How to redeem EL AL Travel voucher

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How long can an EI AI voucher be used before expiring?

EI AI vouchers are one of the types of gifts that can be applied while buying a flight ticket, renting a hotel, and other travel services available on the company's official site. 

You can purchase different products via an EI AI voucher for a specific period; after that, it can be unusable. EI AI vouchers are one of the best ways to buy flights by saving money, and the saved money can be spent for different purposes. You can review the article and get the best possible voucher information. 

Are EL AL vouchers transferable?

According to the EL AL policy, you cannot transfer the vouchers to anyone of the customer's choice. The voucher is subject to the price of the flight ticket, including airport taxes and ancillary services, as well as payment of seating, baggage, etc. 

  • Vouchers can be redeemed through the EL AL official portal, or you can connect with the team with customer service centers and travel agents.
  • The refund voucher is limited to up to 9 tickets. 
  • The voucher is valid for reservations that have been made for one year from the date the voucher was issued, or you can see the expiration date on the voucher ( the latest). 
  • Sometimes, you redeem vouchers for products not supported on the EL AL website, and then you can fix the issue while connecting with the customer service team. 
  • The vouchers are not available for passengers who have partially utilized the flight ticket or more and are only available for tickets that are not fully used as per the flight reservation. 

Can I get money back instead of an EL AL travel voucher?

If the EL AL canceled a flight and you have yet to use the voucher, then you can exchange the voucher with the original amount of the flight ticket for a refund within a time period of 21 days prior to the voucher's expiry date. 

How to redeem the EL AL Voucher online?

You can redeem the EL AL voucher online through the official website. You can apply for the redeemed voucher at the time of reservation. Once you have made the booking, you can fill in the voucher number in the credit card field when you purchase it at that time. Then click on continue; after that, you can see the deduction in the airline flight price. Pay the remaining amount (if any ), then receive the flight ticket at your address. 

If you are unable to redeem the voucher online mode, then you can communicate with the EL AL customer service team, who will provide you the channel to pay for the ticket through the voucher. 

How to check the EL AL voucher balance?

  • You can check the EL AL Voucher balance via the web. You have to move to the voucher section.
  • On the voucher page, you can see the three blanks; fill in all the blanks with the voucher number, first name, and last name, then click on continue.
  • Finally, the page will show you the balance in your voucher. 

You can connect with the EL AL team and keep following this article for future details, then clear your doubts completely


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