How do I Redeem Royal Caribbean Voucher

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A complete guide on 'Royal Caribbean Cruise vouchers and the way to redeem them

Royal Caribbean Cruise Ltd, now named Royal Caribbean Group, is the second-largest Cruise line operator. If you are a frequent flyer with Royal Caribbean Cruise and have many vouchers, gift cards, and future cruise credit, it's pretty simple to redeem them. This article aims to clear all your confusion related to Royal Caribbean vouchers and ways to redeem them; you shall take a look to make full use of it.

How to Royal Caribbean Travel Voucher work?

The Royal Caribbean provides your travel voucher when you book the ticket with them or purchase another service. The voucher value depends on the type of cabin you book and other factors. In addition, travel vouchers are also available along with other perks on the online deals. At times of promotion days such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday also, you can enjoy some of the best onboard credits or vouchers. Once you have the Royal Caribbean voucher, you can easily redeem it while purchasing the new sail or while shopping onboard.

How can I redeem my Royal Caribbean Future Cruise Credit?

Suppose you want to redeem the Royal Carubeaan Furture Crusie credits; it's a straightforward method. You can redeem the cruise credit for new bookings as well as for the existing ones. Here are the details: 

For New Bookings: You can use the future cruise credit by visiting the official website. There, you can apply the credit in the form of payments. To start:

  • Visit the Royal Caribbean Cruise site and shop for the tickets. 
  • Make sure you have the future cruise credit number; you can also get your FCC details by searching it in the inbox. 
  • When you are on the checkout page, provide the Future Cruise credit number on the payments page, and you can submit it. 
  • Once the credit is applied, you will not get a confirmation email soon. 

For Existing Booking: If your Cruise is already booked and you need to apply a Future Cruise credit for the existing booking, here are the options you can try: 

  • Contact the Royal Caribbean Team, and they will help you apply the credit for the existing booking. 
  • You can contact your travel advisor, if they have made your booking. They will help you apply for future credit for existing bookings. 

How do I redeem my Royal Caribbean gift card?

The Royal Caribbean gift card is similar to the gift certificate, which is pre-paid. You can use the value of gift cards to book Royal Caribean international or celebrity cruise. Besides, if you are not sure, How do I redeem my Royal Caribbean gift card? You can redeem the gift card during online booking or by speaking to the Royal Caribbean representative at 866 562 7625 or by contacting your travel advisor. 

Besides, once you are onboard, you can also use the gift card as a payment for expenses you made on board, like shopping, food, etc. The gift card is not used for cash or quasi-cash, means for gaming chips, deposits, money orders, wire transfers, passenger cheques, foreign currency, or similar things. 



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