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Upgrade your Travelling Experience with Hawaiian Airlines Seat Upgrade 

Hawaiian Airlines upgrade seat basis on first-come, firsy-served basis. Here you are eligible in case of revenue tickets and Flight award tickets. The best way to get a free upgrade is to have elite status with the airline operating the plane. 

Does Hawaiian Airlines offer free upgrades?

Free upgrades at Hawaiian Airlines a very rare nowadays. Still, you can fulfill your free upgrade class wish after joining the Hawaiian Airlines loyalty program. Usually, Pualani Platinum and Pualani Gold members can get complimentary seat upgrades for free only when available. While becoming a loyal member of Hawaiian Airlines, you can get extra comfort seats without paying any costs and avail of all types of windows, aisle, or middle seats of the higher class. But, free upgrade is not always accurate as it depends only on subject seat availability and loyalty program scenario. So, before upgrading to the upper class, check the price to avoid any service problems at Hawaiian.

How to upgrade your seat on Hawaiian Airlines

The person who has booked a low class with Hawaiian Airlines might want to request the flight upgrade without paying any additional cost. How to get free upgrade on Hawaiian Airlines is a common question among travelers. There are a few ways available by which one can get a free upgrade on their reservation with Hawaiian Airlines. All the available ways that might help you adhere to the upgrade without spending additional money are listed here:

  • Earn Elite Status: The person who managed to earn the elite status with Hawaiian Airlines receives preference at the time of flight upgrade. The elite members get priority at the time of free upgrades on the plane due to the availability of seats with Hawaiian. Earning elite status can provide you with an upgrade on your reservation without the additional cost and also avail of other valuable amenities. 
  • Redeem your miles: The miles you have availed so far with Hawaiian Airlines for your past travels can easily be redeemed to upgrade your flight without paying actual cash for the upgrade fee. 
  • Obtain an Airlines credit card: Hawaiian Airlines credit card holders also have the opportunity to avail of flight upgrades free of cost. Hawaain often presents upgrade offers to the customers on their reservations. 
  • Check-in 24 hours prior to departure: Hawaiian Airlines may provide a free-of-cost upgrade on your reservation depending on the availability of seats on the higher-class cabin at the time of check-in. But for this, you will have to make sure you complete the check-in for your flight 24 hours prior to your boarding time and request for the upgrade altogether. 

How do you bid for an upgrade in Hawaiian?

Hawaiian Airlines also allows seat upgrade features through bidding, and only eligible passengers can bid to get the desired seat in the higher class. You can also bid for the Hawaiian Airlines seat uprade only with the following given instructions.

  • Visit the Hawaiian Airlines website, and under the Bid Up navigation tab, you can check your eligibility.
  • To check your eligibility, you must enter your confirmation code and surname.
  • You can check the best offer while moving the price sliders and submitting the Bid. 
  • Get through the "save and continue" button for the next finalizing steps while bidding on the upgrades.
  • You should make final payments after analyzing and reviewing the bid upgrade offer.
  • When the payments are confirmed for the bid upgrade process, you will get Hawaiian Airliens seats in a higher class.
  • Moreover, you can also check the confirmation about the Hawaiian seat upgrade from the registered Email ID. 

Hence, Hawaiian Airlines seat upgrade is possible both for free or through bidding as per seat availability. 

How do I change my seat on Hawaiian Airlines?

Upgrading class on the Hawaiian flights will surely increase the overall experience. You would not like to miss this upgrade class chance especially when traveling to the pristine Hawaii beaches. You can easily upgrade the seat class at Hawaiian Airlines by using the given online steps.

  • Reach out to the Hawaiian Airlines home page:
  • From the Manage Flight tab, go to the My Trips options.
  • Fill in your confirmation code or ticket number and last name to open the ticket information.
  • Once the Hawaiian Airliens tickets are open, choose the class you want to upgrade after viewing the seats from the map lists.
  • Pay the applicable seat upgrade charges or go for free.
  • Thus, after following all the above processes, you can upgrade your class at Hawaiian Airlines.

How do you get elite status on Hawaiian Airlines?

There are two elite status levels available with Hawaiian Airlines: one is Pualani Gold, and the other is Pualani Platinum. This elite status can be obtained by completing specific segments and earning miles as a Hawaiian Airlines loyalty program member. The following are the key points for qualifying for the elite status:

  • To get the Pualani Gold elite status, one must either have 20,000 HawaiianMiles or have flown 30 segments. 
  • On the contrary, to achieve Pualani Platinum status, one must fly 60 segments or earn 40,000 miles. 

How many HawaiianMiles do you need to upgrade to first class?

The requirement of HawaiianMiles to upgrade to first class depends on the class you have initially booked and the destination you are flying to. On average, a person will require 40,000 to 80,000 miles to choose the first-class cabin on the Hawaiian Airlines flight for their trip. Redeeming miles for flight upgrades is a cost-effective way to experience premium amenities by paying less with Hawaiian. 


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