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Grab the Details How to talk to someone at Austrian Airlines?

As soon as Vacation time comes, who does not start planning a trip? Like any other family, you must be planning a trip with your family or friends. And everyone asked you to make all the arrangements, and you have no option but to agree. Therefore, as you have started to prepare for a trip. After everyone’s suggestions, you all have decided on a destination, and now you have to book everyone’s ticket from Austrian Airlines, and you felt How to talk to someone at Austrian Airlines? This way, you can get the information you need for your trip. If you do not have the exact and accurate details about the trip, you will not be able to plan a perfect journey for your family, and if anyone gets any inconvenience, the blame will be on you. So make sure that you make their journey as comfortable as you can.

What is the phone number for Austrian Airlines?

If you want full-fledged details about the journey, then it is clear that you must have a long list of questions, and to ask them and explain them in detail, you need time and no limitations. This could happen only through Austrian Airlines customer service number so that you can speak and explain your questions to the customer support executive of Austrian Airlines. The Airline has provided phone numbers for all the countries separately so that you can avoid any inconvenience and connect to a live person on call without any problem. With the Austrian Airlines customer service number USA some of the other phone numbers of the Airline have been listed below:

  • The United States of America - +43 5 1766 3100 (Monday to Sunday: 00:00 to 24:00)

  • United Kingdom - +44 20 76608190 

  • Australia - +61 28278 4385 

  • Denmark - +45 35 15 9013

  • Germany - +49 695060 0598

  • Itay - +39 023 859 4284

  • Canada - +1 800843 0002

  • Turkey - +90 212375 5938

How to Live Chat with Austrian Airlines?

How essential a live chat option is for any Airline is evident and does not need any explanation. A live chat has become a way of life. Though the handwritten letters have their own essence till date, people mostly prefer Austrian airlines customer service chat as it is direct and does not take much time to connect and provide instant replies as well. You must have been the most comfortable with chat and find phone calls a bit scary. Live chat assistance will help you to get a live person at Austrian Airlines. They will listen and understand your issues and provide the necessary help. Follow the given steps to get to their live chat support:

  • Visit the official website of Austrian Airlines.

  • Scroll down to “Customer Service” and select “Contact.”

  • Click on the message and open it.

  • Click on start chat and share your issues.

How to contact Austrian Airlines by Email?

You can also send all your queries by email. Some people believe email is the most official way to contact an Airline. Therefore, it might take time, but the solutions and answers that will be served will come after research and from the officials. You can send your queries, complaints, compliments, or feedback through Austrian airlines customer service email. All your comments will help the Airlines to improve their services to make your journey experience better than before. You just have to fill out the email form that is available on the webpage of Austrian Airlines, and they will respond to you as soon as possible:

  • Go to the Austrian Airlines official website..

  • Get to the contact page and scroll down.

  • Click on the “Email Us” option, and a form will appear.

  • Fill out the details with all your concerns and submit.

  • They will respond as soon as possible.

How to get through Austrian Airlines through Social Media?

We all have seen how social media has become a source of entertainment and information. You have to put a question on it, and hundreds and thousands of people will come up with solutions and share their experiences with the same situation or problem. Which no doubt helps you, but solutions do not have a guarantee of being true. In such cases, why risk your trip? You can reach out to Austrian Airlines official social media handles, where you can ask your questions, and customer support is active there. They will respond to you quickie with proper guidance:

  • Facebook -

  • Twitter - 

  • Instagram - 

Does Austrian Airlines provide 24-hour service?

The Airline has different service hours for all countries, and with some countries, it is Austrian Airlines customer service available 24 hours, and with some, there are limited hours. For the United States of America, it is Monday to Sunday: 00:00 to 24:00. You can check the working hours of other countries by reaching out to their website.

There are many ways that are mentioned above through which you can get an answer to how do I talk to the manager at Austrian Airlines, choose the method that is most suitable for you and let them know your concerns so that they can help you. For additional queries, navigate to their official webpage.

How Do I Call Austrian Airlines from the US?

If you have questions related to the reservation, then you can dial Austrian Airlines Reservations Phone Number at +1-800-843-0002/+1-802-432-2552. While dialing the number, the call will be forwarded to the computer’s automated voice, and it will give the IVR options. In order to get your call transferred to the representative, you need to make a selection from the options given below:

  • Dial 1 to make the reservation.
  • Dial 2 to get the refund.
  • Dial 3 for additional assistance.
  • Dial 4 to check the flight change policies.
  • Dial 5 for drinks and beverages.
  • Dial 6 to cancel the ticket.
  • Dial 7 to direct the call to the representative.

Sometimes calling during busy hours may not get connected to the customer service 

Representative, you can use an alternative method to get in touch with Austrian Airlines.

Contact by using the Live Chat as a tool:

You can use the Live Chat as a mode to get in touch with the representative. It is one of the common ways to communicate with Austrian Airlines, and you need to follow the steps as per described below:

  • Visit Austrian Airlines’ website.
  • Under the Customer Service tab, click on the option Contact.
  • Tap on the Message Icon.
  • Choose the language and select the Start Chat link.
  • Drop your message in the Chat Box and press the send option.
  • The virtual assistant will soon connect you with the customer service representative.

Where are Austrian Airlines Located?

Austrian Airlines is located on the grounds of Vienna International Airport in Schwechat. If you have any unsolved queries, then you can go to the headquarters, and the representative will provide you with complete help for your issue. 

What Time Do Austrian Airlines Open?

On booking the ticket with Austrian Airlines, there are some documents that cannot be submitted through the online process. You need to submit the physical documents. You can visit Austrian Airlines from Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 7 PM. Saturday and Sunday are holidays.

How do I Manage my Booking at Austrian Airlines?

You can manage your booking at Austrian Airlines by using the online process. You must obey the instructions as per described below:

  • Open the official webpage of Austrian Airlines.
  • On the homepage, you will get the Book option. You need to select that.
  • Tap on the My Booking option.
  • You need to make a selection given under the My Booking link depending on your requirement. 
  • Fill out the reservation code and the passenger’s last name.
  • You will get your flight details and choose the flight as per your preference.
  • Austrian Airlines will send you a confirmation message on your email or mobile phone.

Austrian Airlines Wheelchair Assistance

Whenever a person books tickets with an Airline, they may need a special assistance service like a wheelchair to board the flight. Suppose you will be traveling with Austrian Airlines and want to request Austrian Airlines Wheelchair Assistance for a senior citizen member of your family. In that case, please read on to learn the process to confirm the assistance service from the airline.

Austrian Airlines have specially designed a section for disabled passengers who need extra assistance for the journey. To book a wheelchair, please acquire the knowledge of the terms and conditions that should be fulfilled to get a wheelchair and the booking procedure elaborated below:

Austrian Airlines Special Services Rules and Regulations

  • The request for the wheelchair must be made before 48 hours of the scheduled departure.
  • Passengers can request up to two wheelchairs free of cost. If the request is for more than two, wheelchair passengers will have to pay the required charges.
  • The passenger requesting the wheelchair must provide the degree of disability to the airline. The wheelchair will be provided according to the degree of disability.
  • Austrian Airlines provide wheelchairs on arrival and departure.
  • In case you require wheelchair assistance at the airport before the departure, please reach the airport on time, at least 60 minutes before, to check in and collect the boarding pass for the scheduled flight.
  • Passengers must carry the medical documents and certificates in case of requesting a wheelchair in exceptional situations like fractures or expecting mothers.
  • Austrian Airlines have trained staff and personnel to help disabled passengers to ensure their safety and comfort for the journey.

Request For How Do I Add a Wheelchair to Austrian Airlines?

Online request for special assistance: After the tickets are confirmed with Austrian Airlines, you can try an online method to learn How do I add a wheelchair to Austrian Airlines? in the following way:

  • Visit the official website of Austrian Airlines
  • Click on the contact us option on the homepage
  • Click on the special requirement from the list
  • Choose the “Register Support Requirements” option
  • A form will open on the screen
  • Mention the compulsory details required on the form
  • Submit the form after completion
  • Austrian Airlines customer service will confirm your request for the wheelchair within a short while.

The online request for special assistance for a wheelchair can be made from the Austrian Airlines app after you download the app on the phone.

Request during the reservation: While making the reservation for an Austrian Airlines flight, you can simultaneously put in the request for the wheelchair and get the confirmation with the booking.

Connect on the phone: You can call Austrian Airlines customer service to request a wheelchair for the journey. You can discuss the issue of the wheelchair with a customer service person and instantly book a wheelchair. To learn How do I add a wheelchair to Austrian Airlines? do the following:

  • Call on 43 51 766 1000
  • Follow the IVR instructions
  • Press the number mentioned for special assistance service
  • You can select the IVR number or key given to speak to a customer service person.
  • Request the wheelchair and get the confirmation immediately.

Hence to gather information on Austrian Airlines Wheelchair Service, please read the above description and easily book the special assistance services of Austrian Airlines.


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