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Delta Airlines is undoubtedly one of the renowned names in the aviation industry. It is prominent for its excellent flight services. It is a 3-star rated airline due to its outstanding onboard amenities, satisfactory customer service, etc. Delta has a presence in many countries and places. If you are in Pittsburgh Airport and face any issues, you can contact customer service and get help. One of the common queries is What is Delta Airlines Pittsburgh phone number? You can find its Pittsburgh number and every other relevant information by reading the article below. 

Delta Pittsburgh contact: You can contact customer service over the phone for easy and quick assistance. You should call (800) 221-1212/+1-802-432-2552 to connect with a customer service executive. 

Delta Pittsburgh office: if you want to get help directly by meeting the customer staff, you can reach their office. The Delta Airlines Pittsburgh Office Address is 1000 Airport Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA 15231, United States. You can get direct and immediate assistance from the staff present at the office. 

Working hours: you can contact the customer service team between 9 am and 4 pm from Monday to Friday. 

What time does the Delta ticket counter open at Pittsburgh airport?

Are you a sudden planner and often come up with travel plans at the last minute? Do not worry! Delta Airlines has got your back. You can make flight reservations and cancellations at the ticket counters available at the Pittsburgh Airport. The counters are open between 3:30 am and 8:15 pm. 

What terminal is Delta at Pittsburgh Airport?

Out of the two terminals at Pittsburgh Airport, Delta operates its flights at Concourse D. Thus, if you travel via Delta at this airport, your flight will depart or arrive at Concourse D. 

How do I contact Pittsburgh Airport?

Pittsburgh International Airport is one of the biggest and most crowded airports. It serves millions of passengers and various airlines regularly. If you are facing any problems at the airport, you can contact customer service and get help. Following is the contact information for the airport. 

Airport contact: 412.472.3525

Email: info@flypittsburgh.com

Postal address: Pittsburgh International Airport Landside Terminal, 4th Floor, Mezz PO Box 12370 Pittsburgh, PA 15231-0370 

Website: https://flypittsburgh.com/

Police contact: 412-472-3500

Airport Parking: 412.472. 5050

What are the services provided to passengers at Pittsburgh Airport?

Pittsburgh International Airport ensures the convenience of its customers at every step. For this purpose, it provides them with many services. Some of the services are listed below. Kindly review the list to know the services you can avail of at the airport. 

  1. Ticket booking and cancellation: sometimes, people can come up with sudden travel plans and miss booking their flight online. For such cases, there are ticket counters available at the airport. You can also cancel pre-booked flights through these counters. 

  2. Airport lounge: today, flight delays are quite common, and nobody likes to sit uncomfortably in the waiting area. To avoid this situation, passengers can purchase access to the airport lounge and relax while waiting for their flight. 

  3. Parking: The airport has a parking facility for the passengers coming by their vehicles. 

  4. Check-in counter: for people who do not know the online check-in method, check-in counters are available at the airport. 

  5. Special assistance: the airport provides physical assistance to specially-abled passengers. 


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