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Guide to add TSA Pre-Check number to Breeze Airways itinerary

With the help of using the TSA Pre-check number, individuals can use the expedited screening offered by airport security. To execute a TSA Pre-check service properly, travelers aren’t told to remove their shoes, belt, and light jackets. To get the TSA Pre-check number, you are required to register under this account, and then you will receive the KTN number (Known Traveller Number). You are required to enter this number under the TSA Pre-check field, which is on the official site page, and after this, you can, without any hurdle, get check-in done without obstacles.

Does Breeze Airways allow TSA Pre-Check?

At Breeze Airways, customers have been allowed to use the TSA Pre-check service. As you participate under this program, individuals have been allowed to use the KTN number that helps you to get through airport check-in counters quickly. While you connect with this platform then, some additional things are also offered to the travelers: complimentary snacks and water for a better experience.

Can I add TSA Pre-Check to an existing reservation Breeze?

Yes, customers can update with TSA Pre-check for an existing reservation they made with Breeze Airways. The proper procedure behind the addition of TSA Pre-check are you visit the official website of Breeze Airways and head directly under the section of the loyalty program profile and mention the necessary details; then you will quite conveniently get through Pre-check counters at the airport as you are a member for such relevant services available on Breeze Airways.

How do I add my TSA number to an already booked Breeze flight?

However, in this case, now you need to learn about the procedure for adding a TSA number, for you’re already made a reservation at Breeze Airways. Then you are supposed to follow a few easy steps, which are clearly described below section for your help, and you will then be able to complete Pre-check at the airport.

Quick steps to add TSA number at Breeze Airways:

  • While booking the airline ticket at Breeze Airways
  • Enter the ticket details of the traveler, like dates and times, and you need to then choose the section “Who’s Flying.”
  • After which, tap over “Secure traveler information.”
  • Under this section, you need first to select the KTN number field and then enter the number. 
  • Once you tap the submit button, your request will get submitted, along with the complete information to TSA’s secure flight system
  • In the end, as you proceed with adding of TSA number you will be receiving a complete summary which is related to TSA number addition.

How do I add KTN to my Breeze Airways reservation?

Customers can quickly get the option to add a KTN number under the Breeze Airways profile guest account because, with this feature, you will be able to get through pre-check service at the airport. However, you need more guidance related to the KTN number for adding to your reservation. In that case, you can contact Breeze Airways by different modes, which are like Facebook messenger, and an additional feature to receive help is SMS text by using the contact number 501-273-3931, and you will approach the Guest Empowerment team. You will get assistance from the concerned agent.

Every passenger traveling with Breeze Airways must undergo a security check at the airport. It can be frustrating for the passenger; thus, they can speed up the process by booking for TSA precheck. It is a special program where the passengers can register with the airline and skip the regular security check at the airport. To know the Procedure to apply TSA precheck program, read the points below:

  • Visit the Homepage of Breeze Airways and log in to your account with your credentials.
  • Now, move to the profile setting on the page.
  • Next, search for the option to add a TSA precheck number.
  • Enter the number in the suggested box and save the changes. You have successfully added KTN at Breeze Airways.

What are the benefits of TSA precheck at Breeze Airways?

TSA precheck is a special program where a passenger has to fill out an online form that takes less than five minutes and an in-person appointment, which takes approximately 10 minutes, and the process is completed. This simple process brings several Benefits of Breeze Airways TSA precheck that are mentioned here:

  • TSA precheck enhances the security of the passengers at the airport and inside the airline.
  • This process facilitates the passengers traveling with Breeze Airways to skip the regular security screening at the airport and saves the time and effort of the passengers.
  • TSA precheck has dropped the burden of the airports as now they have to focus on comparatively fewer passengers, allowing them to be more careful, and it ultimately has increased the safety of the passengers.
  • Passengers who have applied for TSA precheck with Breeze get priority in check-in and security checks at the airport.

How do I get my TSA PreCheck on my boarding pass Breeze Airways?

Passengers traveling with Breeze Airways will have to face a security check at the airport before they board the flight. It can be frustrating as they must wait long before their turn. However, the passengers can skip this process and save time by applying for a TSA precheck. To apply for it and get it on the boarding pass, passengers need to go to the official site of Breeze Airways and enter the TSA precheck number in the TSA precheck option available in the profile settings. 

Bottom Line

Security check is essential to air travel, and passengers must undergo a security check. But they can apply for TSA precheck to save time, and this article will inform them completely about TSA precheck at Breeze Airways. However, if they wish to know more, visit the airline's official site for more information. 

Passengers can also ask the process for adding tsa number to Breeze Airways to breeze airways phone number customer service


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