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Escalate information regarding flight cancellations caused by weather 

It is very important to stay informed about the conditions when there is a flight delay or cancellation caused by bad weather. Due to safety reasons, Air Canada is bound to cancel your flight at any time or have to delay the boarding based on the weather conditions. Escalate some important information related to the same from the provided context. 

What to do if Air Canada flight is cancelled due to weather?

At times, when your Air Canada flight gets canceled, and the reason behind it is bad weather, then few things can be done by you for the inconveniences that may cause. Let's go through these key points.

  • If you found that your flight was canceled, then look for why. You can check your flight status there to see why it happens.  

  • It rarely happens that Air Canada cancels flights, and if they did, a few factors cause it, such as bad weather, air traffic, thunderlighting, technical issues with airplanes, pandemics, and others.

  • You are allowed to get a refund, rebook, or get compensation if required from the airline without any extra cost.

  • Remember, Air Canada is not allowed to compensate you if the main purpose of flight cancellation is due to uncontrollable circumstances like weather and air traffic., etc.

  • Connect immediately with the Air Canada customer service division for assistance.

  • You can contact the airport ground staff as well if you're at the airport at the time of flight cancellation.

What are my rights if my Air Canada flight is Cancelled due to weather?

The rights that you possess if your Air Canada flight is cancelled due to weather are as follows:

  • You will get a full refund of the flight ticket, whether the fare is refundable or non-refundable in the original mode of payment.
  • A person can ask for a rebooking with the airline instead of a refund without the extra cost. 

Does Air Canada cancel flights often?

There are around 2% of flight cancellations only noticed with Air Canada due to internal reasons. However, depending on the weather or unforeseen conditions, any number of flights can be canceled for safety measures. So, you can suppose that Air Canada does not cancel flights often and is a reliable airline. 

Can I reschedule Air Canada flight cancel due to weather

Yes, Air Canada grants rescheduling of the flight that is canceled due to weather. One can get the flight reschedule from the site itself.

Process to reschedule an Air Canada flight:

  • You must first reach the homepage of Air Canada,
  • There, you need to open the Book menu,
  • Tap in the “Manage Booking” option,
  • You must put the flight ticket code and passenger name, then tap the Search key,
  • The canceled flight details will show on the next page,
  • Underneath the same, you have to tap the Reschedule button,
  • You will get the flight results on the page as per the availability,
  • You may modify your search requirements,
  • Then select a flight to reschedule,
  • You might need to add some details,
  • Next, your Air France canceled flight will be rescheduled.

Moreover, you can connect with an advisor on the call at Air Canada for the rescheduling of a flight that has been canceled due to weather. You should call the number 1-888-247-2262 and share the flight details to get another flight rescheduled. 

Air Canada Weather cancellation policy

Sudden flight cancellations due to severe weather conditions are a matter of concern for all passengers. Here, the Air Canada cancellation policy for weather is mentioned that you can consider:

  • Flight cancellation due to weather will result in a full refund for passengers. In case a person has a non-refundable ticket, they will still get the full fare back to the original payment form.
  • For flight cancellations, Air Canada sometimes provides an alternate flight to the passengers without applying any additional charges.
  • An individual can ask for a flight rebooking or reschedule of the flight on another date from Air Canada.

How do I find out about Air Canada flight weather cancellation?

When Air Canada cancels a flight due to unforeseen problems, they do their best to keep you informed about it wherever you have been at that time. That's why it becomes crucial to provide your contact details during flight booking. 

  • You can get regular information at 30-minute intervals until new arrangements have been made.

  • You can use their flight status tool to know about any weather cancellations.

  • Via onboard and gate announcements at the airport.

  • Through notifications services on any cancellation or delay information via text messaging or email.

  • Find out about it easily by calling the Air Canada Flight Information system at 1-888-422-7533.

Does Air Canada compensate for weather delays?

When there is a delay in the flight’s boarding due to weather, for a maximum of 2 hours 59 minutes, no compensation will be offered to the passengers by Air Canada. In case the delay is longer than 3 hours, flight ticket holders will be eligible to get compensation as required by the airlines. 

Can I get compensation for cancelled Air Canada flight due to weather?

Some situations like severe weather conditions and air traffic disruptions are out of Air Canada's hands, so you will not be entitled to compensation for canceled flights because of bad weather; it's uncontrollable for the airplane; hence, you can't receive any reimbursement. If the flight was canceled because of a situation within their control, you can receive compensation.

How do I make a Air Canada flight delay compensation claim?

You can claim your Air Canada flight delay compensation by contacting the Air Canada customer service division. Considering if your flight was delayed, if a situation within their control along with you has arrived at your destination with a delay of three hours or more, then only you will be entitled to the delay compensation. You can submit a compensation claim by reaching Air Canada customer service via phone call or compensation form, which you can find on the customer support page by visiting Air Canada's official website.


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