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Discernment of discrete aspects interlinked with flight vouchers on Thai Airways

Traveling with an airline can be a tedious and stressful experience if they have not formulated well-structured policies and processes in accordance with the needs you have. Thai Airways has taken extra care to ensure that you get to have a seamless travel experience. Under the same, they give you the scope to make use of their travel vouchers whenever you face any discomfort due to the airline's fault.

The details pertaining to travel vouchers are described here in detail, which you can make reference to under the conditions of receiving a travel voucher you would like to make use of. 

Can you use Thai Airways flight vouchers

Yes, you can use the Thai Airways flight voucher to make a new reservation with the airline. For the same, you need to follow through the methodology that is stated here:

  • Go over the details on Thai Airways' official website. 
  • Find the Book link at the top end and click on it. 
  • Various drop-down choices will be shown under the same. 
  • Choose the Book Flights icon provided. 
  • Search through to find the flights as per your preference and proceed. 
  • At the time of payment, choose the Trave voucher under the modes stated.
  • The booking would be completed by means of the travel voucher used.  

What is the Thai Airways Travel Voucher Policy

To redeem the voucher given by the airline, you need to adhere to the Thai Airways Travel Voucher Policy, which has been explained here in detail for you to make an understanding of:

  • The airline only permits you to use a maximum of 5 travel vouchers to redeem the ticket during a single reservation made. The voucher is shared by the team in 3 weeks via email or post. 
  • You are free to make a request for the travel voucher against the pending refund request that has not been approved by the airline. 
  • The airline holds the right to issue the voucher in the name under which the booking was made. Even though it is possible for you to transfer the travel voucher to another passenger. For the same, you need to submit the legalized documentation and proof of validation at the time of the new booking. 

What is a Thai Airways travel voucher used for

Under the condition that there have been delays, cancellations, or any other unavoidable situation, the airline provides the scope to make a request for a refund as per your requirement. The airline indeed gives the flexibility to exchange the refund request they have made by asking for a travel voucher of the same value. This voucher can be used by you to make a reservation on the flights for future travel plans. 

Can a Thai Airways flight voucher be used by anyone

Yes, Thai Airways has made it possible for the flight voucher to be used by anyone. The team at the airline issues the voucher in the name under which the booking has been made. However, you are free to transfer it to any other passengers under the condition that the documents of proof get submitted. 



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