How To Redeem Aeromexico Voucher

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Everything You Need to Know About Redeeming Aeromexico Voucher?

You have an Aeromexico voucher, then redeem it at the time of payment for purchasing a new flight ticket or take help from customer support team (+1-802-432-2552) of Aeromexico to book your new flight using the Aeromexico Voucher. Here you can follow the procedure below to redeem your Aeromexico voucher.

Step by Step guide to redeem Aeromexico voucher

  • At first, you can go to the booking page of Aeromexico

  • There you can choose the destination and travel dates

  • You can enter the information and ensure that it matches your original reservation

  • Now on the payment page, select the electronic voucher as the form of payment

  • The Aeromexico team will hold your reservation, meanwhile verify the electronic voucher; you will receive the email including this information

  • If there is any difference and you need to pay for it, you can enter the card details to complete the payment

  • Once the reservation is complete, you can receive a confirmation email from the airline 

How do I use my Aeromexico voucher?

You can use your Aeromexico voucher at the time of payment to make a new reservation or purchase a new flight. Besides, follow the Terms and conditions below to use your Aeromexico voucher. 

  • Aeromexico vouchers can be issued as reimbursement for purchasing flights directly through official sales channels.

  • You can use the voucher as a payment method only for the base rate and taxes.

  • To use your voucher as a method of payment, it should start with 1390420 or 1390425 (should have a total of thirteen digits)

  • You can use the Aeromexico voucher as a payment method through official websites in Mexico and the USA.

  • The currency of your voucher and original booking should be the same (MXN or USD)

  • You can redeem only one voucher per booking, and only passengers holding the voucher redeem it.

  • If the voucher amount is not sufficient to book your new flight, you can complete the amount using other forms of acceptable payment.

  • The airline generates a new voucher for the remaining balance if the voucher amount exceeds.

  • The Aeromexico electronic voucher is personal and non-transferable.

  • Only the passengers holding the voucher can use it for a new reservation, and the information should match the new one.

  • If the original booking has more than one person, each passenger will have their voucher with the same terms and conditions.

  • The Aeromexico vouchers are valid for one year, and you can get the expiration date on the email you receive.

  • To redeem your voucher for an unaccompanied minor, you need to contact the airline's call center.

  • If you use the electronic voucher, you should complete the payment within an hour. If you don't complete it, the airline will cancel your ticket.

  • If the flight you purchase using a voucher is within the check-in period, you should contact the call center to redeem the voucher.

How long does Aeromexico voucher last?

The Aeromexico voucher is valid for one year from the date it is issued. If you have an Aeromexico voucher, you must complete the trip within 330 days from the date you book the flight.

Can I use Aeromexico voucher on Delta?

Aeromexico is a member of the SkyTeam alliance, which also includes a partnership with Delta. So keeping the fact in mind, yes, you can use Aeromexico vouchers on Delta. Besides, you must check it with the airline first for better clarity.


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