How do I redeem Avianca voucher?

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Avianca Airlines is a popular Colombian airline known for its flexible services. The airline eases your booking experience even when you cancel your reservation by leveraging travel vouchers. You can use your hard-earned voucher to book a new itinerary in the future and make your journey inexpensive.

Everything You Need to Know About Redeeming Avianca Voucher

In this article, you learn about voucher claims and redemption in real-time. Also, you find all-inclusive information about voucher validity extension. So what are you waiting for? Grab a seat and read the upcoming sections!

How do I use my Avianca voucher?

Avianca mandates that every traveler who has a travel voucher follows some easy terms and conditions to ensure a seamless process. You cannot use the voucher towards any purchase if you do not qualify for the standards mentioned by the airline. Check out some of the highlighted clauses associated with the voucher redemption:

  • You must apply for the e-voucher while booking a flight ticket online so that you can use it while paying for the ticket.
  • Also, you must use the voucher from the registered email account; otherwise, the airline exempts you from using it.
  • Additionally, use the voucher within 30 days of the request issuance, and you can even transfer your ticket to someone you know.
  • The airline provides an Avianca UATP Card for the value of your unused ticket. So, whenever you face any abrupt disruptions in your flight, the airline refunds the recalculated money in the UATP Card for you to use in the future.

Here is how you can use your UATP Card as a travel voucher and benefit your next booking:

  • You need to visit the Avianca page and log into your MyAvianca page. (or Call at +1-802-432-2552)
  • Navigate the Avianca Wallet option and tap on it to activate your UATP Card.
  • Provide the required details and then review your account balance without proceeding further.
  • Choose your preferred journey date, destination and confirm the trip.
  • Lastly, choose the UATP option to pay for the journey and wait to receive the confirmation message from the airline.

Well, if you don’t want to activate an Avianca UATP card, do not sweat about it. The airline allows you to make a booking using your voucher directly online. The next section covers the essential information for your convenience.

Ways to redeem Avianca vouchers

Follow the given steps, and you can redeem your Avianca voucher hassle-free:

  • To start with, you need to visit the official portal of Avianca Airlines using your preferred search engine.
  • Once you get to the airline's homepage, you can find the Book Your Flight option; click on it.
  • Fill in the required details and start by choosing the trip type- round trip or one way.
  • Provide the departure and arrival airport locations followed by the journey dates and number of passengers.
  • After you provide the required details, tap the Search For Flights option.
  • You get a list of efficient flight options providing their services as per your entered itinerary on the next page.
  • Choose a flight that suits your budget the best and proceed to the passenger’s details page.
  • You need to provide your full name and contact information; review the details.
  • Now, you get to the payment page, use the Promo Code option and enter the voucher’s code.
  • Next up, you see a recalculated airfare; if any remaining, pay them using another payment option.
  • Wait for the process completion, and then lastly, download your ticket. Also, the airline sends you the booking invoice at the registered contact address.

However, if you face glitches and find it difficult to continue the journey, the airline allows you to cancel the reservation. For more information on the refund, rely on the next topic!

 How long does it take for Avianca to refund?

The best thing about Avianca is that it maintains transparency with its customers. The airline tries its best to credit the refund amount within a month of the request submission. However, if you paid for the ticket purchase using a credit card, it depends on the credit card's billing cycle for the refund to reflect in the passenger's account.

Can someone else use my Avianca voucher?

Many travelers find it hard to travel often, but you must use it before the expiration date if you have a voucher. Do not worry; Avianca has a solution for such inconveniences too. You can transfer or forward your e-voucher to someone else. The other concerned person can use your voucher to book domestic and international flight tickets to their preferred destination on preferred journey dates.

The booking procedure stays the name as you need to change the passenger’s details while processing the booking. As per the voucher terms and conditions, you can transfer the total value of your unused ticket to someone willing to take a trip with Avianca. However, no matter who you use the voucher for, you must do it before it expires.

Avianca Voucher Extension

Avianca allows you to manage your booking along with the voucher, and there are chances that you might be able to extend your voucher validity. Contact the customer support team of the airline to find immediate assistance regarding voucher extension.

If your voucher is eligible for an extension, the agents can do the needful for you. Provide essential information to them and leave the rest to professionals.

Avianca voucher refund

If you booked a ticket using a voucher and canceled, the airline offers you a voucher refund. You can use the refunded voucher to book a ticket in the future or purchase extras from the airline. However, there are several methods using which you can get your refund voucher from the airline:

  • You can redeem a refund voucher while purchasing a new flight for your next itinerary.
  • You can get the refund voucher while buying extras from the airline.
  • You can also get a refund while making a membership subscription.

So, it is quite easy to claim and redeem your Avianca voucher refund in real-time. If you need any assistance with your voucher, you can rely on Avianca Airlines’ official customer support team.


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