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Check details about Delta Airlines Infant Policy to Carry your baby 

Delta Airlines’ has privileged its passengers to travel with babies on their laps. You can sit assured as the infant add-on policy of Delta Airlines has helped passengers to freely travel without any tension of requesting Delta customer service for kids to be able to travel. You can go through the information given below so that you can learn better about the process. 

Can I add an infant to my Delta flight?

Yes, you can easily add and travel with an infant to your Delta flight. While going through the booking procedure, you can add the infant or you might choose to connect with Delta and add the infant. 

How do I add my baby to an already booked Delta flight?

Delta airline provides the add my baby option on the online platform by the help of which you can add an infant while booking a flight ticket. If you travel with a baby who is minor than 2 years of age, then you can select to travel with the child on your lap for free but within the United States. You can follow the below-written procedure to complete your task without any hassle.

To add an infant to your already booked flight, you can follow the steps given below that shall help you with the process step-wise: 

  • Skim through Delta Airlines’ website, 
  • Then, use your login credentials and log in to the account registered with Delta Airlines. 
  • From the my trips section, click on the booking you wish to add the infant to. 
  • On the booking summary page, scroll to the Special Request section. 
  • Now, click on the infant in arms tab. This will open a form; fill it out by providing the required details, such as name, gender, and date of birth.   
  • Then, click on confirm option. 
  • Once done, you will get a confirmation to your email address. 

In case you want to book infant details at the time of booking with yourself, then you need to follow given steps below for How to Add Infant on Delta Flight

  • Open the Delta official site. 
  • Then go to my trips and click on it.
  • After that, select the special service request and choose the open tab under the infant in arms icon.
  • Now click on plus sign to add an infant in arms request for the flight you have booked.
  • Finally, fill in all the fields in the form and click on the confirm button. 
  • At last, you need to follow the on screen instruction and complete the process.
  • You will get a confirmation code message on your registered email id. 

How do I add baby details to my flight booking?

You have two methods: either you can contact the airline customer service team +1 800 123 6645/+1 802 432 2552 who will help you in adding your baby to your booking or simply go through the above written procedure for adding my baby option. During the online method, you need to have your PNR Number so that you can look into your booking details and add your infant to your flight ticket.

What is Delta Infant Policy?

While traveling with an infant of less than two years old, there are various measures and guidelines that you must abide by so that you can travel. The guidelines of the policy are as follows:

  • Babies traveling on the lap can fly free without a ticket. You will just have to add the details of the baby. The baby has to be carried only on the lap. An additional seat demand shall cost you the charge for the new flight seat. 
  • If you are carrying an FAA seat, you must book an additional ticket for the same. This shall book a separate seat for the baby. 
  • For more than one infant, one additional seat shall be required. 
  • The baby's food, diaper bags, and other necessary items the baby can be carried along with cabin luggage. 
  • You can also avail of a bassinet seat on the airline, upon special request from them.  
  • Passengers with infants can not take seats on the emergency, entry-exit, and overhead seats. 

Can you add an infant to a flight after booking?

You can add an infant to the flight at the time of booking, and if you forget to do so, then you can make a call +1 800 123 6645/+1 802 432 2552 at a later date and then add a child. In case your child has been born, then the airline gives infant relaxation where the minimum age which is required to fly is 7 days old.

How much does Delta charge for Infants on International flights?

The charges to add infants on International flights differ for different aged infants. For more information, read below

  • If the infant's age is less than 2 years of age and is on the adult’s lap, you will have to book a ticket for the same. An additional ticket is not required.
  • An infant less than two with an extra seat shall be allotted a different seat with the price of this ticket.
  • For infants more than two years, they shall have to buy a fresh ticket for the travel.
  • For an unaccompanied minor, $150 will be charged, which shall help the same with an employee escort. Also, any other service shall be provided by the airline. These children shall be barcoded through which you can track them. 

Do I need to tell Delta I have an infant?

Yes, you need to tell Delta that you're traveling with your infant because the authority needs to arrange all the possible facilities before you arrive with your baby. You need to contact Delta authority via toll free number. 

According to the FAA safety requirements, 1 adult passenger must carry 1 lap held infant. In case a single adult is traveling with 2 infants then in that scenario a seat must be purchased for another infant. 

In case you are traveling with the domestic flights, then you must buy a ticket for your infant for the additional seat. 

What documents do I need for my baby in the Delta reservation? 

There are multiple documents that you might need to travel. And while traveling with a baby, there might be a need for a few documents, which are listed below:

In general, there are no documents required for a kid to travel on the airline. Kids shall not have to provide any identification to travel for a domestic trip.

For an international trip, you must carry the following listed documents for your kids as follows:

  • Valid passport
  • Relationship proof with the child
  • Child’s consent for traveling
  • Visa of the destination you are traveling to. 

Do I need to bring my baby's birth certificate when flying Delta?

Yes, you need to bring the baby's birth certificate while flying with Delta, but you need to keep some points in your mind mentioned below. 

  • In case your infant is under 7 days (newborn) then you are not allowed to travel until you get an approval letter from a physician for your baby. Physicians examine the baby's health and provide the green ticket to new born to fly. 
  • In case your infant is from age 0 to 2, then the baby needs to travel with parents or legal guardian or adult who is above 18 years old along with an FAA approved child safety seat.

We hope you found all the information beneficial for you, In case you want to connect with Delta Airlines Customer Service then ask your query.


To always be on the safer option, you can carry a scanned birth certificate of your baby to verify the age. Make sure to keep the documents just in case.

  • Under seven days, a newborn is not permitted to travel unless the parents have a valid certification from the physician.

  • 0 to 2 years old can only travel with their parents or the gradient and are not eligible for the unaccompanied minor program.

To always be on the safer option, you can carry a scanned birth certificate of your baby to verify the age. Make sure to keep the documents just in case.

Yes, you can take carry-on bags and a diaper bag for free. To know about the baggage policy and infant baggage, you can check out the information on the official page of Delta Airlines.

As the strollers are not considered baggage, you can get them for free. You can take the stroller to the gate. And for the parent's convenience, a comfortable journey with their child strollers and child restraint seats is free of cost.

Suppose a child who is traveling alone needs to be informed of the unaccompanied minor program. These are the conditions and terms that you must follow if your child is traveling alone.

  • A child should be above 5 to 14; they will get an escort by Delta Airlines.
  • Minors who are between 15 to 17, upon the request of a parent, can apply for the unaccompanied program.
  • A kids-only lounge is also available at various airports.
  • Parents or guardians can escort the child to the gate.

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