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Turkish Airlines and United Airlines go under the star alliance network laid out in 1997. If you love flying, United's miles steadfastness program merits considering. The travelers who fly United Airlines or other accomplice airlines can benefit from significant miles. Additionally, there are many ways to recover your miles and appreciate free flights. But, How to transfer Turkish Airlines miles to united? Provided that you can indeed transfer Turkish miles to United Airlines. We will examine the means to share miles and get great prizes. 

In any case, If you wish to share miles with next to no pressure or bother, we will help you. Need to know more? Go ahead and look at the details. 

Transfer Turkish Airlines Miles to United Airlines 

  • There is no question that Turkish and United Airlines have a place with the Star Alliance group. However, to transfer miles to United Airlines. It tends to be very hard. Your initial step before you transfer miles is to search for the best proposition. Additionally, you need to use the Turkish airline's sites to transfer the miles, which can be challenging to stroll through.

  • There is an excellent way to dispose of issues and make things simpler. For instance, you can take a stab at using the Turkish miles to credit the miles straightforwardly to your united Airlines record if you've miles in your Turkish airline's record and wish to transfer.

How do I convert Turkish Airlines Miles?

If you want to convert your miles and have been thinking, How do I convert Turkish Airlines Miles? You need to have the miles partnership credit card first, and then you can do that. With a miles credit card, you will be able to convert every 5 Bonus miles into one status Turkish Miles without any charges. Please know that you can only convert a maximum of 40,000 status miles every year. 

Can you transfer miles to another person Turkish Airlines?

For those searching for the details,  Can you transfer miles to another person Turkish Airlines? Yes, Turkish Airlines allows you to share the miles with Friends and Family so they can make up the miles required for grants. You can transfer your Miles to another person for a charge of USD 10 for every 1,000 Miles and assist your loved ones with finding a more significant amount of the world.


  • All the Turkish airline individuals can transfer the miles 

  • There is no base or most outstanding limit for sharing the Miles.

  • Individuals can transfer Miles to however many individuals as they wish.

  • Miles will be transferred as Miles. A part's card status and status will not be impacted by transferred Miles.

 Can you upgrade Turkish Airlines with United miles?

If you have been thinking about Can you upgrade Turkish Airlines with United miles? Yes, you can upgrade your Turkish Airlines using United Miles. If you are eligible for the miles, you can upgrade your Economy Class pass to take benefit of every one of the honors Business Class brings to the table. To boost the following flight class, you should hold a substantial, paid Economy Class or Business Class ticket, which acquires Miles and is for a confirmed reservation. To exploit this assistance on qualified booked flights, you should have a confirmed reservation and be given a ticket in the fare classes offered underneath and confirmed reservation. 

  • Turkish Airlines offers its customers refreshes using its Mile dedication program at practically all possible rates. This makes their program one of the most amiable. In addition, their upgrades go from economy class to business class.

  • The expense of upgrading the flight between the US and Turkey is 45,000 focuses, and at closer distances, for instance, to the most relative EU nations, it will be half so a lot. Turkish Airlines upgrade up to business class frequently, and the interaction is simple.

Whenever you've picked the details mentioned earlier, we will guarantee that you get the best arrangement. But, if you need further information about how to transfer Turkish Airlines miles to united, you can contact the customer services team and get the required information. The customer service team of the airlines works 24*7 to assist all their customers. So, reach out to them and get the details immediately.  

Can I transfer my Turkish Airlines miles to someone else?

Turkish Airlines have a Miles&Smiles program for their passengers, providing them with travel miles as a form of award. The passengers can share their miles with someone else, but they have to pay a fee of $10 for every 1000 Miles they transfer and help their friends and family discover more by traveling around the world. However, a few terms and conditions must be known by the passengers.

Rules required to be followed to transfer miles

  •  All miles&smiles members are allowed to transfer their miles except High Five Kids Club. 
  • There is no minimum and maximum limit when it comes to transferring miles. 
  • The passengers are also allowed to transfer their miles to as many people as they want. 
  • The passengers can only transfer their unused miles, and the miles can’t get transferred into cash, or they will be transferred to the passengers as miles only.
  • The miles that get transferred to the other passenger are valid for three calendar years after the date of transfer. 
  • The transferred miles are allowed to get retransferred to the other person. 
  • The fees charged for transferring the miles are non-refundable. 
  • The passengers can do the transfer only via the Turkish Airlines website and Mobile app.
  • The miles transfers are subject to the Miles and Smile program of Turkish Airlines. 
  • The mile transferred will immediately get credited to the Recipient’s miles account. 
  • To transfer miles within two years, one flight has to get automatically recorded during check-in or reservation in the account of both the Recipient and member transferring the miles. The flight that gets automatically recorded is required to be operated by Turkish Airlines or a Star Alliance member airline. 
  • A confirmation mail will be sent to both members via email or SMS.

Do Turkish Airlines miles expire?

Yes, the miles are awarded to the Miles and smiles members every time they book their flight tickets with Turkish Airlines or Star Alliance members. The miles with Turkish Airlines expire after three years, counted after the day they get credited to the passenger’s miles account. 

Can I transfer Amex points to Turkish Airlines?

AMEX card members can convert or transfer the points they have earned from the purchase of their flight ticket to Miles&Smiles Miles and can easily redeem them for award tickets from Turkish Airlines and with other star member airlines. For every 2 Amex points, you earn one Miles&Smiles point. 

How do I book a flight with United miles on Turkish Airlines?

If you wish to make the booking with United Airlines, award a ticket over the phone with Miles&Smiles point From Turkish Airlines. These are the steps that are required to be followed. 

  • Dial 1-800-874-8875/+1-802-432-2552, and once you get connected, you must follow the IVR instructions. 
  • Press 1, to proceed in English.
  • Press 1, again if you are a Miles&Smiles member.
  • Enter your Miles&Smiles number to proceed further. 
  • Press 1, to give a confirmation about your Smiles&Miles number.
  • Press 4, to proceed with the reservation.
  • You may have to hold for a while, after which the executive will connect you to complete the reservation process with miles.

Make sure you tell the agent exact details about the flight you want and every other information that the agent requires to make a reservation for your flight ticket with United Airlines using Turkish miles.

Can I transfer miles from Turkish Airlines to Lufthansa?

The on-point answer to this question is a no, and the miles cannot be transferred between airlines even with the one having the same alliance. So, the passengers are not allowed to transfer their miles from Turkish Airlines to Lufthansa, even when Lufthansa is a star alliance airline. However, the passengers are allowed to make the reservation of their flight ticket with star alliance by using miles&smiles points.


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