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Diverse approaches to connect with Air Arabia Airlines 

Air Arabia prides itself on accommodating excellent customer services along with the incredible flight amenities. If you want help from the customer service of Air Arabia, utilize any of the methods cited in this post below. Walk through this post, and you will be able to connect with the customer team of Air Arabia. 

Does Air Arabia have a WhatsApp number?

Yes, dear wanderer. If you have an existing flight reservation at Air Arabia but the uncertainties have clouded your vision, you can directly access Air Arabia Customer Support for a live person’s assistance on the dedicated WhatsApp Support Number: +971 600 508001. This support platform is indeed the most versatile and beneficial in terms of customer support. The universal call and chat support on a single platform intrigues the passengers to access live support via WhatsApp only.

How do I contact Air Arabia customer service? 

To connect with Air Arabia customer service, you can dial the phone number of the customer helpline number. Using the phone will get you immediate assistance, saving you time and energy. Avail these steps mentioned below to sort out your problems: 

  • Use the Air Arabia customer helpline number +1-802-432-2552 /600508001. 
  • Pick your native language for a smooth interaction. 
  • Obey the instructions given by the automated voice. 
  • To connect with the executive of Air Arabia, press @. 
  • As you will connect with the executive, ask your questions instantly. 
  • The agent will solve your questions offering you the best support. 

How do I talk to a live agent at Air Arabia?

Air Arabia is a frequently reviewed airline, getting fantastic customer reviews for the support and sales services they provide. The standards they've achieved have been difficult to surpass due to their consistency. The live support is easily accessible on Air Arabia’s official Contact page at for conveying all complaints and compliments you may have for Air Arabia, no matter regarding any specific service or any issue related to the staff response at the airport. Scroll down on the page, and in a single line, you’ll find all support options for Air Arabia. 

  1. Dial Air Arabia Customer Support Phone Number: +1 802-432-2552/ +971 600 508001 for immediate response via IVR.
  2. Press 0 to speak to a live agent after the voicemail dictates all available services for the helpline. 
  3. Do not miss to interpret the actual flight details, your registered name, and other information for an accurate response. 

How do I complain to Air Arabia? 

Air Arabia is committed to making your journey seamless and secure with the help of a dedicated customer service team. However, at any moment, if you feel discomfort during your Air Arabia journey and want to share your view with the airline, then you can easily make it happen. All you have to do is fill out the complaint form that can be accessed by reaching the website of Air Arabia: 

  • Navigate through the site of Air Arabia. 
  • Select the Contact Us option. 
  • On the prompted page, pick the complaint button. 
  • A form will open; fill it out and press the submit button. 
  • Soon, the agent will connect with you. 

How do I get the OK to board Air Arabia?

OK to board is usually demanded by countries that do not deliver the requirement for an in-hand visa to travel to, from, or via that particular country. In Air Arabia’s case, the OK to board verification requests are only processed at the sales office addresses. Visit your nearest office with your Visa or e–visa for the final verification and enjoy a smooth travel journey.  

What is the format of Air Arabia email? 

Air Arabia offers its facilities in the form of email as well. If you need help from the customer service of Air Arabia, make use of the email feature. If you have any issue regarding the services and process of Air Arabia, share it on the official email address. The format of Air Arabia email is simple; all you have you do is follow the below-stated steps: 

  • Visit your email and click on the compose button. 
  • Write the purpose in the subject title. 
  • In the email body, jot down your problem. 
  • Before closing, write your flight details. 
  • Send the email to

How do I know if my Air Arabia ticket is confirmed? 

Passengers use different methods to make a reservation with Air Arabia, including online and offline booking methods. After booking, if you are wondering, How do I know if my Air Arabia ticket is confirmed? then you need not to be worry. As you make the transaction, your seat gets confirmed by Air Arabia. To check the confirmation, you need to explore your email inbox; the airlines send an email mentioning your booking reference number. Now you can be fully assured about your booking with Air Arabia. 

Where is the office of Air Arabia?

Air Arabia provides many services exclusively at their sales and support office address. You can visit the address on multiple occasions. For e.g., to get a verified OK to Board, for a group flight reservation etc. You can also write your request to the same address with the attached relevant documents. For both the alternative support options, go to the Air Arabia office address at:

A1, Next to Cargo Entrance, Sharjah International Airport, P.O Box 132, United Arab Emirates.


To sum up, the customer services of Air Arabia can provide immediate help to the passengers regarding their travel issues. From reservations to policies, each query is carefully attended by the executives themselves. 


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