How To Transfer Hawaiian Airlines Miles

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There are chances that you have heard about the Airline's travel point or miles. While some dismiss these as fancy Airline stuff, many know the significance of having many Miles or other loyalty points stored under their account. Airline reservations are the costliest form of traveling compared to any different mode of transportation.

Can you transfer Hawaiian Airlines points?

Enrolling in a frequent flyer program, sometimes referred to as a loyalty program, helps you keep on storing your travel history over time, and the loyalty points get racked up under your name. With the growing popularity and importance of Airline miles, it's normal to wonder, "Can you transfer miles from one person to another?" if in case you need to do so. The answer is yes, and if you are soon to travel with Hawaiian Airlines, read on to know more about it.

What are the Hawaiian Miles transfer policies?

  • If the recipient does not have a HawaiianMiles credit or debit card, the transfer will be subject to a service fee.

  • Along with this, a per-mile transfer fee would also be applied.

  • At least 2000 HawaiianMiles have to be shared for a successful transfer.

  • If the recipient has a HawaiianMiles credit or debit card, the Miles transfer would be free of any charge whatsoever.

If you are eligible to make a transfer after considering the above points, the next section will tell you how to transfer Hawaiian Airlines miles? Still, enough reason can be made that the mile transfer would have some loss without the HawaiianMiles credit or debit cards.

What is the procedure to transfer Hawaiian Airlines Miles?

The first thing to know is that miles transfers can take place only under one Airline. You cannot transfer your Hawaiian Miles to another person's British Airways account or other Airline. The other party, too, has to get a Hawaiian Airlines account to transfer the miles. This detail is necessary if one thinks, "Can you transfer Hawaiian Airlines points?" The procedure for transferring the miles would be as follows:

  • Get to the official website of Hawaiian Airlines and log in with your account details.

  • Your account details will come up on the screen. Find the "HawaiianMiles" link on the navigation menu on the left and click on it.

  • Click on the "Share Miles" option once the next page opens up.

  • The browser will take you to the "Share Miles" webpage. Enter the recipient's Last name and account number, and type in the miles you are willing to share.

  • Review the listed terms and conditions and click on "Continue."

  • Once the transfer has been completed, you will receive a confirmation email.

Can I transfer Hawaiian Miles to Delta?

Delta Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines have teamed up on their frequent flyer program benefits. This would allow individuals enrolled in Delta's SkyMiles and the HawaiianMiles to earn and redeem miles on both of them. This makes it possible to enjoy benefits on both Airlines together.

Due to the same agreement, it is possible to transfer Hawaiian Miles to Delta, and the reverse is true. One can call the Hawaiian reservation service and ask them to redeem the Hawaiian Miles on Delta.

Can you transfer Hawaiian Miles to Hilton?

The Hawaiian Miles can also be converted to Hilton honors point at a good conversion rate. The conversion rates are updated regularly, and you would have to see the current transfer rates applicable. 

It should be noted that such transfers and conversions are more profitable if you do have the HawaiianMiles credit and debit cards as there are no hidden costs. You can contact Hawaiian Customer support for any further assistance and query regarding the Hawaiian Miles and the current-conversion rates.

Can you transfer Hawaiian miles to JetBlue?

In addition to offering an individual more reward, TrueBlue accomplices with Hawaiian to add a better approach to acquiring and recovering points. Dive deeper into Hawaiian's route map in this part. Hawaiian Airlines gives grant tickets on a more significant portion of their flights. A set number of awards might be accessible.

Investing energy in Hawaii is an excellent method for unwinding and loosening up. If you want to transfer your miles with JetBlue, you might be wondering can you transfer Hawaiian miles to JetBlue? Yes,  Attempting to sort out some way to share Hawaiian miles, You can transfer Hawaiian miles to JetBlue on your own with the assistance of the details below. 

Step by step instructions to Transfer Hawaiian Miles to JetBlue

You would instead not let your Hawaiian Miles expire and go to squander. If you aren't flying with Hawaiian Airlines at any point shortly, using your miles with JetBlue might be the ideal choice. 

If you have any desire to transfer your miles and do it all alone, you can do it through any of the choices beneath:

  • Sign on to or

  • Call the HawaiianMiles Service Center 

  • You will either need to observe your direction through the endless advances and transfer rules or persevere through long waiting periods or talk with a helpful agent. Both will be a trial of patience. 

  • Choose to transfer miles options, enter the details and make the payment if necessary, and you are good to go. 

Can you transfer Hawaiian miles to American airlines?

The Hawaiian Miles number should be given during the booking process for the American Airlines flights. If you might want to redeem HawaiianMiles on American Airlines and are thinking about "Can you transfer Hawaiian miles to American airlines," absolutely you can. You need to Call the Hawaiin Reservation office or do it yourself by visiting the website. 

How do I use Hawaiian Airlines miles?

 While Hawaiian Miles is an extraordinary method for paying for your travel to perhaps the most lovely getaway destinations on the planet, they can be used far beyond flying from your home to Honolulu. This is all you need to be familiar with. How do I use Hawaiian Airlines miles?

  • Fly Hawaiian Airlines: The most direct method for recovering your Hawaiian Miles is to use them to pay for Hawaiian Airlines flights. There are no power outage dates for HawaiianMiles, and you can use them to purchase or move up to any situation on the plane. Likewise, the airline gives basic and straightforward honor outlines to show you the number of miles you want for flights. For instance, a round trip, economy class ticket from the East Coast to Hawaii begins at 52,500 miles.

  • Fly an accomplice airline: HawaiianMiles can likewise be redeemed for trips with an accomplice airline, including JetBlue, Japan Airlines, Virgin Australia, Korean Air, and Virgin Atlantic, Hawaiian Airlines again gives an honor diagram to their accomplice airline that you can counsel while arranging your outing.

  • Book a Hotel:  If your flight is dealt with, however, you'd like some assistance booking your hotel, HawaiianMiles with canning is reclaimed for inns distant from the islands. The Hawaiian Airlines inn booking entrance has more than 300,000 unique properties worldwide and at each cost level. So if you have booked to mai tais and white sand seashores, you can use your miles at various perfect quality hotels from one side of the planet.

  • At long last, HawaiianMiles can be redeemed in more ways than one that doesn't have anything to do with flying. You can use your miles to buy present certificates for Avis or Budget. In like manner, you can recover your miles for gift vouchers from various cafés and retailers. You could get a couple of Maui Jim shades for 25,000 miles.

The above details will resolve your query: How do I use Hawaiian Airlines miles? Choose anyone to use your miles. 

How much are 60000 Hawaiian miles worth?

The card's 60,000 extra miles are valued at $540 given TPG's valuations, which stake Hawaiian miles at 0.9 cents each. This is on the lower end, contrasted with a different airline. Yet, exploiting this proposition will give you miles support that can be used for flights once the expected spending is reached and the miles are saved.

How much are 10000 Hawaiian miles worth?

By and large. If you want to know, How much are 10000 Hawaiian miles worth? That implies 10,000 Hawaiian Airlines miles have a worth of generally $117. Hawaiian Airlines miles are less useful than the regular airlines'  which are worth around 1.36 cents each. 


While the greatest value of the Hawaiian Miles will often be reserving Hawaiian Airlines trips, you do have different choices. Depending upon your necessities, it's great to know each option is accessible. You can reach out to the customer service group for further information about your miles and the other travel services since they work 24*7. 


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