How To Transfer Jetblue Airlines Points

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JetBlue Airlines is primarily favored to contribute the best points that you can find on the pooling account of the booking website. Suppose you wish to reserve your flight ticket to your favorite destination and look for the best points on JetBlue Airlines.

Seek the essential answers to transfer points on JetBlue Airlines

In that case, you can find it simple to use your specific points to complete the managed booking and reservation process smoothly. If you wish to get a complete answer to questions to transfer the points on JetBlue Airlines, go through the question usually provided by the users.

Where can I transfer my JetBlue points?

When you achieve the best points from the JetBlue Airlines and are willing to transfer them at various programs, you must know where you can transfer the JetBlue Airlines points. You can select the following programs from the American Express membership reward points. Check the airlines where you can transfer the JetBlue points securely.

  • American Airlines.
  • Aer Lingus.
  • Emirates.
  • IHG Rewards Club.
  • JSX.
  • Marriott Bonvoy.
  • Icelandair Airlines and so on.   

How much does it cost to transfer points on JetBlue?

JetBlue Airlines allows you to redeem the points and reward points that you have earned from the best JetBlue’s previous flight booking. If you need to get the best cost to transfer the points that happens when you select the points on JetBlue Airlines, you can select the cost accordingly. When you select a different program, the cost points transfer will be changed and ensure you can get the actual cost; go through the smooth points for the cost now.

  • When you choose a new transfer program, you have to pay $12.50 per thousand points during booking.
  • If you have selected the TrueBlue member points, you can select the get the two thousand points that you can transfer at $24 per had.
  • When you select the essential points to manage to book and change your flight ticket, you usually have to pay 1.35 cents.
  • If you are a member to transfer the points to your friends and family, you have to pay a fee of $37.7 per 1000 points.

How much are 60000 JetBlue points worth?

When you choose the best JetBlue Airlines for the reservation, you can find it simple to use the points earned from the previous booking. You need to be aware of the complete information for the JetBlue points that you can accumulate; at least 60000 could be all-time high points for JetBlue Plus Card. Suppose you are using this kind of card and looking for the genuine facility of using your points on JetBlue Airlines. In that case, you will need to get the JetBlue card that you can use to reserve your flight ticket using significant points in your flight booking from the booking website quickly. When you use 60000 JetBlue points, it will be over $900 in travel value, and it can get you into a JetBlue Mint seat for free while booking your flight.

Can you transfer points on JetBlue?

You can check the offers for the seat selection and manage booking that you can gain on JetBlue Airlines and get complete details of a voucher and points at a particular date and time. Hence, you can select the member-to-member points to transfer for several programs when you need to transfer the points. You have to pay a genuine fee to transfer the points on JetBlue Airlines and get a hundred percent bonus on your flight booking quickly. For further help related to transferring the points, contact the best customer representative team at any time.

All about JetBlue Airline point

JetBlue Airlines provides its passengers with a way to travel through points. Like any other airline, the idea is to earn points while traveling and get travel awards. JetBlue has a very beautiful understanding with its passengers. The passengers are all generally happy and satisfied after receiving the services from Jetblue. 

If you want to know about JetBlue Airlines, you are already at your destination. Follow this page till the end to know it all.

How much are 500 JetBlue points worth?

To be exact, 500 JetBlue points is worth $7. You can earn JetBlue Airlines points by using JetBlue's Airlines shopping or dining out options. You can either be a part of the loyalty program to increase more points at JetBlue Airlines. Having more points is beneficial as it helps you receive additional services while traveling and helps you in your future deals.

Can you transfer JetBlue points to another airline?

Yes, The passengers are given the option to transfer the airlines only if both of the airlines are connected or are in an alliance. JetBlue Airlines, for that matter, is in alliance with American Airlines, and the customer enjoys a lot of advantages and services from both flights. 

Are JetBlue and American Airlines Connected?

Yes, JetBlue and American Airlines are in an alliance to provide seamless travel to their passengers. They have offered many good services to their passengers like the points can be earned while enjoying any of the airlines' services. JetBlue and American Airlines have provided their passengers the same airfare no matter whatever airline you search or the other one. The Northeast Alliance is one of the major things happening in the Aviation industry.

Do JetBlue points transfer to American Airlines?

Yes, it's possible, but JetBlue Airlines has not provided anything informative. If you are in a hurry and want your points transferred to American Airlines, you can connect with the Customer Care representative of JetBlue Airlines through the below-mentioned steps:


  • Dial the official helpline number of JetBlue Airlines.
  • The IVR will ask you to choose your preferred language by pressing a number
  • Press the number which is required.
  • Then, the IVR will ask you to choose your query type by hitting a number on the dialer relating to your query. 
  • Hit the number that is related to your query. 
  • Gradually, the IVR will connect you with a human operator. 
  • Consult your concern regarding the travel points with them and let them guide you further.

Calling seems to be the best option you can use to get in touch with anyone as it makes everything clear all at once. And provide you with the option of negotiating over anything. Apart from calling, you can use the other connecting options with JetBlue Airlines. Such as using the "Live chat" option provided on their official website. You can also use their social media handles to drop your query to them. 

JetBlue Airlines is best known for providing a comfortable ride to its passengers. They are ready to entertain your query at whatever time of the day. 

 Hope you reached the end of the page and the end of your confusion regarding JetBlue Airlines' travel point.  


Jetblue allows customers to transfer points initially with zero fee to contribute points to points pooling accounts. Seven or more TrueBlue members maintain the points pooling account. 

The member consists of a pool leader who manages the accounts. The leader must include one more member in their points pooling account. The group members and leader all have the privilege to redeem the true blue points. The pool leader has the privilege to remove any member from the points pooling account. The pool leader cannot include new invites in their points pooling account within six months of the removal of a pool member.


The JetBlue airline provides rewards that may vary according to how frequently you have traveled with the airline. The rewards or points decide the amount you have earned, so you can use them while purchasing a flight ticket. Jet blue provides 150$ on 15000 JetBlue points. One should be aware of the points so that the following person can understand the value of these points, which helps them to grab a flight reservation at a discounted rate. You can easily track those pool points progression and can redeem them any time while booking a JetBlue flight to their dream destination.

Yes, you can sell your JetBlue points to convert into cash instantly. But there is no chance of selling true blue points through the official website of JetBlue other than that you can sell your miles to brokers through online mode.

  •  If you have gained many points to that extent, you can convert it into cash flow so that you can spend it according to your requirement. Moreover, the following person can sell their miles in whole or partially depending on the individual's requirement and usage.
  • You can sell your jet blue miles with the help of Milesbuyer. Or you can reach out to jet blue customer service to gather information regarding miles, points, etc.

If you think so, you may be wrong because the JetBlue points never expire until the airline account is active and used frequently. The JetBlue points expire once you close the account without redeeming the unutilized rewards or points. 

Though your JetBlue points are not expired, it can be a good idea to avoid collecting jet blue rewards in large amounts because sometimes it leads to rewards devaluation.

The jet blue airline allows its customers to book a free flight through jet blue points, but that depends on the number of points that are specified by the airline. Then you need to earn around 12,500 to 73 400 points to grab a free flight at Jetblue. But the rewards and points totally depend on the destination you are traveling to complete your vacation. 

  • If you are traveling from Washington DC to Los Angeles, then you need to earn around 33,000 points.
  • If you are traveling from Washington DC to Miami, you need to earn around 33,000 points.
  • Traveling from Washington DC to San Jose, Costa Rica, you need to earn around 48,800 points.
  • If you fly from Los Angeles to Austin, you need to earn around 12,500points.

Still, contact JetBlue customer service if you have a question or query. The professional staff will brief you well regarding your query-related problem. You can get the contact details on the official web portal of the airline.

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