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Upgrade your Seat with Delta Airlines 

Sometimes, when a passenger makes their flight ticket with Delta Airlines in economy class, they plan to upgrade their class. In this situation, the passenger might be thinking about what services Delta Airline offers in the business class or first class ticket during the whole journey or how I can upgrade my ticket. So, passengers can read this blog information to make their seat upgrade.

You can find detailed information about Delta Airlines and its seat upgrade facilities in the upcoming section. So, dive in and find an efficient solution depending on your seat upgrade-related concerns!

How do I upgrade my seat on Delta Airlines 

Delta Airlines has introduced several effective methods through which a traveler can upgrade their seats to lead a more luxurious journey. If you also look forward to an answer to how can you upgrade your seat on Delta, you can rely on the given seat upgrade methods:

While Booking A Ticket 

  • You do not have to face any inconvenience when choosing an upgraded seat while purchasing a ticket from Delta Airlines.
  • If you have miles stored in your Delta account, you can use it to upgrade your Delta One, Delta Premium Select, First Class, and Comfort+.
  • But, to get an upgrade at Delta Airlines, you need to select an eligible itinerary that qualifies for the upgrade.
  • You can check the seat upgrade availability in the Trip Summary, and if your itinerary qualifies for it, you can pay for the upgrade using your Miles credentials.

After Booking A Flight

  • Yes, Delta Airlines allows you to upgrade a seat even after booking a ticket!
  • Open the official website of Delta Airlines and find the My Trips tab; click on it.
  • Enter the full name and the ticket confirmation number to retrieve your existing booking.
  • There, you can make seat upgrades on your own by paying some seat upgrade charges, if any. Also, you can use the Fly Delta Application to manage your existing booking.

Using Upgrade Certificates 

  • If you are a Delta Diamond or Platinum Medallion Member, you must have secured several Upgrade Certificates.
  • You can use the Upgrade Certificates to upgrade your seats on both domestic and international flights.
  • To use the certificate, you need to choose a flight of your choice, fill in the required details, and then in the payment section, enter the certificate details.
  • Though you can use these certificates only if your ticket qualifies for the upgrade, check the seat upgrade eligibility before making a move!

Using Medallion Membership

  • If you have earned the Medallion Membership from Delta Airlines, you are allowed to make as many seat upgrades as you require.
  • The best thing about Medallion Membership is that it helps you make seat upgrades for yourself and your travel companion.
  • You can use the Medallion Membership only when you have purchased a ticket covering the routes to or via the USA, Mexico, Caribbean, Bermuda, Central America, and Northern South America.

Using Delta Airlines Customer Service 

  • If you face technical glitches or network issues, you can always contact Delta Airlines Customer Service to receive their professional guidance.
  • Once you get through the concerned department, you might need to provide your booking number and full name to the agents. 
  • The agent then checks the seat upgrade available for your ticket and processes the formalities.
  • Once the upgrade is done, you receive the confirmation invoice in your email.

So, you can choose any of the given seat upgrade options depending on your suitability and enjoy a seamless journey to your preferred destination on Delta Airlines!

Can I upgrade on Delta after check in?

Yes, Passengers who want to upgrade their seats after their flight check-in can do so via the "manage booking" page or visit the airport counter, where they can look at the upgrade offers. But passengers need to remember that they are eligible to make a seat upgrade at least 3 hours before their scheduled flight departure time.

How do I upgrade my Delta seat after check-in?

You can upgrade your Delta seat via "manage reservation or at the airport" after check-in. When you see your reservation ticket details on the manage booking page, you will get the offer to purchase the Delta premium select, Delta One, first class, or Delta comfort plus at the top, which you can add to your ticket. Then, you can pay for it and receive the confirmation from the airline.

  • When you visit the airline counter at the airport, the agent will check whether the seat is available in your desired class on your flight.
  • After that, once you are done with the seat upgrade procedure, you will receive the confirmation.

How do I upgrade my Delta Basic Economy?

Passengers having tickets in Basic Economy with Delta Airlines flights can go to the web check-in page or manage the reservation page of the airline on which they can upgrade to Business class ticket or first class ticket. The passengers must submit their reservation details on both pages and then they will need to select their desired seats from the available seat assignment. You can follow on-screen steps to complete procedure.

How much does it cost to upgrade Delta?

Delta Airlines flight offers seat upgrades to passengers at a very affordable cost, which travelers can acquire in exchange for Delta miles. 

  • Usually, Delta Airline flights charge from $359 to $399 to make the seat upgrade.
  • Upgrading seats on international flights of Delta Airlines and other qualifying flights can be from $50 for flights less than 500 miles to $350 for more than 3000 miles.

How does Delta upgrade passengers?

Delta upgrades passengers through several modes, broadly categorized into two main groups: complimentary upgrades and paid upgrades.

Complimentary Upgrades:

  • Medallion Status- Delta's frequent flyer program, SkyMiles, has different Medallion Status tiers. Diamond, Platinum, and Gold Medallion members are eligible for complimentary upgrades to first class and Delta Comfort + on eligible flights with certain regions.
  • Companion Upgrades- Diamond and Platinum Medallion members can use Companion Certificates to upgrade a travel companion on the same reservation to the same cabin class as their complimentary upgrade.

Paid Upgrades:

  • Cash Upgrades- You can pay the difference in the fare b/w your current ticket and the desired cabin class at the time of reservation later through Delta's website or by contacting customer service.
  • SkyMiles Upgrades- You can use your accumulated SkyMiles to upgrade your entire reservation on eligible flights. The required mileage varies on the route, cabin class, and demand.
  • Upgrade Certificates- Delta offers regional and global upgrade certificates through choice benefits to diamond and platinum medallion members—these certificates guarantee an upgrade, subject to space availability, for specific cabin classes on eligible flights.

Can I upgrade my seat to Delta Basic Economy?

Consequently, you can't upgrade your seat from Delta Basic Economy to any other cabin class, not even with cash or SkyMiles. It is one of the critical restrictions associated with Basic Economy fares, designed to offer the lowest possible price with limited flexibility and perks.

Is Delta seat upgrade worth it?

The Delta seat upgrade worth depends on your need, fare, class, or your budget.


If you are a Diamond or Platinum Medallion Member and need to make an upgrade to First Class, you are allowed to process the upgrade starting five days before the flight’s scheduled departure. However, if you are a Gold Medallion Member, you can upgrade the seat three days before the scheduled departure, and the seat upgrade for Silver Medallion Members opens a day before the flight’s scheduled departure.

Yes, you can upgrade the flight after you purchase the ticket. You can upgrade your seat from Main Cabin to any of the following given cabins:

  • Delta Comfort+
  • First Class
  • Delta One 

Yes, you can ask for a free upgrade on Delta, if you have Medallion membership or top class Delta credit card. If you don't have any premium membership, you have to pay some additional charge for upgrading your ticket with Delta. For more details related to upgrade, you can call the Delta Air Lines customer service number and get assistance to cut your extra expenses and get your preferred seats from the airlines. You can also purchase the ticket by using sky miles or companion ticket to avoid upgrade fees or charges

Yes, you can ask for a Delta upgrade at the gate if your ticket upgrading is not clear in advance. You can request for the upgrade at the airport if your ticket is still in process while check in, and your ticket is in waiting list then you can ask an agent who are present at the gate, then you can take help to them and ask about upgrading your existing ticket with the airline. You can also meet the agent at the desk while visiting the airport and get help with upgrades. 

No, you can not get upgraded from basic on Delta because the ticket fares are not enough for higher class. Also, they do not allow you for paid or complimentary upgrades if you have basic economy ticket, also you can not get priority boarding while check in, or you have to wait in a queue to get the plane. If you have any membership or credit card, you are still not permit to upgrade your ticket.

No, Delta does not allow bidding for upgrades. So, you have to pay full charges of your preferred seat to make upgrade with Delta Air Lines. If you want to know more about upgrades, then you can meet an agent at the airport and get help immediately for seat upgrades.

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