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Everything to Know About Your Lufthansa Voucher

So you have a voucher for Lufthansa, and you want to redeem it; you came to the internet asking, How do I use my Lufthansa Voucher?. Do you need to reschedule your flight for a later date? Perhaps you are traveling with family and want to reduce the cost of your trip. No matter the requirement, redeeming a voucher is always a desirable aspect, but before claiming that voucher, you better check its validity and how to use it.

Here are the basic points to keep in mind before using that voucher:

  • You can not use the voucher to cover advance seat reservations and additional baggage items.

  • The departure airport of the original ticket and the ticket booking with the voucher must be the same.

  • Use a desktop to book a flight with a voucher; the service is not available on a mobile app or browser.

  • You should use your Lufthansa profile whale using the voucher. Please create one before applying for the voucher if you don't have a profile.

How do I redeem my Lufthansa voucher?

The process to redeem the voucher is straightforward.

The voucher is saved as an additional payment option; select it at the "You payment information" stage.

Validity of the vouchers 

After you have received the vouchers into your account, the important question that comes to your mind is about their validity. You might not need to book tickets soon. Deciding in advance is not always possible, and many times people don't travel more than once a year. It is important to know how long their voucher will remain valid. Lufthansa understands that people may need more time to utilize their vouchers and provide them with a significant time to redeem them. So to answer your question, "How long are Lufthansa vouchers good for?; You can use these within a window of 3 years. This period starts at the end of your cancellation year. This means, from the end of the year in which the voucher was issued. The best thing about these vouchers is that you can use them on multiple bookings. However, the passengers should note that the previously redeemed vouchers will not be valid when using a certain voucher.

The passengers are allowed to redeem up to 3 vouchers per booking.

Voucher for canceled flight

If you need to cancel a flight or in cases when Lufthansa cancels your flight, the airlines provide various options for refund and vouchers. If a passenger cancels the booked flight within 24 hours of booking, the person can receive a Lufthansa Voucher for Cancelled Flight, which holds the full refund value of the original ticket. The steps to apply for vouchers are very simple. 

  • Go to the official website.

  • Enter the booking code of the previous flight, one that was canceled. You can also use the ticket number.

  • The confirmation link is sent via email.

  • After you click this, you get directed to the "Flight Value Voucher portal."

  • Download your voucher in pdf format.

  • Use it to pay while booking the next flight.

 Consider visiting the help center page or contacting customer care directly for passengers who need further assistance. Lufthansa provides world-class customer care to its passengers and will be happy to help.



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