How do I use my Etihad Airways Voucher

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A step-by-step guide to redeem Etihad Airways vouchers for flights and more 

You are traveling with Etihad Airways and want to experience a luxurious journey, but it can cost you a lot, so in that case, you can take the help of an Airways voucher to reduce the price of a flight ticket. You can redeem the voucher for flight ticket booking, in case you want to upgrade your flight, and for other purchases.

How do I use my Etihad companion voucher?

You can use your Etihad companion voucher online in the My Account section. You need to go to the voucher menu and choose your suitable one by clicking the redeem button. Now, the redemption code will be applied when purchasing the flight ticket. Finally, the code will automatically reduce the price of the flight ticket. Or if you are unable to redeem through online mode, then you can make a call to Etihad customer service at their helpline number 1 (877) 690 0767. 

Methods to redeem Vouchers at Etihad Airways 

There are different methods to redeem Vouchers at Etihad Airways, which can be done online and offline. Both ways will help you in retrieving vouchers for your bookings and more. 

  • Redeem vouchers at the time of Etihad Airways flight booking: Etihad Airways official site (web): You need to move to the official page of Etihad Airways; click on the book option from the homepage and enter your traveling details. Then, choose your suitable option from the available flight list and click the book button. At last, you need to make a purchase, and on the page, apply the redeem voucher code; then, it automatically reduces the flight ticket price. 
  • Redeem vouchers at the time of Etihad Airways flight rebooking: If you have canceled your reservation and want to rebook your flight, you can do so with the help of a voucher. Once you complete the rebooking of the flight ticket, then use these vouchers to get benefits at the time of your flight reservation. 
  • Redeem vouchers at the time of last-minute flight deals: If you need to fly immediately due to a sudden emergency, you can opt for last-minute flight deals with the help of a redeemed voucher, which will reduce the price. 

Can I transfer the Etihad voucher to someone else?

According to Etihad rules and regulations, the voucher cannot be transferred, but you can apply these to make a booking. The transferable option will not make such a big problem because instead, you can use the voucher to book a flight ticket for other flights operating in the prescribed period. 

How do you enter the Etihad voucher promo code?

You can follow the simple method discussed below to enter the Etihad voucher promo code at the time of your booking. 

  • Open the official site of Etihad Airways. 
  • Then click on the booking tab. 
  • After that, fill in the flight details and tap the promo code options.
  • Now select your flight and pay the reduced flight ticket price. 

Where can I claim the Etihad Voucher? 

  • You can claim an Etihad Voucher at the official page of the site. 
  • Then tap on the help icon and click on the submit claim options.
  • At last, enter your details in the form and click the send button. 


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