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Book your flight with British Airways using its e-Voucher online

British Airways is known to provide flexible booking opportunities to its travelers. The airline provides several travel vouchers to benefit the passengers who somehow cannot continue their journey now. The airline helps you claim the voucher through several methods. You get a voucher when you cancel the ticket due to genuine reasons, purchase a flight ticket using a credit card, use British Airways exclusive services, or if the airline itself cancels the reservation.

You can check the voucher value by logging into your British Airways account. Once you find out the value, the next question arises: how do I redeem my British Airways voucher. You need not stress about it, and this article can be a good guide. Here, you get all-inclusive details about using the British Airways voucher and some conditions tagged. Check out to make your booking experience seamless and inexpensive.

Can British Airways vouchers be redeemed online?

The easiest method of redeeming a voucher is using British Airways’ online portal. The airline allows you to book a flight ticket by redeeming the voucher online. Here are the concerned steps to rely upon:

  • To start with, you need to visit the airline’s official website and navigate its booking portal.
  • You get the Book menu; place your cursor on it to get a drop-down menu.
  • Check the Book A Flight link and provide important credentials as prompted on your screen.
  • Choose your preferred arrival and departure airport locations, select the journey dates, number of passengers, and the service class. 
  • Next up, choose a flight that suits your itinerary and fits your budget.
  • Review the flight details and then provide the passenger’s information.
  • Now you are headed to the payment page; you need to pay for the ticket using your voucher.
  • Provide voucher credentials and wait for the recalculation; if the voucher value does not suffice the total fare, you need to choose another payment method for the rest amount.
  • Upon the transaction completion, British Airways sends you the confirmation copy of the booking.
  • Use the credentials mentioned on the invoice to process other formalities, including check-in.

So, you can rely on the given steps if you have a voucher and want to make the most of it. But there is still some general and essential information if you have a voucher stored in your account. Check the upcoming section to get awareness about the voucher redemption at British Airways.

Can someone else use my British Airways voucher?

British Airways allows you to send your eVoucher to someone else if you cannot use it for yourself. You need to provide your eVoucher number and name details, but you can only use the voucher once for someone else. The concerned passenger can use the eVoucher for full and part payment to book the flight using the airline’s official website or their reservation center.

Can I sell my British Airways voucher?

British Airways strictly prohibits the commercialization of its tickets or vouchers. So no, you cannot sell your voucher to anyone else. The airline suspends the voucher if you are caught in the act of selling the voucher. 

How you get the British Airways e-Voucher online?

You can get the British Airways e-voucher online during a flight booking service, choose the payment option, and select the e-voucher section. You get either the total value of an e-voucher or some of it to pay for a less expensive booking on British Airways’ official booking website. But if you don’t use the full credit of your e-voucher, it sends you another e-voucher to make your booking conveniently. If you face trouble during a flight booking service and don’t know how to use your e-voucher, you must go through the steps below.

  • First, visit the booking website of British Airways and go to the booking section that helps you find your flight quickly.
  • You must ensure you have entered the correct details to complete and review your booking.
  • You will access the e-Voucher if you select the other payment option and enter the e-voucher details into the required fields.
  • Click on the log-in button and enter the correct user ID and password to access your e-voucher and check the credit and details of the e-Voucher.
  • Click on the continue button to select the amount the complete value of the booking, and make payment conveniently.
  • You will eventually get the booking and e-voucher transaction message on your registered mobile phone.

Can I transfer my BA voucher to someone else?

BA allows you to transfer your voucher to someone you know, but you cannot transfer or extend it if you have a companion voucher. The airline does not even allow you to make changes for booking made using the companion voucher. 

And, if you use your Companion Voucher to book a ticket and cancel it within 24 hours of the booking, the airline does not re-issue the voucher to your account.

How to use a BA voucher?

You are eligible to use your voucher only if you qualify its terms and conditions:

  • If you have a ticket booked redeeming the voucher, the airline requires you to use the booking before the expiration date.
  • Sometimes, the airline allows you to book only flight tickets using the voucher, and you might not purchase any extras and seat upgrades from the same voucher.
  • The services you are eligible to purchase depend on your voucher and its value, so it is a better option to double-check the eligibility of your voucher before processing the redemption.
  • There can be some exceptions in the route selection while booking a ticket using your voucher; you can check the same online.
  • If the airline issues the voucher in different currencies, you are exempted from using them altogether.

Hopefully, now you know an efficient answer to how do I redeem my British Airways voucher and what are the regulations related to it. But, if you face trouble redeeming the voucher, the airline has a dedicated team who can help you out in real-time. The British Airways agents are proficient in their field and can assist you in the voucher redemption so that you don’t face any hassle!


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