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The Cathay pacific airline provides flexible hours to their customers to web check-in 24 to 48 hours before the flight departure. So the solution to your question is available in the previous line: When can I do online check-in for Cathay Pacific? But You need an active internet connection and system on which you can apply for the check-in. If the following passenger travels from Hong Kong and Chiang kai shek international, then the person can print a hard copy of the boarding pass from the online check-in counter at the airport.

Cathay Pacific Check-in Policy

Passengers who are going to travel with Cathay Pacific airline are advised to read the terms and conditions of flight check-in with Cathay Pacific.

  • People who have a scheduled flight for domestic booking are recommended to come a minimum 2 hours earlier for their flight boarding at the airport.
  • As per the Cathay Pacific airline policy, passengers who are having international booking are advised to arrive 3 hours before their scheduled flight departure at the airport.
  • Travellers need to go through the various formalities and security check-ups at the airport for their flight boarding.

How can I check in on Cathay Pacific?

Cathay Pacific provides a digital platform for their passengers to check in so that they can check in anywhere or from their preferred location. But How do I check in on Cathay Pacific? You can check in through the Cathay pacific app, or you can visit the airline's official website, where you will get the check-in option.

Check-in through web 

The webpage will show you the various options by which you can take service from the airline.

  • Visit the official site of Cathay pacific. And sign up with your account.
  • Then on the home page, select the check-in button.
  • The check-in page will appear on your screen; enter your name, flight number, or PNR.
  • Now tap on the check-in button; you will receive a boarding pass in your system.
  • You can download the soft copy or take out a print of your boarding pass.

Check-in through app

Cathay Pacific provides an official application you can download from the app store.

  • Open your phone, and tap on the Cathay Pacific app.
  • Sign up with your account and move to the check-in section.
  • Enter your name and flight number, then proceed.
  • You will receive a barcode on your phone and scan it at the airport check-in counter to get the boarding pass.

What schedule does Cathay Pacific check-in open?

Cathay Pacific gives freedom to their customers to check in according to their convenience. The airline understands everyone's problem and emergency, but What time does Cathay Pacific check-in open? The Cathay check-in is open 48 hours and 1.5 hours before the flight departure. If you are flying from the United States, you are allowed to check in 24 hours and 1.5 hours before the flight departure.

How much time before a Cathay Pacific flight is checked in?

The check-in timing depends on the type of mode you have applied during the check-in process. The answer to your question is: How long before a Cathay Pacific flight is checked in? If you have checked in through the web, you can reach the airport 48 hours to 90 minutes before the flight's departure. 

  • If you have the boarding pass on your mobile, you can reach the airport within 24 hours before the flight departure.
  • If you have generated the boarding pass from the kiosk machine, you can reach the airport 48 hours to 50 minutes before the flight departure.

Which is better to check in Cathay Pacific online or at the airport?

Most people may get confused with the most awaited question: Is it better to check in Cathay Pacific online or at the airport? The most suitable option is to check in through an online method, as it allows you to access an airline from your preferred region. But if you have to check in through the airport, you have to wait in a long queue, but if you have checked in online, you still need to drop the bags at the Cathay Pacific check-in counter. 


According to the Cathay Pacific International Airline, the passengers can make an online flight check-in 48 hours from their scheduled flight departure time. This airline has flexible check-in guidelines which help passengers with easy and smooth flight boarding. In case a person couldn’t make an online check-in then the passengers can also go with offline check-in at the airport check-in counter or via self service kiosk machine. In online check-in, the passenger can check-in up to 90 minutes earlier from departure.

The Cathay Pacific international airline allows passengers to make online and offline check-in. In online check-in, passengers need to go through the website procedure of the airline and for offline flight check-in, the passengers need to visit the airport. If a person is curious to know about “how early he can make online check-in on Cathay Pacific flights” then as per the airline rules, passengers are allowed to do web check-in 48 hours before their scheduled flight departure time. 

Whoever has a flight with Cathay Pacific airline and wants to avoid the offline flight check-in formalities then he can do online check-in from 48 hours earlier till 90 minutes of their scheduled flight departure. When a person is making an online check-in on Cathay Pacific, they need to select their flights and choose their seats on the airline web check-in page. Once they complete the online check-in process, they need to print out the online boarding pass to present at the airport.

If a traveller is unable to do check-in for his reservation with Cathay Pacific, then there must be so many reasons behind it which are following below:

  • In some situations, the passengers face technical errors or server down related issues in the web check-in process on the official website of Cathay Pacific airline.

  • In case a person is trying to do the web check-in after 90 minutes or earlier than 48 hours from the departure, then in this situation, the passenger may not be allowed to do web check-in on Cathay Pacific.

  • Sometimes there can be special characteristics in passenger’s reservation which do not allow them to do online check-in for their departure.

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