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Southwest flies to several places for $49. It flies between Jacksonville and Albany, Lauderdale and Hartford, Orlando and Buffalo, West Palm Beach and Washington, Tampa Bay and Long Island, Orlando and Philadelphia for $49.

All about Southwest fly for $49 one way?

The information mentioned above certainly.

Places where Southwest Airlines fly for $49:

In case you’re looking for a $49 flight. Then you would be glad to hear that Southwest Airlines Offers $49 One-Way Fares to several places. You can go through the list of sites mentioned below. It flies between:

  • Jacksonville and Albany
  • Lauderdale and Hartford
  • Orlando and Buffalo
  • West Palm Beach and Washington
  • Tampa Bay and Long Island
  • Orlando and Philadelphia
  • Washington and New York.
  • Burbank to Las Vegas.
  • Little Rock to St. Louis.

To the destinations mentioned above, you’ll be able to fly for a low price of $49. That means you don’t need to think twice before making the booking, so if you think, “Where does Southwest fly for $49 one way?” The above-mentioned list will then provide you with the answer.

Southwest Airlines flight Sale:

The one-way fare of Southwest Airlines starts at only $49. However, you’ll get this discount opportunity only on some particular days in a month when the sale happens. So, make sure that you have acted fast to grab this opportunity.

  • Every flight sale is going to have some terms and conditions. Make sure that you have gone through those terms and conditions.
  • You need to make sure that you have purchased the flight for at least fourteen days.
  • Ensure that you have confirmed your flight dates before you make the booking. This is because these fares are non-refundable.
  • In some cases, if you have canceled your flight, you will receive credit from the airline.

Ensure that you have purchased the ticket during the Southwest Airlines $49 flight sale. At that time, you’ll be easily able to find the flights at $49. However, you can even connect with the customer support of Southwest Airlines to know the dates when the sale would happen. They will provide you with all the help to make the booking at the Lowest Fare.

How Can I Be Aware of the Southwest Airlines Sale?

To be aware of the Southwest Airlines sale, you can follow the tips and tricks given below. Then you’ll be up to date about the sales.


Subscribe to the newsletter of Southwest Airlines. Soon, you will be notified about the dates when the sales will happen.

Is it Cheaper to Book Round Trip or One-Way on Southwest?

It depends on several factors although, generally, one-way trips are considered the cheapest. Here are the few reasons listed below for your reference:-

1) Fare Calculation

Booking a round trip with Southwest will not give you any additional discount, as the fare is the same for a round trip from points A to B and for a one-way trip to the same destination.

2) Change in Your Plan

It is crucial to remember when booking a ticket with Southwest airlines. If you have booked a round trip with Southwest Airlines and your return plan changes, you will have to cancel your whole leg of the journey. You will now have to rebook your tickets, and if the price or fare has increased, you will have to pay an extra amount to rebook. Southwest also offers its customers a no-change fee policy; if the fare drops after the booking, you can still cancel your ticket and rebook the flight at the discounted price.

The fare difference will be credited to your account in the form of virtual credits, which you can use to buy another ticket in the next 12 months. The prices usually change for a single leg of the journey and not for the round trip.

3) Getting a Group A Boarding Pass

This scenario is especially for someone who is having a short trip and needs to board the returning flight within 24 hours. To get a group A boarding pass, you need to check in 24 hours before your flight departs, but in case your departure flight is at 3 pm Thursday and your return one is at 1 pm Friday, you cannot check in to your return flight on time. You will be on the plane by then and once you check in after landing you will get a C boarding pass. So it is always wise to go for two one-way tickets with Southwest instead of a round one.

Where does Southwest Fly for $59 One Way?

The $59 one-way fare is available between West Palm Beach and Cleveland, Orlando and Detroit, Tampa Bay, and Chicago midway, Jacksonville, and Louisville, and between Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood and St. Louis. Besides, if you need to know about any particular routes, you can ask directly with southwest customer service.

Does Southwest do One-Way Flights?

Yes! Southwest does allow you to book one-way flights. You can book one-way or round-trip flights on the official website of Southwest for up to 8 passengers at one time. On the flight booking page, you must enter your specific booking details, original destination, dates, etc. You can follow the normal booking procedure to book your one-way flight ticket. In addition, you can also book your one-way flight by speaking to the Southwest Airlines customer support team directly.

How Long is the Southwest $59 Sale

Generally, southwest sales last up to 3 days, but because it might vary depending on several factors, you can speak to the agent for exact information. To benefit from Southwest's $59 sales, you must book the ticket 21 days before departure. The next $59 discount is available for travel through February 2023. The discounts apply to domestic and international trips. The family fly-free members receive alerts in advance when the time is mentioned; besides, you can speak to the customer support team of Southwest to know further details.

What Time of Day do Southwest Flights go on Sale?

Southwest never confirms the time when the Southwest flights go on sale. However, as per the records, generally, the release time ranges between 7 am to 10:30 am ET. Southwest sends text alerts to its members of the Family Fly free membership program so they can take full advantage of the $59 sales.

If you are ready to book a flight on the release date but can't see the flight on a mobile device, you can try using your desktop or vice-versa.

Connect with customer support

You can get in touch with the customer support of Southwest Airlines. They’ll ensure that you get the flight at the lowest fare at the sale. You can connect with the agents through different mediums.

Speak to the Southwest Airlines:

Call the official number of Southwest Airlines. You'll now encounter the automated voice service. You need to select the options relevant to the query you’re facing. Soon, you’ll be able to speak to the agent trained to resolve the issue related to the Southwest sale. He’ll provide you with the dates on which the deal will happen.


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