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Not denying that passengers need support while booking their flights to cancel and request a refund. And assurance when a refund is delayed due to some reasons. After reaching the airline and sharing their concerns with Delta airlines, it relieves the passengers. Thus, customer support is necessary for the flyers to have assurance in the services and facilities and build trust, which helps in the growth of the business.

What is Delta contact number?

Delta airlines serve the facilities to the travelers according to the flight destination. You can check the flight services online at their website and make the reservation. Due to some technical error, you need to connect with the customer service team and talk to the live person. Delta airlines offer the toll-free contact number at 1 (800) 221-1212 and follow the instructions. When you choose the suitable command, your phone will be allocated to the customer representative. They will help you to share the solution regarding the query. 

Can you make phone calls on Delta?

Any sort of connectivity that links the mobile phones or other devices are prohibited on the delta airlines flight plane. Passengers can only use the Wi-Fi facility and the internet that is enabled on the plane. If you are a Delta sky miles member, you can purchase the Wi-Fi service free of cost on the board before the scheduled departure. With this, you can enjoy the Wi-Fi calling, videos, movies, songs and other entertainment options. 

How do I talk to a live person at Delta? This is your concern; numerous ways to get in touch with the airline:

  • Connect via the contact number.
  • The passengers also prefer social media platforms.
  • Email is another appropriate way to get in touch with Delta Airlines.
  • Live chat can be used for assistance.
  • Text is also a beneficial mode to contact the customer agent.

All the services are available throughout the day and in various languages. You can use the medium that can help you in the best way to resolve the issues and also the queries that you want to raise with the airline. For instance:

  • If you want to reach the airline for feedback, compliments, or complaints about your experience, email is a great medium to serve your purposes. The airline will consider it and work to improve its services if required.
  • In case your flight is within 48 hours, and suddenly there is a change in the plans or business meetings. You can make changes via customer support so calling them is the best-suited solution. Read the details on how to reach the airline via the contact number.

How can I contact Delta Airlines by phone?

Dial 800-221-1212 to connect with Delta airlines. You can get assistance in your language anytime, anywhere. Check the IVR instructions for the required support:

  • Press 1 to make your reservations.
  • Press 2 to cancel your flight and ask for a refund.
  • Press 3 for baggage and check-in policies.
  • Press 4 to change and upgrade the flight.
  • Press 5 for the availability of the seat you desire and search flights.
  • Press 5 to connect with the customer representative at Delta Airlines.

The contact number is the most suitable choice when someone needs an urgent response and queries need to be discussed in detail or further clarification. Use another live chat if you don’t want to contact us using the contact number.

How do I get through a live person at Delta?

Passengers who find any disturbance in phone call can share the issues with the Delta airlines customer service experts via various methods. You can get through with the live person for the assistance using the several ways as given below. 

Connect on the live chat:

  • Firstly, you must access the official website of delta airlines at
  • At there, you can choose the contact section from the website to get the assistance. 
  • From that, you can select the live chat option and get the message box on the right.
  • You can choose the topic or enter the query over there.
  • When you send them to the live person, they will give you the immediate reply. 
  • The virtual experts are there to help you round the clock. 

Connect on the email:

Delta airlines accepts all the queries on the email to talk to the experts. You are required to write in detail about the questions and send them to the customer service email ID at Once the experts acknowledges the request, they will provide you the best answer to you by email. 

Connect on the social media:

Passengers can follow the airlines on the multiple social pages such as twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Following are the links that you can use to send the queries.

Is Delta customer service open?

Delta services are open 365 days a year and available on all the mediums presented by the airline, such as contact numbers, email, live chat, and Twitter.

Does Delta have customer service at the airport?

Yes, Delta airlines have customer service at the airport. For any queries, you can reach the help desk at the airport—all the services offered at the helpdesk, like reservation, cancelation, and change in flights.

What does customer service do at Delta Air Lines?

Delta airlines customer service are experience in their work and provides the helpful services to the passengers. They will help you to deal with below services for the flight journey.

  • They provide the latest information on the flight schedule for your destination.
  • They will direct the passengers to the appropriate department to discuss the issues.
  • You can ask them to do the check-in and get the boarding pass.
  • Passengers must ensure that they must have the proper travel documents for the flight journey.
  • Delta airlines customer service will provide the preferred seat according to the availability of your destination.
  • They will assists the passengers in the flight ticketing and grab the deals.
  • Due to some technical error, they will guide you in the flight cancellation and the refund for trip.