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How can I call SWISS Air?

SWISS offers many ways to contact, so its customers can easily share their query with SWISS customer service. If you still have a question, how can I call SWISS ? Then you can use this method to get enough information. The most common and easy method to communicate with SWISS is call method and the steps of this method are explained below in the following way:

  • First dial the SWISS Air customer service number and then follow the IVR process. In the IVR process, you need to choose the right options according to your request.
  • After this IVR process there is a waiting time of at least 30 seconds.
  • As soon as you are done with this waiting time, you will be automatically put through to one of the SWISS Air representatives.

How do I contact Swiss Airlines customer service?

People have different options when it comes to contacting SWISS. Below are a few online ways to contact SWISS.

Live Chat- This is an online method that is available 24/7 and people can use this method anytime whenever they want. Here are point by point explanation of live chat method:

  • First open the official SWISS website
  • Scroll down, find the option of “Contact”
  • Now on the right side of this page you just find Live Chat icon.
  • Start chatting by offering the right details about your flight.

Before chatting with the actual representative, you must first receive the answers from the recorded chat, then at the end when the recorded chat is finished, one of the SWISS representatives will connect you via chat.

Social Media- You can also follow SWISS on social media and direct messages upon their request and if you follow them on Twitter then you can also tweet them. SWISS' social media platforms are on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. They can follow you any platforms according to their preference.

Contact form passengers also have the option of using the contact form when contacting SWISSAIR. The steps to fill the contact form are explained below:

  • Go to the SWISS official website and navigate to the “Contact Us” option.
  • On this page there are different options of contacts, choose the contact form now.
  • Fill out this form by offering personal information. This information includes name, email address, telephone number and also the booking reference number. Otherwise these details, also write your request in the description box.
  • Submit the form now and you will receive an answer within 24 hours.

How can I get SWISSAIR in UK?

People can easily contact SWISS through SWISS customer service number. The SWISS UK customer service hotline number is +44 (0) 345 601 0956/+44 203 808 8746. You can contact this number 24 hours a day.

How do I call a SWISS number from abroad?

Swiss International Air Lines, or SWISS, is an airline based in Switzerland that operates flights to 100 destinations worldwide. With the ever-expanding network and fleet size, the airline is growing to be many passengers’ favorites for the premium services provided onboard with inflight catering, entertainment, comfortable seats, and many more. With all these facilities, Swiss Air also offers excellent customer service before and after the flight. If you need to call the airline from abroad, you can do so by following the steps given below.

  • Make sure to dial the correct Swiss Air phone number at +1 833 951 2504, which is available to call 24/7. 
  • Listen to the computerized IVR commands and press the correct keys as instructed. 
  • Your call might get a hold-up time, so please wait while your call gets connected. 
  • Once on the call with an agent, ask them to assist you with your queries/issues. 

How do I find my Swiss Air flight number?

You can easily find your SWISS Air flight number on the flight ticket printout or you can find it on your e-mail address. When you have reserved your flight you will receive a message and in this way you can also find the flight number on the message from your contact number.

  • On the E-ticket sent to you on your email address. 
  • The flight number is also mentioned on the website while booking online. 
  • Log in to your account on the website by ‘Manage booking’ to get the flight details. 
  • Once you book your flight, the flight number is also mentioned in the SMS text you get from the airline. 

How to manage Swiss Airlines flight booking?

You can manage your flight through the "Manage Booking" option that you can find on the official SWISS Air website.

What is the PNR number in Swiss Airlines?

The Passenger Name Record or PNR provides the information for the real-time status of your reservation with Swiss Air. You can check your flight’s status with the help of your PNR number. This number can be found on your ticket itself, and if more than one ticket is booked at the same time, the PNR number is going to be the same. PNR usually is 6 alphanumeric characters, i.e., alphabets and numbers are used together. 

To check your PNR status, you may visit Swiss Air’s official website and search ‘PNR’ and then search. On the redirected page, you may access your PNR within a few seconds. 

How do I find my Swiss booking reference number?

A booking reference number is basically a number assigned to individual passengers at the time of booking a Swiss Air flight. A booking reference number is of 6 alphanumeric characters. A booking reference number helps you to check in for your flight and also know the real-time status of your flight. You can check in your Swiss Air flight by visiting the official website, then on ‘Manage booking.’ There you can enter your booking reference number and last name to complete the check-in process. 

A booking reference number can be easily found on your tickets, booking confirmation, and travel documents. It is also known as RecLoc, PNR code, confirmation number, or reference number. If you are facing any difficulty in finding your PNR or reference number, you may call the airline’s customer service for help. 


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