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You must have heard about the clubs that every Airline has for its passengers. When you become a partner of it, you get a lot of benefits. However, if you are a frequent traveler from a particular Airline, then you should join them so that you could get the benefits they offer. Likewise, If you are searching, Is British Airways Executive Club free? Or not, and how you can become a member, then you will get your answers in this. Firstly, joining the Club is free of cost and does not demand any charges. Whatever the point you will earn during your journey in ticket bookings, hotel booking, or any other facilities, you can use them later, depending on your choice:

  • Visit the official website of British Airways.

  • Click on “Discover” at the top left.

  • Select “Join Club” from the “Executive Club” option.

  • Fill out the joining form with all your details.

  • Agree to the Executive Club’s Terms and Conditions.

  • And click on “Join Now.”

What are the benefits of the BA Executive Club?

Of course, you will get a lot of benefits if you get a membership of the British Airways Executive Club and all these benefits are different for each Club. Cubs have been divided into four parts that are Silver, Gold, Bronze, and Blue, and each Club holds various benefits that are listed below:

  • Blue: You will become a Blue member of the Club as soon as you join Executive Club, which is absolutely free:

    • You will be able to collect Avios.

    • You will get offers that are available only for the members.

    • You can start collecting the Tier Points.

  • Bronze: When you fly with British Airways 2 eligible flights a year and get 300 tier points, you will become a Bronze member of the Club:

    • You will get a 25% bonus Avios.

    • You will be given priority check-in and boarding.

    • You can collect the Tier Points.

  • Silver: When you get 600 Tier points, you become a Silver member of the Executive Clubs, whose benefits are listed below:

    • You will have access to free seat selection at the time of booking.

    • You will be given priority at the time of boarding.

    • You will be allowed extra baggage.

    • You will get a 50% bonus Avios.

  • Gold: At 1500 Tier Points, you will become a Gold member of the Club with extra benefits:

    • You will get a free seat selection and extra baggage allowance.

    • You will also get a first-class check-in and log-in.

    • You will get a 100% bonus Avios.

    • You will have access to the first lounges.

What is happening with BA Executive Club?

British Airways is making some changes in their Executive Club, according to which they will extend the Tier Membership and will reduce the number of Tier points that you need to upgrade your Tier Status. The changes will be implemented from 1st January 2023.

Is British Airways Executive Club the same as Avios?

No, the Executive Club is a membership Program of British Airways which is available and beneficial for the passengers who fly with them frequently. The Avios is a currency of the British Airways Executive Club. They get collected every time you fly with British Airways and multiply on each car hire, hotel booking, etc.

Can you pay for access to BA lounges?

No, You cannot pay for access to British Airways Lounges. They are available in the benefits program of the Executive Club, or it depends on which class you are traveling to. If you are traveling from first or business class, you can have access to British Airways Lounges.

All the information related to the Executive Club of British Airways has been given above. It will enlighten you on everything related to the Executive Club and how you can become a member of it. For additional details, navigate to the official website of British Airways.

Can BA business class use lounges?

Passengers can turn their travel dream into reality with British Airways. You can book the flight ticket to your dream destination online at their website and get the top facilities. British Airways provide a lounge facility at the airport to business and first-class travelers. You can relax in the lavish lounges at the departure airport and get the top services. If you are flying on the scheduled flight in first, business club world, or business club Europe, you can use the lounge facility at the departure airport. 

Who can use the British Airways lounge?

Many passengers always wanted to know about the accessibility of lounge facilities with British airways. If you book the flight ticket, you can enjoy comfort and facilities at more than 30 British Airways lounges. Following are the passengers who can access the lounge facility with British airways:

  • Passengers are flying in the scheduled flight with the club and first class.
  • Gold and silver executive club members are flying with one world partner.
  • Sapphire and emerald level members are flying with one world partner of the frequent flyer program. 
  • If you are a sapphire and emerald member, you can take one single guest on each departure flight by British Airways or one world partner. 
  • The lounge services are accessible according to the availability and capacity restrictions. 
  • You can check the detailed description of the lounges at your appropriate airports. 

How much does it cost to join the British Airways Executive Club?

British Airways do not charge any fees or charges to join the executive club (Or you can ask at directly +44 203 808 8746). It is free of cost as you only need to fill out the relevant form available on their website. If you want to join the executive club and enjoy the numerous benefits, you can follow the below steps:

  • Initially, you must access the official website of British airways.
  • After this, you can proceed to the join executive club option available on the home screen. 
  • You will get the membership form that you need to fill out and add the essential details. 
  • You need to enter your full name, email, login details, address, language, and gender. 
  • At last, you need to agree to some terms and conditions and tap on the join now option. 
  • With this, you will receive the confirmation message at your registered email id related to the membership.
  • You can now access all the executive club services using the membership account. 

Do Executive Platinum get free drinks in the economy?

Yes, executive platinum members will get complimentary drinks and snacks during the flight journey. You will get fresh coffee, tea, juice, soft drinks, water, and complimentary snacks. Although, the concierge key members will get free alcoholic beverages and their favorite food during the flight journey. 

Will British Airways Extend Executive Club?

According to the top-of-the-tier extension, you can extend the British airways executive club membership. Before the expiry of the membership, you can extend the services for six months by paying some fees. Gold members have the facility to extend their membership and services to 12 months according to the charges and fees.

Does British Airways Executive Club membership expire?

All loyalty programs, like elite status, are eligible for the expiry of their membership. If you are an executive club member of British airways, your membership will also expire and be valid for 12 months. Although, British airways executive club membership is not dependent on the calendar but is based on the 12 months. 

Moreover, you can connect with British airways customer service to get the membership details. For this, you can dial the contact number at 1 800 452 1201 and follow the automated voice commands. When your call connects, you can ask them to extend the membership of your executive club and other services.


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