, as it is available on the official site page. You only have to choose the email icon from direct contact support, and then you need to compose the email, and within a few minutes or 24 hours, you will get a response from the expert.

Breeze Airways complaints

Breeze airways give you access to register your complaint with customer service. For this, you can follow the below simple steps:

  • Initially, you can access the official web portal of breeze airways.
  • Then, you can select the contact support section from the home screen.
  • You will see several ways to connect, from which you can tap on the complaint request option. 
  • With this, you will get the complaint form you need to fill out and add the relevant details.
  • At last, you can describe the complaint in detail and tap on the submit button.

Your request will be transferred to the representative, who will get in touch with you as soon as possible. They can also give you the revert on your email. 

Breeze Airways headquarters Address/ Phone Number

Breeze Airways is an American airline headquartered in Cottonwood Heights, Utah. Breeze Airways headquarters phone number 15012733931 will connect you with the person directly and stay active 24 hours and seven days.

Where is Breeze headquarters?

In some cases, customers are offered the option to visit the office directly; for that purpose, you have to access accurate office address details. For such an option, you must read the following passage, and you will get assistance from the helpdesk expert accordingly.

  • 6340 S 3000 E Ste 400, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84121, United States.

What is the bag weight limit at Breeze?

Passengers are requested to familiarize themselves with baggage weight guidelines in advance for smooth boarding. If you have no idea about these regulations, then you can read through the given points once.

  • In the case of personal belongings, there is hand luggage that can be brought free of charge, regardless of the type of travel class.
  • The maximum dimensions of the personal item transmitted must not exceed 17 x 13 x 8 inches.
  • For carry-on baggage allowance, maximum dimensions must be no more than 24 x 14 x 10 inches with a maximum weight of 35 pounds.
  • Checked bags must weigh no more than 50 pounds and be within 62 inches (length + width + height).
  • In case your checked baggage weighs more than the allowed weight, then an additional amount will be charged as the baggage fee.
  • Baggage weighing more than 99 pounds will not be accepted by the airline.

You can also check how to add tsa precheck to Breeze Airways.


Yes, you can connect with the airline by using these communication methods-text message, email, and social media. Kindly use these methods, and you will get assistance from the representative. You will get all these methods on the official website, and you can use them according to your choice, raise your queries, and get assistance from the representative as quickly as possible.

No, the airline does not have a customer service number, but they have an option for speaking with the live person through email, or you can send your query via text, and you will get a response from the representative within a second. 

Breeze Airways headquarters is at 6340 S 3000 E, Salt Lake City. You can visit this address to get any details. You can speak with the representative there, and you will get the details from the representative rapidly. 

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