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The telephone number of the psa airline is 800.235.0986 for the united states. If you wish to connect with someone outside the United States, you can use this contact number: 937.665.2510. You can dial this contact number and listen to the prompt to connect with the representative. 

How do I connect with PSA Airlines Customer Service? 

To connect with PSA Airlines customer service, you can use various methods to raise your queries with the representative and get the solution immediately. The passenger wants to raise a query regarding their flight, and they can use the contact number to get the information from the representative. If the passenger is looking for the contact number, they can find it on the official website. Passengers can use the given contact number to speak with someone: 

  1. Dial this helpline number; 800.235.0986. For outside US: 937.665.2510.

  2. Listen to the prompt voice and press the command according to the topic. 

  3. Reach the live person. 

Can I speak with someone at Psa Airline Customer Service on the chat option? 

Yes, you can speak with someone at the chat option. If a traveler requires some information from the representative, they can use the chat option. It is the way to get the information from the representative as soon as possible. The airline recently introduced the chat option. Here is the information to use this option: 

  1. Open the web page of the PSA Airline. 

  2. Search for the live chat option. 

  3. You must provide the login details when you get the live chat option. 

  4. After that, you can immediately raise your query on the chat option and get all the detailed information from the live person. 

What is the PSA Airlines Headquarters Address? 

If you have applied for the visa and received a call from the airline, you can visit the airline headquarters. The PSA airlines headquarters address is 3400 Terminal Dr., Vandalia, OH 45377. 

How to use PSA Airlines to manage to book? 

The PSA Airlines manage booking will be used for many purposes. If you want to modify it, you can use the manage booking. To use the manage booking option, you can follow the instructions: 

  • Go to the web page of PSA Airlines. 

  • Click on the manage booking and provide the required details. 

  • You will see the various options. 

  •  Select the option according to your preference. 

  • You have to provide the details and click on the submit option. 

  • Get the confirmation on the registered email id and message on the contact number. 

How can I check the psa airlines flight schedule? 

 To check the Psa airlines flight schedule, you can use the manage booking option. To use this option, you can follow the given instructions. If you are unable to check it online, you can connect with someone at the airline who will provide you with all the information regarding your flight immediately. Here are the details to use the manage booking option: 

  • Launch the web portal of Psa Airlines. 

  • Click on the manage booking option and provide the required details. 

  • Go to the flight status option. 

  • You will see the flight status. 

How can I do the psa airlines check-in? 

If passengers want to do the psa airlines check-in, they can do the online check-in. The online check-in is available 24 to 3 hours before the flight departure. When you do the online check-in, you will receive the boarding pass on your device, and you can show it to security. 


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