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If you redeem your well-deserved miles, you should fly Qatar Airways, the best airline on the planet, for 2017. Besides the fact that Qatar Airways with American Airlines miles is simple.

Everything knows About How to transfer American airlines miles

The best part is there are negligible assessments and expenses. So, to book your flight tickets with Qatar Airways, you can use the American miles. For that, you need to transfer the miles. To know about you can do it and "how to transfer American Airline’s miles to Qatar" for that read further. 

Transfer the American Miles to Qatar Airways 

  • To transfer Miles, you need to visit the American Airlines site and search for the Miles options. 

  • Then, at that point, select the choices to transfer the Miles to another airline.

  • To transfer your American Miles to Qatar Airways, then, at that point, pick the airlines and click on the transfer options. After this, you could need to pay some amount per mile.

That is how you can rapidly transfer your miles. Also, read on to look further into how to use your American Miles standard customer program miles for a fantastic award trip!

Can you transfer AA points to Qatar?

You can transfer Miles from your enrollment record to another Privilege Club part's record. If you doubt about "Can you transfer AA points to Qatar" yes, You can transfer your American Airlines Miles whenever you want, by signing into your record at American Airlines, Transfer miles internet beginning from US$15 and going as low as US$13 per square of 1,000 Miles relying upon the number of miles moved in an exchange. Up to 250,000 Avios can be moved each scheduled year.

Transfer a square of 1,000 Miles of internet, beginning from 15 USD and going as low as 13 USD relying upon the number of miles transferred in exchange. Transfer of miles won't be discounted.

How to Book the Qatar Airways with the AA miles  

Whenever you've observed Qatar Airways grant accessibility using British Airways, you should call American Airlines on their contact number to book the flight. Feed them the flights when you get a person on the line, and they will secure it with your AAdvantage miles. There should not be any phone booking charges. My regular booking has taken me around 15 minutes using the telephone.

It's not difficult to fabricate a whole excursion by sorting out various portions. For instance, in the colder time of year, er were flying Philadelphia to Doha in business class on the new A350, and afterward, flying with every available amenity on the A380 from Doha to Bangkok 120,000 American miles each + $53 in charges and expenses.

Easy ways to Book your Qatar Airways with the American Airlines


American Airlines and Qatar Airways are accomplices in the Oneworld Airline Alliance. To decide the number of miles American Airlines will charge to fly on their accomplice Qatar, visit American's accomplice grant diagram, and select your takeoff locale. For instance, per the chart beneath, withdrawing from the "Touching 48 US states and Canada" to Doha (Middle East), will cost 40,000 or 70,000 American miles.


Award space can be tracked down involving any accomplice in the Oneworld Alliance; however, once more, for this model, we will use American miles to book a trip on Qatar Airways. If you're curious about "How to Book Qatar Airways with the American miles" READ THIS first then, at that point:

  • Go to this American Airlines Booking Page

  • Select "one-way"

  • Enter your starting point, destination, and date

  • Furthermore, select "Start Search."

  • Award accessibility will change by course, and I'd suggest booking as soon as could be expected.

Step 3: BOOK IT!

  • Book it on the web whenever you've observed Qatar Airways Award accessibility. You can likewise call American Airlines to book if you like, yet AA will charge an expense for doing it via phone. 

  • When you get the person on the line, tell them the dates and flight numbers, and they will book it with your AAdvantage miles. By and large, this will take 10-15 minutes through telephone notwithstanding, finishing it on the website is a lot more straightforward.

Would I be able to use AA miles to upgrade on Qatar Airways?

If you want to upgrade the seat and have a query Can I use AA miles to upgrade on Qatar Airways No, you can't use AA miles to upgrade QR?

You could transfer AA miles to QR using an outsider site, but it will undoubtedly be a terrible exchange proportion (figure 100k AA miles will rise to 10k QR miles, for instance). What's more, you'd have to explore if an upgrade is even a chance using QR miles, the amount it would cost, etc. QR can now and again offer excellent markdown business fares. By a wide margin, the least demanding road to redesign will be to call QR and check what it would charge you to update to business class.

For more information about travel services and the miles, you can contact the customer service team of your airline and tell them your queries you might be facing, and you can reach out to them at any time since the airline works 24*7. 

Does Everything Know About American Airlines' Miles To British Airways?

Travelers are often wondering about using miles for their reservations. It is one of the most discussed topics among passengers and why wouldn’t it be. Nothing is better than saving extra on flight tickets with the airlines. Let us consider some of the questions concerning miles and transfer of miles in order to have a better contemplation about the usage of miles for reservations. 

How to transfer American airlines' miles to British airways?

One thing that comes to mind while purchasing airline tickets is the usage of miles and travelers often wonder about the transfer of miles within airlines that are partners or share a common alliance group. 

  • In the case of American Airlines and British airways, both the airlines are a part of the ‘ONE WORLD ALLIANCE’; however, there is no transfer permitted for miles or reward points for reservations made with either of them. Passengers cannot transfer American Airlines miles to British airways. 

  • Nonetheless, one can surely redeem American Airlines miles for British Airways as they are part of one alliance. 

  • One cannot pool together different miles to reserve a seat on the plane of one alliance. 

  • You can make use of the British Airways miles to make reservations on American Airlines or on any other airline that is a part of the ONE WORLD ALLIANCE. 

  • Miles can be used to make reservations on the following airlines as these are a part of the ONE WORLD ALLIANCE group: Cathay Pacific, Iberia, Japan Airlines, Qatar, Qantas, etc. 

  • Interchanging miles for travel between the ONE WORLD ALLIANCE airlines is available to consumers. One can use their AAdvantage miles for reserving flights on British airways. Meanwhile, British Airways AVIOS can also be used to book flights at American Airlines. 

Does American Airlines partner with British Airways?

American Airlines is a part of the alliance shared by British airways. The ONE WORLD ALLIANCE is a common ground for multiple airlines as they are part and subsidiary of the alliance. The participating airlines are as follows: Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Finnair, Iberia, Japan Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Qantas, Qatar airlines, Royal Air Maroc, Royal Jordanian, S7 Airlines, and Srilankan airlines. 

Shared benefits are available to passengers because these airlines are a part of a common alliance. This also offers seamless customer service to consumers along with other benefits. A global network of 100 destinations has been made possible owing to the partnership among the airlines as a part of the ONE WORLD ALLIANCE group. 

The British airways partnership across the Atlantic stands on the ground with American Airlines being the partner airline. This eventually increased an array of choices and better deals on flights between Europe and the USA. 

Enhanced facilities are offered to passengers because of the shared alliance group between British Airways and American Airlines. A list of services is as follows: 

Travel with the partner airlines between the USA, Canada, Mexico, and Europe to enjoy the following benefits:

Key Advantages.

Great fares 

It is now easy to mix and match flights to suit your travel schedule.

Smooth connections 

Better coordinated schedules for flights, British Airways, and American Airlines coordinate from Terminal 5 at London Heathrow airport thus offering quick and seamless connections to consumers.

One website for booking across partner airlines. 

Bookings are made simple within partner airlines. Proceed with online check-in or collect your boarding pass via a single website. 

Integrated customer support. 

At the airport services and via the call centers (numerous contact information) 

Extensive and vast network. 

Connection over 160 cities in Europe and over 240 cities in the USA. 


Can you transfer American Airlines miles to another airline?

Passengers can transfer their American airline's miles to another airline and from one account to another. Travelers need to log in to their AAdvantage account. 

  • USD 15 is charged as the transfer fee to the airline. 

  • 1000 miles is the minimum transfer amount. 

  • Also, only 200,000 miles in total are allowed to transfer in one year song the partnered airlines that are a part of the ONE WORLD ALLIANCE group.

How much does it cost to transfer American Airlines miles?

The members of the AAdvantage group can earn American Airlines mile points. Passengers get the chance to earn mile points on each travel that can be redeemable on the next flight booking and other benefits like paying for extra luggage, upgrading seats, etc. SkyMiles members can transfer, buy, and redeem the American airline's mile points. You can transfer your mile points to another person by paying a minimal amount of fee charged by the airlines, and the charges are given below:

  • At least 1000 SkyMiles points are needed to be transferred to another account. 

  • The American airline charges USD 0.01 on each mile point transfer, and USD 30 is charged as the processing fee on each transaction of transferring mile points. 

  • One SkyMiles account member can transfer up to 150000 SkyMiles points a year to another AAdvantage group member. 

  • SkyMiles account holders can receive up to 300000 SkyMiles points per year as per the policy. 

Can you transfer American Airlines miles to a family member?

Passengers can transfer American Airlines miles points to other family members, but the airline charges a fee on each transaction. Here is how you can transfer your mile points to another Skymile account:

  • Open the official website of American Airlines with the help of your default web browser.

  • Go to the 'AAdvantage' tab from the top right screen. 

  • Click on the 'buy, gift, or transfer miles' option from the drop-down menu. 

  • Now login to your SkyMiles account using login credentials like AAdvantage number/username, last name, and password, then hit the login button. 

  • Find the transfer option on your account menu section and click on it. 

  • Enter the other member's AAdvantage account number or username and select the number of mile points that you wish to transfer. 

  • Confirm the selection, and you will immediately receive the mail regarding the same. 

Can you transfer American Airlines' miles to Alaska?

No, American Airlines AA miles cannot be transferred to Alaska Airlines Mileage Plus. Though they share partnership relations with each other, the miles yet cannot be transferred. Rather, you can use these miles for the following purposes: 

  • Book flights with American Airlines or with Alaska Airlines, for which you may have to contact the customer service team of American Airlines. 

  • You can use them to upgrade seats on American Airlines. 

  • You can get access to airport lounges. 

  • These miles can also be used for American and Alaska Airlines for preferable seat selection. 

  • You can also use these miles for purchasing in-flight products or may use them for charity donations.  

How do the Booking Alaska flights with American miles?

If you are willing to use the American AA miles for a flight booking with Alaska Airlines, all you can do is you can redeem them and use them. You cannot choose to transfer them. And to make the booking go through the following: 

  • Reach the American Airline's official website and click on the Find Flights option

  • Enter the arrival and destinations, enter the dates and click on the Search tab. 

  • On going through the flights, select on "Redeem Miles" option. 

  • Now the results will also include the flights of all the partner airlines of American Airlines and the American Airlines flights. 

  • Select the Alaskan flights as per your preference and proceed with the on-screen instructions to make the booking. 

  • On the payment page and coupon space, click on the "AAdvantage miles" option. 

  • On confirmation, you will receive a confirmation email to your registered email address. 

How to Earn American Airlines miles?

Are you willing to know how you can earn American Airlines AA miles? Then you can read the following paragraph. The Airline offers many airline credit cards through which you can earn AA miles. You can also choose to score miles from particular airlines directly and use them efficiently in many cases to avail yourself the benefits such as upgrading seats, selecting a window seat for free, getting complimentary meals and drinks, in-flight entertainment, bassinet seats, discounts in the purchase that you wish to make in the flights, free wifi access, etc. 

If you are willing to know more about how you can use these miles or how to earn miles, you can choose to contact the customer service team of American Airlines or the team of Alaska Airlines. Being major airlines, they will help you with the best possible solution. You can also choose to visit their official websites. 



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