How do I use my Allegiant Air voucher?

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Things To Know About Claiming and Redeeming Allegiant Air Voucher

Allegiant Air takes good care of its travelers; that is why it has several effective offers to bestow upon them. The airline makes cancellation, rebooking, and change easier by leveraging you with travel vouchers for future use. The airline allows you to make reservations and purchase extras using the voucher. So, if you are an Allegiant Air traveler and cannot continue the journey, you can cancel the reservation and claim a travel voucher.

Next, in the upcoming section, you get the highlights of claiming and using the voucher effortlessly. Peruse the upcoming sections to learn more about it.

How do I get my voucher from Allegiant?

You all can benefit from the travel voucher issued by Allegiant Air, but you need to understand some associated terms and conditions. Some of them are discussed below; check them out-

  • The airline does not issue travel vouchers or refunds if you are marked as a show. Also, you do not qualify for the vouchers if you do not cancel your reservation within the standard period.
  • Allegiant Air does not give any voucher if you rebooked a ticket by paying the fare difference; the airline is not liable to refund or provide a voucher for the fare difference.
  • The airline recalculates the amount after deducting the carrier charges, booking charges, and cancellation fees and then provides the rest as a credit voucher.
  • However, the airline does not subtract the cancellation charges if you booked a Trip Flex fare from the airline.
    Also, the voucher you get stays non-refundable, non-transferable and you can use it to book a new itinerary for yourself and your closed ones.
  • If you purchase a Trip Flex ticket using your voucher, the changes are subjected to the timeframe and fare rule applied while booking.
  • When you cancel your Trip Flex ticket within 24 hours of its booking using customer service, the airline provides a full refund. If you don't want a refund, you can prefer getting a travel voucher.
  • The voucher issued for canceling a Trip Flex ticket requires you to book a journey within two years of its expiration.
  • Also, the airline does not allow you to extend the voucher validity even if you have a Trip Flex ticket.
  • Furthermore, if you purchased your Allegiant Air ticket from a third-party consolidator, contact them for refunds and vouchers. The airline does not take any refund responsibility in such a scenario.

However, after you comprehend the given terms and conditions, you are ready to learn how do I get my voucher from Allegiant? Check out the given hacks using which you can obtain a voucher from Allegiant Air:

Ticket Cancellation

  • If the airline cancels your reservation due to extraordinary scenarios, it provides vouchers in your Allegiant account.
  • Additionally, you can claim vouchers even if you cancel the ticket from your end due to any genuine reasons.

Credit Card Purchase

  • The airline becomes extra generous when you book tickets or purchase extras using a card.
  • You must purchase the ticket using your debit or credit card to claim vouchers in your name.

Direct Purchase

  • You can always purchase a voucher directly from the airline if you want to enjoy the perks bestowed upon you by the airline.
  • But first, you need to create an Allegiant Air account to process the purchase.

What are Allegiant Vouchers Terms and Conditions?

There are some Allegiant Vouchers Terms and Conditions that must be followed by the customers who want to use their existing Vouchers for flight bookings. Some of the important Allegiant travel policies are mentioned below:

  • If any customer uses only a part of the Allegiant credit voucher to make reservations, then his remaining-coupon value is still valid, and he is liable to utilize the remaining amount within 1-2 years of issuing date.
  • Allegiant-vouchers are not transferable, and customers cannot even sell them to any other person. If any other person uses these vouchers to make bookings and it was not issued to them, then the airline will cancel the ticket.
  • Most of the Allegiant-vouchers are only valid for one year. If any customer has a dollar-off voucher, then they can only use it once, and the remaining value is forbidden.
  • In no case, Allegiant redeems vouchers for cash.
  • Ticket holders are not allowed to use their expired-vouchers; that is, if the voucher-date expires, travelers are not permitted to make-bookings using them. 

How long is an Allegiant voucher good for?

The Allegiant Air voucher is good for the one year considered from its issuance. The airline requires you to purchase a ticket or other extras using the voucher before its expiration date as they don’t allow you to extend the voucher’s validity.

How do I use my Allegiant Air voucher?

There are several ways to make use of your travel voucher. But, the ideal way of using your voucher is to get a new itinerary to make it inexpensive. Follow the given steps, and you can book your ticket using the voucher-

  • Open the official Allegiant homepage (or call at +1-802-432-2552).
  • There, you need to provide the departure and arrival locations followed by the journey dates and the number of passengers; tap on the Search button.
  • You get a list of available flights for your chosen destinations and journey dates on the next page.
  • Choose an Allegiant flight that suits you the most, and then enter the Passenger's Details page.
  • Now, provide your full name and an active contact address: phone number, email address, or both.
  • Next, you get the payment page, where you need to enter your voucher’s details to pay for the purchase.
  • However, if your voucher does not cover the full amount, you need to choose a payment option of your choice and pay the rest.
  • Allegiant Air sends you the booking invoice on the registered contact information upon the transaction completion.

So, rely on the given steps to use your voucher in making your next trip budget-friendly. Isn’t it amazing? Check out the upcoming segments to know more information about the voucher given by Allegiant Air.

Will Allegiant extend my voucher?

Sometimes passengers cannot use their existing Allegiant Voucher, and they search “Will Allegiant extend my Voucher?” So the simple response to this question is a big “No.” The airline does not extend the expiry-date of the issued Voucher. If any person does not use it within the permitted period, it becomes worthless and cannot be redeemed.

Can you use an Allegiant voucher more than once?

No, many Allegiant vouchers, including the Dollar-off voucher, are not valid if you used them once. Suppose you use a voucher and cannot redeem it fully. In that case, the airline forfeits the rest amount.

Will Allegiant refund if prices go down?

If you have a new booking and you find a lower airfare on the same package on another website, the airline is liable to provide you with a 100 % fare difference. The airline refunds the money in the form of a dollar-off voucher. The condition here is that you must find the lower fare within 48 hours of the original booking; if you surpass the 48 hours grace period, the airline does not take responsibility for any refund.

What happens if you don't use the Allegiant Air voucher?

Some of the ticket buyers don’t have sufficient knowledge of their issued vouchers, and they look for information for “What happen if don't use Allegiant Air voucher?” Such people must note if they do not use the travel vouchers, it will expire and be of no use. 

Conclusion: Customers can use their issued travel-vouchers within a valid duration, and if they have any query regarding booking using travel vouchers or any other confusion, then they can contact Allegiant customer care services to get the information and solutions in the shortest-time. 


Allegiant vouchers are the credit value benefits you earn through traveling, shopping, or using any other services of Allegiant Air. If in case you want to see the number of your voucher, then you can find it by going through the process mentioned below; 

Steps to find your Allegiant voucher

Via Official website 

  • The initial step is to go to the official website of  Allegiant voucher.

  • Once you are on the homage of the website, you will find the option to log into your account. 

  • You will be able to access your “my allegiant” Account by logging in.

  • Once accessed, you will be able to see all the details associated with your account, including your vouchers.

You can also access your vouchers through the official application of Allegiant air, through the steps mentioned below. But, for that, you have to make sure that you have the Allegiant air app downloaded to your handset. Then, you can go ahead and follow the steps given below; 

Through the application 

  • Log in to your “my allegiant” account.

  • Once done, you will be able to access all the information associated with your profile on Allegiant Air. 

  • You will be able to retrieve your voucher details too. 

If you are unable to retrieve your vouchers from the official website or through the official application of Allegiant Air, then you should send a mail to the customer care executive under the mail address Once they will see your mail, they will respond back to you. 

Allegiant air vouchers are very beneficial if you are a recurring traveler. Otherwise, also, Allegiant Air provides you with a lot of benefits with the vouchers. Nevertheless, Allegiant air is valid for a year from the date of issuance. You can use it for a year to get the services of Allegiant Air. 


Allegiant Air doesn't provide the option to turn your vouchers into cash, but there are many different ways to utilize the value of Allegiant Air vouchers. The ways through which you can bring your Allegiant Air vouchers are presented below; 

  • You can go shopping in the places associated with Allegiant Air and pay through Allegiant air.

  • You can book the Allegiant air flight and pay through credit vouchers. 

  • You can book lounges and hotel services of Allegiant air through the vouchers.

  • You can get the benefits of the places associated or partnered with Allegiant Air. 


Allegiant Air doesn’t provide you with the option to extend the expiration duration of your vouchers. However, if you wish, you can go for renewing your Allegiant Air voucher through the steps mentioned below; 

  • Go to the official website of Allegiant air.   

  • Log in to your “myallegiant” account and then go to your profile page. 

  • Then, you will be able to spot your vouchers.

  • You will find the option of renewing your vouchers at the same place. 

  • Once done, you will receive a confirmation mail stating that your vouchers are renewed. Either, you can refresh the page, and you will find the renewal of your vouchers done. 

Now, the validity of your vouchers is for another year, and you can enjoy its benefits.


Allegiant Air expires after a year, and in that duration of a year, you can book an Allegiant air flight through those vouchers, and also you can book hotels and lounge services through the vouchers. These vouchers contain a credit value that can replace the use of cash at certain places associated or partnered with Allegiant air. 

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