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How to add my child to Emirates Skywards account?

To add your child to EMirates SkyWards account, consider a few conditions which are going to get retrieved once you follow up with the below section references. To proceed with such an effective medium, for How do I add my child to Emirates Skywards account? You can simply head towards my family account, and under this section, log in to your account. After that, mention the child's details, and you will accordingly move ahead to add the details quite smoothly. 

If the customer wants to add the child to the Emirates Skyward family account, then keep the following points in mind:

  • If you already have an existing My Family account, you can easily add a child as a family member. 
  • To add your child, you must be the Family Head of the "My Family Account. 
  • In case adding to the "My Family Account," your child must also be an existing Skywards Skysurfer member.

Is it possible for the kids to join Emirates Skywards?

To get the answer to the query “Can kids join Emirates Skywards?” You must know that Emirate Airlines' kids are offered a loyalty program that is named Skysurfers or a minor account feature that is specially developed for young travelers. Kids who are between the age of 2-17 years are offered the option to earn Skywards miles for every flight they book with Emirates. 

Can I book for someone else on Emirates Skywards?

A common query among customers is Can I book for someone else on Emirates Skywards? Yes, the travelers are allowed to use Emirates Skywards earned mile points for buying tickets for someone else, and for such, even purposes you just need to get access to the account, and after that, you need to mention some details like new travelers information and then complete the details, and you just have to enter Skywards code under the available field, and you simply end procedure by paying off the ticket fare.

How to create Emirates Skywards account for a child?

To create an Emirates Skywards account for a child, you should use the following section information; here, step by step, you will be able to gather information on how to create emirates skywards account for child. Because by the following points, you will be able to smoothly add your child to your account, too, without any hurdle.

  • First of all, you need to open Emirate airline's official website 
  • After that, log in the account with the correct credentials 
  • Now click on the loyalty icon from the homepage panel 
  • Herein you have to tap over “Create my family account.”
  • Next log in page where you must mention your Emirates Skywards number along with your last name and login 
  • Further to this, you are supposed to tap over the invite button and add. You can now smoothly add your child with their complete information 
  • Finally, you select the option combine Skyward miles button, and you will get immediate assistance with the confirmation for your child's account activation.

Can I transfer my Emirates miles to my son?

Are you stuck with a question- Can I transfer my Emirates miles to my son? The possibility to transfer Emirate Airlines miles to your family member is only possible at the time when you get the eligibility to transfer the miles, or you can also receive the option to book the ticket with the help of using such miles which you have saved under your Emirate airline miles account.

What is the minimum age to join Emirates Skywards?

There is also a minimum age prescribed by the airlines for being a member of Skywards. If someone wishes to be a member of Skywards, then they need to be between the ages of two and 17. The loyalty programme of the Emirates Skywards Skysurfers is available for young travelers. Kids between the ages of two and seventeen can easily earn Skywards Miles on their flight booking. The miles can be utilized for the next flights, and they can easily utilize the unique lifestyle benefits with their partners or family worldwide. 

Can minors join Emirates Skywards?

The minors are also allowed to join Skywards. But the condition for it is that they must be between two and seventeen years old. Skysurfers is a loyalty programme designed for kids or young travelers. The other way to join Skywards is through the "My Family Account." The family head member of the Family account can easily add their child to the Skywards account. You must move to the airline's official website to proceed with it. If facing any related queries, try to talk with the representative. Multiple methods to get in contact through the phone call, live chat, and many others. 

How do I apply for Skywards for kids? 

Customers do not have to apply separately for a Skywards account for their kids. Instead, if they already have an account, they can add their children to it. To do so, you just have to go through the following simple steps.

  • Go to the Skywards account login page on the Emirates website. 
  • Mention your Skywards account number and last name to sign in. 
  • Click the ‘Add members’ button and mention your child’s information.
  • Save the changes and proceed with the further instructions carefully. 

How old do you have to be to go to Skywards?

The minimum age specified by the airlines to be a member of Skywards is between two ad 17 years. Emirates Skywards Skysurferes is a loyalty programme specially designed for young travelers. Kids will be able to earn the Miles, and also they will a utilize it in the flight fare. You can also use the miles in the next flight bookings and enjoy various benefits and amenities with the one you are traveling. 

Can I use my Emirates Skywards for someone else?   

The answer to the above question is assertive. One can easily transfer or use the Skywards miles for someone else. If the passenger is unable to reach to get a particular reward, then you can transfer the Skywards Miles to knowns, family, or friends so that you can easily add it to combine in the one account and take the miles to go further. The cost of transferring the miles is USD 15 per 1000 miles. The client is allowed to transfer miles up to 50,000 in a year. The cost of transferring the meals differs per the change in times. 

More details about emirates skywards account you can ask to the live person of customer service so contact emirates customer service. 


Yes, children can earn miles if they are a Emirates Skywards loyalty program member. Parents who have a ‘My Family’ account can add their children to their account. To create a Skywards account for your child, you have to be the Family Head in the account and follow the given steps. 

  • Open Emirates’ official website. 

  • Log in to your account and click the ‘loyalty program’ icon. 

  • Hit the ‘Create my family account’ button and log in by mentioning your credentials. 

  • Click the invite button and add. You can now add your child’s details without any issues.

  • Tap the ‘combine Skyward miles’ button displayed, and you will get the confirmation for your kid's account activation.

Emirates’ Skywards program offers a number of benefits. Consequently, more and more people join it to enjoy multiple benefits. Not only adults but kids can also become SKywards members. For this, you should have a ‘My Family’ account and also be the head of it. Log in to your account and go to the ‘Add members’ section. Next, you can add your child’s details and save the changes. Your kid will be successfully added to your account and can enjoy the benefits. 

No, there is no such provision that states only customers aged above 18 can join Emirates Skywards. If you are between 2 to 17 years, you automatically become a Skywards Skysurfers member. However, these members are subject to certain rules and should be accompanied by an adult to utilize specific benefits such as lounge services. 

The benefits of Skywards Skysurfers enjoy the same benefits as Skywards members. They can earn Gold or Silver membership which opens a lot of new privileges. However, they are not eligible for a platinum membership. Silver status earns you access to the Business Class lounge only in Dubai if accompanied by an adult. Gold members enjoy the same access in Dubai and across the world along with other members. 

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