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Cebu Pacific provides travel vouchers in case your flight gets canceled due to some exceptional circumstances. The travel voucher is easy to use; you can apply it when booking for future trips. These vouchers will reduce the price of your flight ticket and make it convenient for you to travel across the globe. You can follow the steps below to redeem the travel voucher. 

  • You can open the official page of Cebu Pacific.
  • Log in through your credentials, and the panel will open. 
  • On the account page, click the My Vouchers option to show you the travel vouchers. 
  • Now, you can select the travel voucher to redeem and choose the trip route and date. You can set the flight schedule. You also need to enter all the test details. 
  • You must select the add-ons and pay for PH travel tax ( if any ).
  • Finally, you can transact with the remaining taxes and fees, then look at the details of the new booking. 

Can Cebu Pacific travel vouchers be Transferred

According to the airline, the Cebu Pacific travel voucher is like a ticket similar to free airfare issued by the airline authority for a particular purpose. Every voucher published by the airline will be linked to the specific passenger's name and sector, so it is impossible that your voucher cannot be transferred nor changed to any other name and origin/destination apart from what has been mentioned in the travel voucher. You may use the voucher to book a flight for another person. 

How do I claim my Cebu Pacific travel voucher?

You can claim your Cebu Pacific travel voucher through the web, and it is easy because you can access the web from your preferred system. The process has been mentioned in steps so you can understand it better and apply it without any external guidance. 

  • You need to go to the official page of Cebu Pacific.
  • After that, sign up with your account and select the My Voucher tab.
  • This will show the travel vouchers available on your account.
  • It would be best to choose the travel voucher you want to redeem.
  • Select the trip route and dates, then choose your flight schedule. 
  • You need to enter all the guest's details and choose the add-ons.
  • Finally, you can pay for the remaining taxes and fees. 

How can I use a free travel voucher in Cebu Pacific

You can use the travel voucher in Cebu Pacific after signing up with your airline account on the voucher page. You can see the vouchers on the page. Select the travel voucher you want to redeem, then add the booking details and extra opinions. Then, you need to enter the guest details. Finally, you can pay for the ticket, and your flight ticket will be confirmed. 

If you have redeemed the voucher but have not received any confirmation of your new flight itinerary, you can sign up with your account or in the bookings and boarding pass section. If you cannot access the account, you can reach out to the customer service representative.  

How do I use my Cebu Pacific Go Rewards

You can use your Cebu Pacific Go rewards by searching the Go rewards website. You can access the website quickly and save time as it can be done on the preferred system. You go through the mentioned process, get rewarded, and fly to your dream destination without hassle. You can also top up using the company's credit card. 

  • Go to the Go Rewards official page.
  • Then, on the page, click on the fly tab.
  • Now you need to choose the passengers and then select the flight.
  • You can use the points to pay for your flight trip. 

You can also use the app to get the Cebu Pacific Go reward points for making a suitable flight ticket. 

How do Cebu Pacific travel vouchers work? 

Cebu Pacific travel vouchers work at the time of booking; when you enter the details, the panel will show the flight list from which you choose the flight. You need to enter the voucher code to reduce the flight ticket price. Then buy the flight ticket at a cheaper rate. 

If the voucher has been issued for a disrupted domestic flight, you can only choose the domestic routes. On the other hand, if a voucher has been given for a disrupted short-haul flight, then only select the domestic and short-haul routes. 

If it is a long-haul flight, you can select any available route. 

Can I use my Cebu Pacific travel funds for someone else?

You need to be aware that the travel voucher is assigned to a specific passenger name and sector along with that, keep in mind that the vouchers can not be transferred and changed for any other name and origin/destination. 


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