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Suppose passengers have booked flight tickets on Spirit Airlines for their trip to their guest location, and suddenly due to any unavoidable circumstance, they had to cancel their flight tickets. In such cases, the airline provides you vouchers in place of a refund if you have not claimed your refund. After that, passengers may ask questions about redeeming the spirit vouchers. Spirit Airlines have all the provinces that they can offer their passengers as it is one of the low-cost airlines in America. If you want to know the procedure to redeem your voucher, then you can follow these steps:

Steps to redeem your vouchers:

Travelers can be provided with airline vouchers for their canceled flights, and they can use them for their future use to book flight tickets and get a discount on booking tickets. The steps are as follows to redeem your flight tickets:

  • Travelers who want to redeem the vouchers need to log in to the airlines' official website through their devices.
  • Now they have to go to the booking option on the above of the homepage.
  • Enter the details of your departing and arriving destination, the number of passengers, and the date to travel, and click on the search button.
  • Multiple options of flight will appear on the new page. You have to select the flight of your choice from the options below that come under your budget.
  • After selecting the spirit airlines flight, you have to enter all the information of the passengers on the reservation page. Click on the continue button.
  • Now on the payment section, you have to enter the voucher number you want to redeem and click the mode of payment. 
  • Now you will get some discount on your flight tickets with the redeemed vouchers.

How do I get a spirit voucher?

Many airlines provide vouchers to their passengers who travel with them frequently. Spirit Airlines also provide vouchers and promo codes to their passengers. If you want spirit vouchers, you can get them through canceled flight tickets. If passengers have canceled their flight tickets and do not want a refund, they can ask for the vouchers or promo codes from the airlines. If the airline cancels your flight tickets without informing you, you can ask for compensation. You can get vouchers from Spirit Airlines and promo codes as compensation. 

How do I request a spirit voucher?

Several travelers are in queries about requesting vouchers in Spirit Airlines. Many ways can be used to request spirit vouchers, and they are mentioned below:

  • You can cancel your flight tickets, and in place of claiming a refund, you can ask for vouchers and redeem them for future flight tickets.
  • You can get vouchers for refundable flight tickets when the airline cancels your flight tickets. The travelers have all rights to claim compensation, and the airline will provide you Spirit vouchers.
  • If the flight tickets are non-refundable, you can call their toll-free number, 855-728-3555, and ask customer service for the vouchers.

Does Spirit give vouchers for Cancelled flights?

Yes, like any other airline, Spirit Airlines can get vouchers and promo codes for their canceled flight tickets. If passengers want, they can ask for the vouchers and use them within the expiration period of the voucher.

Is your Spirit Voucher expiring? Here's all you need to know

Spirit Airlines strives to be the most customer-friendly airline that saves the load on customers' pockets. If you are a Spirit user and have a travel voucher, you can save more than you think. The travel vouchers help you find the best trips at a reasonable rate. Apart from booking flights, you can use its vouchers to get meals on the flight, book hotels, and many more. If you are worried that your voice is going to expire soon, check the following segments provided for you.

How Long are Spirit Travel Vouchers Good For?

You can use the Spirit vouchers up to 12 months/ 1 year from the date of purchase. If you have brought the voucher from your pocket, the voucher validity is calculated for the date you bought it. However, if you have canceled the flight and got the voucher as a refund, the expiration date is calculated from the ticket purchase date.

You can use the voucher for multiple bookings until the full value of the voucher is used. Any guest who is linked with the reservation can use it. Remember that you can redeem only one voucher per reservation if you have many.

How do I use a voucher code on Spirit?

Suppose you want to use the Spirit Airlines voucher code, which you earned directly from the airline based on frequent flyers. However, in that case, the best way to use it is to apply it during your next travel. And for that, you should read the following passage, and you will get help accordingly. 

  • Go to the official website of Spirit Airlines and log in to your account. 
  • Now you have to select the flight tab and fill in the necessary details;
    • Trip type, number of passengers, origin, and destination, departure and arrival dates, and tap over the search flight button
    • Select the ticket to travel as per your preference and then enter the passenger's contact details. 
    • Next, you can select the payment option and enter the voucher code that you earned from Spirit Airlines.
    • Once you apply the code, you receive the revised fare cost onscreen, and you have to choose the appropriate payment medium and confirm your ticket, as you will receive a confirmation email.

Elsewhere, customers are also allowed to use the contact method because the help of this feature, you will be amazed as the assistants from Spirit Airlines will accordingly guide you over the vouchers, and you are going to receive an appropriate set of guidance from the agent as they are available 24/7 to guide.

How Do I Renew my Spirit Voucher?

There are different ways to renew the voucher. The easiest way to renew the voucher is by calling the airline's customer support. However, if you have an account with the airline, you can redeem the voucher online. The steps are as follows:

  • Go to the Spirit Airlines homepage first.
  • Login to your account from the homepage by clicking on the Sign In button
  • Now you can see the Voucher option on your screen.
  • Click on the Travel Voucher button and get the details.
  • If you have purchased a renewable voucher, you can hit the Renew button.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions and pay the required amount to renew the voucher.

If you have purchased the non-renewable voucher, the customer support agent can help you with the correct actions.

How Do I Extend my Spirit Credit Voucher?

Amid Covid 19, Spirit Airlines has extended the validity of the voucher on its own. Still, if you want to extend the voucher, you need to contact the live person at Spirit Airlines on call or chat. For that, you need to:

  • Get on the contact page of Spirit Airlines.
  • Choose the calling number of your area and dial it.
  • Follow the IVR menu and choose the Voucher option.

Wait on hold till an agent talks to you, and then you can discuss extending the voucher validity. Apart from this, you can use the Live Chat option given on the contact page of Spirit Airlines for voucher validity.

How Can I Use Spirit Meal Vouchers?

To use the Spirit meal vouchers, you need to open the fight you are traveling with otherwise you can call at +1-855-728-3555 / +1-802-432-2552 (OTA). Then you can click on the Book Meal button and use Vouchers in the payment option. If you want to buy a meal at the airport using the voucher, you can head to the food counter and provide the voucher number to the provider. If you stand on the criteria given on the voucher, you can get the meal without paying any money. Moreover, if your voucher still has the credit left, you can use it the next time.


Generally, Spirit Airlines does not offer passengers the option of refundable fares, but in case you have bought a refundable ticket, then in that particular circumstance, you will be getting refunds or vouchers only as per the cancellation and refund policies and in some cases passengers do get confused of their purchased tickets, so you are then supposed to communicate directly with Spirit Airline on-call assistant and receive guidance.

As per the airline alliance, there is no bond between Spirit and JetBlue Airlines, so in that uneven instance, passengers are only allowed to use and redeem free Spirit points for the flight ticket purchase for the airfares, which are amongst Spirit Airlines.

Yes, according to Spirit Airlines flight cancellation and refund policies, earned vouchers are fully returned in the form of credits and will show up under the voucher's account. You can visit the official site page, and from here, you can easily be able to review the availability and further assistance for redeeming them for your future travel use. 

No travelers can use Spirit Airlines vouchers for redemption at the Spirit Airlines application option. On the other hand, passengers are allowed to use such coupons only through the official website of Spirit Airlines because then they will receive appropriate information to purchase an airline ticket regardless of any obstacle.

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