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Ava chatbot is designed to answer general inquiries about AirAsia's services and products. E.g., if you have any query related to refund, carbon, baggage, etc., you can take help from Ava. Ava answers the questions based on keywords associated with AirAsia's products and services. You cannot ask a lengthy question from AVA to get an accurate answer.

However, if you want to know why should I use it? The Virtual Allstr AVA offers a high level of support to its passengers via Artificial Intelligence. It also handles thousands of cases monthly on several other platforms like Facebook, AirAsia mobile app, WeChat, etc. In this article, you will learn about the AirAsia AVA chatbot in detail; let's get through it to stay updated. Let's start with how to use it.

How to access AirAsia's AVA live chat? 

You can get instant answers to your general queries using the AVA chatbot of AirAsia. Moreover, if you need to learn how to access AVA Live Chat? It is pretty simple. Here are the detailed procedures for your reference to avoid any confusion. 

Steps to access AVA live chat. 

  • Go to the official website of AirAsia and locate the customer support page

  • Look for the chats tab and click on the new chat 

  • Now click on the new contact, and you can start chatting with AVA

  • To begin chatting with AVA, you can type 'Hi.' 

  • Make sure to avoid typing any complete questions; instead, use keywords. 

Other ways to connect AVA Live chat 

Here are several ways to connect to AVA live chat; you can opt for any of these depending on your choice and interest. 

Through Whatsapp 

You can access the AVA chatbot on Whatsapp, the largest messaging platform. You can connect to AVA through Whatsapp 24/7 in eleven languages. Go to the WhatsApp link available on the website; you can also use the number +601135165078 to connect to the airline. Type 'Hi' and follows the instruction, and you can start chatting with the AVA successfully.

Through WeChat

You can connect to the AVA chatbot on WeChat to ask your queries and questions. The default language for WeChat is simplified Chinese. To communicate through WeChat, you can visit the official website of AirAsia and there go to the WeChat page. Click the link and follow the instructions to start chatting with AVA on WeChat.

Via Facebook Messenger 

You can also contact the AVA chatbot on Facebook Messenger and get answers to your common queries. To connect through Facebook messenger, go to the support page and click on the messenger link. Login to your account and follow the instructions to chat with AVA live chat.

You can use any of the options above to connect to the AVA Live chat. Besides, if you wonder how the AVA chatbot can help you? It also helps you to book, modify, refund, etc.; scroll down the page to check details.

How can AirAsia's AVA live chat help you? 

AVA live chat helps you with all the services, including booking a flight, changing a flight, getting a refund, etc. For booking and changing a flight ticket with AVA live chat, you can follow the steps below:- 

Change/Book flight with AVA 

  • Go to the support page of AirAsia online and look for the contact us page 

  • On the support page, locate the AVA chat icon and open it

  • Type Hi and you will get several links on the screen

  • Click on the link 'Flights,' and the system will provide you with sub-links

  • Depending on your requirement, select either 'Book a flight' or 'booking changes.'

  • Follow further instructions, and you are good to go.

You can quickly proceed with Booking/changing flight details via live chat anytime by following the procedure above. In addition, if you wish to get a refund from AVA, you can also do that by following the procedure below.

Get a refund using AVA live chat.

  • Go to the AVA chat icon on the support page of AirAsia

  • Type hi and you will get several default options

  • Click on Refund/Check Case Status 

  • Then click on the link AirAsia's new refund request 

  • Select your refund type and provide the details; booking number, email id, last name and date of birth, etc

  • Follow the instructions, and you can quickly request a refund from AVA live chat anytime.

By following the procedure above, you will get the answer for; how to get a refund using the live chat. Now let's check out further and see how one can file a complaint via AVA live chat.

File a complaint via AVA Live chat 

  • Go to the AVA live chat icon on the support page

  • Type the word complaint in the message box

  • Now click on the link complaint, and you will get further instructions 

  • Select what your complaint is about 

  • Now choose the topic from further instructions on the screen to describe what your complaint is about 

  • Follow the self-explanatory instruction on the screen, and you can successfully file a complaint with EVA anytime. 

You must have understood now about using live chat to file a complaint with AVA. Above are a few examples of AVA live chat that can help you. AVA also helps you with several other topics that you can explore by visiting the official website and AVA chat link online. Now let's proceed further and learn about what languages are available To chat with AVA online. 

What are the languages AVA live chat is available in? 

AVA is the virtual Allstar, a chatbot of AirAsia that helps to solve your simple queries and questions. It is available in eleven languages: English, Bahasa Malaysia, Thai, Bahasa Indonesia, Japanese, Tagalog, Hindi, Vietnamese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese. You can use any of the languages as per your interest before starting a chat with the AVA.

Conclusion: Going through the information above, you must be clear about What is AirAsia AVA chatbot? If you still have any issues or need further information, you can visit the AVA live chat page online or speak to the support team of AirAsia directly. AirAsia provides various modes of communication in addition to live chat; you can access them by visiting the support page of the airline. The contact options include email, phone calls, social media, etc. Moreover, you can also post your query in the comment box below for us to check and review.


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