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To get the best experience for your Emirates flight and enjoy the ride comfortably, the airline allows the passengers to select any seat of their choice as per the availability. However, the seat selection might not be free as you have to pay some extra charges for windows and some preferred seats. To know about the rules and regulations, read the airline's policy. If you still have any doubts or need help with something, then get a hold of the live executive, and they will assist you.

Emirates seat selection policy

  • Passengers can select their Emirates via check-in online, through the Koisk device, or by visiting the check-in counter.
  • There are some extra charges to select a window or any preferred seat.
  • Even after receiving the boarding pass, the passenger can change or upgrade their seat depending on availability.
  • Some terms and conditions need to be fulfilled to choose an exit-row seat.
  • If passengers do not choose seats, the airline will automatically assign one

Emirates flights provide comfortable seats in international Economy class that also offer Ergonomic features, including leather headrests and flexible side panels. Emirates Economy seats are pitched up to 33" inches apart with a recliner of more than 6" inches. In addition to this information, seat cushions are wide up to 17.05" inches on the Boeing 777 Aircraft, whereas the cushions are 18" inches wide on the Airbus A380.

Can I choose my seat for free on Emirates?

Passengers with Premium Economy or higher ticket fares can choose from the available seats without extra charges. However, the airline allows free seat selection for all passengers during check-in. If you want to book your preferred seat with Emirates, then it is recommended that you check in early.

How big are Emirates Economy seats?

Emirates Economy seats are big among other airlines economy class that provides few different seating options in the Ecoonomy class. So, you can read the given information and choose the right seat for you in Emirates Economy class:

  • Regular Seat: The Regular seats in Emirates Economy class are specially designed for the ultimate comfort wherein passengers can relax in one of their regular seats, whether in the window side seats, in the middle seats, or the aisle seats.
  • Preferred seats: In Emirates A380 flights, preferred seats are located in the front of the Economy class cabin or the upper deck of the aircraft. Passengers who choose preferred seats will be one of the first passengers to disembark.
  • Twin Seats: The Twin Seats in Emirates Economy class are located in a row of two with window seats or aisle seats. These Twin seats are at the back of the Boeing 777 flights, and some of them are in the upper deck of A380 Aircrafts on Emirates flights.
  • Extra legroom: Extra legroom space is primarily available on the exit row seats in Emirates Economy class, wherein the passengers can enjoy more comfort.
Is it worth paying for seat selection on Emirates?

Yes, it is worth seat selection on Emirates flights as they provide the fanciest and most luxurious experience to their passengers. However, it also depends on the type of class in which you have booked the flight, the number of travelers who want to book with the same seat as you do, and on some other factors. Passengers can get inflight entertainment, inflight services, customized meals, complimentary drinks, free wifi, wide inches of screen to watch movies and web services, extra comfort, reclining seats, extra legroom, more spacious, soft cushions, and so on.

How wide are Emirates premium economy seats?

This is one of the main advantages of flying with the Emirates Premium Economy class passengers will get extra space more than the standard economy seats. Seats on Emirates Premium provide around 40 inches of legroom pitch, and the width of the seat is 19.5 inches. Most other airlines offer 32 to 34 inches of legroom pitch and a width of 17.5 inches for economy class seats. Emirates Flights offers 8 inches of recline which is helpful for napping on long-haul flights.

How can I select my seat in the Emirates?

Emirates Airlines will assist you in planning your tour to your required destination and selecting the best seat to make your trip more comfortable. Hence, if you have booked your flight ticket and want to select the best seat in the Emirates, you are required to go to the Manage Booking or check-in process online. You will get a facility to choose where you want to sit before you fly, whether it's the seat on the aisle, extra legroom, or window seat. You will get a facility to find your favorite spot at the time of booking, but if you miss this chance, go through the steps below.

  • First, visit the booking website of Emirates Airlines and go to the Manage Booking tab shown above on the same page.
  • Enter the correct booking reference number and last name of the passenger and click on the continue button to view your booking.
  • You will get the seat selection option and choose your seat by selecting the Economy, First, and Business Class; you must choose your favorite seat.
  • After completing your seat selection online, you must pay seat selection charges depending on the fare type and complete the task easily. 

When can I choose my seat for free Emirates?

To get a free seat selection with Emirates, you must wait until the check-in process starts. The web check-in opens around 48 hours before the flight, and the airport opens its check-in counter 2 to 3 hours prior to the flight. If you hold platinum status in the frequent flyer program of Emirates, you can choose your seat anytime for free.

Is it worth paying for seats on Emirates?

Any passenger who wants to fly with Emirates at their preferred seat can choose it by paying the relevant charges. It also comes in handy when you are flying with your friends or family and can book seats next to each other. It is better to book your seat in advance because there is a high chance that the airline might assign you a middle seat. 

What is a complimentary seat selection in Emirates?

A complimentary seat selection is for passengers who have not chosen any seat while booking the flight. If you are flying on a Business special fare, the airline allows you to select a complimentary seat during online check-in 48 hours before the departure. However, the Skywards Platinum members can pick their preferred seat anytime after booking the ticket without paying extra charges.


No, Emirates does not let you choose your favorite seat for free; it asks you to pay a minimum of the charges you need to pay accordingly. But if you don't pick any seat via Manage Booking, you will get a seat assigned automatically at the time of check-in without paying any charges. If you are traveling in the Economy class and selecting your seat in advance, you don't need to pay any fee for seat selection.

When you complete your booking with Emirates, you need to select the seat you will find that meets your requirements. If you are in the First and Business class, you can select a seat without paying any charges. But if you have selected Economy Special, Economy Saver, Economy Flex, or Plus, you will be asked to pay the charges is around $100 to $260, depending on the fare type and destination. If you are Skyward members and want to select your seat using the loyalty program, you must choose the best seat without paying any charges. 

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