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Congregated details regarding American Airlines senior citizen discount

American Airlines has always been a traveler's favorite, not just for its impeccable services but also for its amazing deals and discounts for almost every traveler. If you are considering booking an American Airlines ticket for any senior citizen and you are curious whether there are any discounts for them or not, then you must be delighted to know that American Airlines offers a decent discount to its elderly passengers. Now, you must be wondering, "How do you get senior discount on American Airlines? Then, you must first make sure you qualify for the eligibility set by the airline to enjoy the discounts and obey the policies. Once you are clarified with the details you need to fulfill a set of instructions mentioned in the following section of the article. 

Does American Airlines have discounts for seniors? 

American Airlines' policies are developed from the perspective of travelers. It is well known that fliers are diverse in numbers, age, etc. Considering the same information, people look forward to knowing whether it provides, so yes, American Airlines offers senior citizen discounts based on specific rules and regulations, which you will find in the below section; 

American Airlines senior citizen discount policy

Travelers must be aware of American Airlines senior citizen policy so they can know the rules, eligibility, type of tickets they can get, what documents are required, and other things. So, you are requested to take note of the points that are below; please have a look:

  • A traveler must have 65 years of age to be eligible for senior citizen discount on American Airlines. 
  • Discount is solely restricted to seniors, irrespective of traveling with a family. 
  • You have to provide the legal document to validate your age (65 years). 
  • The senior citizen discount may nor be available on every flight, thus, based on different factors, for example, route, number of passengers, etc. 
  • Discounts may not be applicable on American Eagle or American connecting flights. 
  • For any queries, you can approach the officials who will iron out all the issues associated with its rules or policy. 

The procedure to book an American Airlines ticket using a senior citizen discount

People often wonder about the ways through which travelers can avail of senior citizen discounts on American Airlines, and those are discussed below:

Get senior citizen discounts online. 

The primary mode you can consider to avail of senior citizen discounts on American Airlines is via the official webpage. To know about the same, you are requested to dive into the points that are below:

  • Visit the official American Airlines webpage to begin the mode. 
  • Locate and tap the "Advanced search" option and click the "Senior Citizen Discounts."
  • Search the flight based on your destination, date of flight, etc.,
  • You will find the list of discounted flights (for senior citizens); choose one of them.
  • Prefer your seat; you will get a senior citizen discount on the payment gateway.

Approach the airport and request. 

If you go through some complexity via the online mode and cannot complete your senior citizen bookings, you can approach the airport help desk. You have to carry and provide all the information or identity proof to the executive so they can continue with the mode. However, remember to be aware of its opening hours so you can get to the agent on time. 

Call the executive and book.

The third method yo can consider to book a senior citizen ticket on American Airlines is via the phone call. You need to dial their assistance phone number 1800 4337300 where you have to request the agent to complete the method on your behalf. Remember to keep all the necessary documents handy so you can provide them. 

Best reason to book American Airlines for senior citizens

It is believed that American Airlines offers the highest benefits to passengers who book their tickets using senior citizen discounts. This discount is not just available for domestic destinations but travelers are also allowed to enjoy it on their international trips. Apart from this, some of the important benefits offered to these travelers are as follows:

  • Flight rates are comparatively cheaper.
  • Additional assistance like wheelchair facilities. 
  • Priority boarding is given to passengers who are 65 years old or older.
  • Inflight assistance is provided by American Airlines, who booked tickets using senior citizen discounts. 

Does American Airlines offer special deals for those who select the 65+ passenger option when booking a flight?

Yes, American Airlines offers discounts for senior citizens of those who are above 65 years including, priority check in, extra baggage, food and drinks, etc. 


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