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In case Spirit Airlines has cancelled your flight due to bad weather conditions, then they will provide you a refund or travel vouchers for future purposes or board you on the next possible flight. It depends on their policies and the condition of canceling the flight. Passengers have the right to get compensation from the airlines for the inconvenience and submit a claim for the same.

Can you reschedule a Spirit flight due to weather?

Yes, you can reschedule your Spirit flight due to weather anytime before the departure. If your booked flight has already been cancelled due to bad weather by the airlines, you get a time frame to reschedule the flight for free without changing the flight destination. You can reschedule the flight online with a few simple steps.

Steps to reschedule Spirit Flight online:

  • Log in to the Spirit Airline website on your device,

  • Tap the My Trips option on the homepage,

  • Your flight ticket will appear on the screen,

  • Extend the options underneath your booking details and select the preferred option to reschedule your flight,

  • Make the changes and search for the flight availability at Spirit Airlines,

  • Book the new fight and make the payment if required,

  • Your spirit flight will be rescheduled as per your preference.

In case there is an issue with the online mode to reschedule your flight, then you can contact Spirit Airlines customer service for human assistance and request the rescheduling of the flight ticket. Explain your concern and provide the booking details to book a new flight. The official will help you out with the process and send you the email confirmation. 

Do you get a refund if your Spirit flight is Cancelled due to weather?

Yes, you will get a refund if your Spirit flight is cancelled due to weather (1-802-432-2552). For this, you will be required to send a refund request to the airlines, and then they will process the refund in a few days. Refund requests can be sent online from the official site. 

Steps to Submit a Refund Request:

  • Go to the Spirit Airlines website,

  • Open the Manage booking page on your screen,

  • Log in with the registered account to view your booking,

  • Under your canceled flight, a refund option will be there,

  • Click on the refund button to get the form,

  • Now fill in the personal details, canceled flight details, and other required options,

  • Then hit the submit button to send your refund request to Spirit Airlines.

Spirit Airlines flight change policy

If you want to change your booked flights at Spirit Airlines due to bad weather, sudden plan changes, or other reasons, read the flight change policy below:

  • Flight can be changed before boarding the booked flight.

  • Flight change charges apply to flight tickets that have passed 24 hours of purchase time. 

  • If the changes have been made within 24 hours of purchase, they will be done free of cost.

  • Flight change is free of cost if delayed more than 3 hours.

  • If the cost of changing flights is higher than the previous flight, the fare difference must be paid by the passenger.

  • If the flight ticket has been purchased with the flight flex option, it can be changed one time for free.

Spirit Airlines weather cancellation policy

If your flight has been cancelled due to weather at Spirit Airlines, then the following policies will be applicable:

  • Rebooking will be provided to all the passengers depending on availability without additional charges.

  • Passengers will be eligible for a full refund if they wish not to board the rebooked flight and cancel at the same time.

  • Rescheduling the flight to the same destination due to the cancellation of their booking is also free of cost at Spirit airlines. 

  • If the airline has notified the passengers of the cancellation a few days before the flying date, no refund will be provided.