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Guide on getting free Wi-Fi on Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines offers several free services and facilities for its passengers, making flyers entertained on flights while they head for their desired destinations. However, Wi-Fi services offered in-flight at Singapore Airlines are free of charge, and you can access it quite smoothly from the official site page, or you can use the following information and gather an appropriate set of access for Wi-Fi services.

  • Note if you have access to the KrisFlyer program at Singapore Airlines, you need to mention the necessary details at the time of ticket purchase or at the time of check-in for in-flight Wi-Fi.
  • Sometimes few travelers who have no access to Singapore airline KrisFlyer program are also allowed to use free membership online, and you need to sign-up for an account, or you may also access it through Singapore Airlines digital content portal onboard to access free Wi-Fi.

Can we get Wi-Fi on Singapore Airlines?

Yes, passengers have been allowed to use Singapore Airlines Wi-Fi services available on all the aircraft except for Boeing 737-800 NG. Moreover, passengers can access this facility with the KrisFlyer program and the digital content portal, as this service is charge free. 

Does Singapore offer free Wi-Fi?

Yes! Singapore Airlines fleet is Wi-Fi enabled in most of the aircraft, making it easy to stay connected with family and friends. Besides, you get free Wi-Fi on selected aircraft if you travel in Suites, First class, Business Class, or belong to the KrisFlyer or PPS Club member program. 

Besides, if you are travelling on the premium economy or economy and are PPS/KrisFlyer member, add your KrisFlyer membership number to the booking before departure. You can do it via 'Manage Booking' on the website, mobile app, airport check-in counters, or Kiosk. 

How to access free Wi-Fi on Singapore Airlines?

If you are flying on Singapore Airlines and wish to access free Wi-Fi, here are the simple steps you can follow: 

Step 1: Add Membership details 

Enter your KrisFlyer or PPS Club details at the time of booking a flight ticket, via manage booking, at the ticket counter at the airport or the check-in counter.

  • To do that, add your trip to SingaporeAir mobile app
  • You can select your trip and click on the manage booking
  • Click on 'add passenger details and add the KrisFlyer number under the Frequent Flyer details section 

Step 2: Connect to KrisWorld

While you are on board the enabled Wi-Fi aircraft, you can connect to the KrisWorld Wi-Fi network on the device during the in-flight mode.

Step 3: Claim complimentary access 

You can then visit on your browser, choose 'complimentary access,' and provide all the required details. 

How to connect to free Wi-Fi at Singapore Airport?

Now to learn the proper steps regarding Singapore airline's free access to Wi-Fi service, then, in that case, you must read the following section pointers, and you will be able to receive an appropriate set of guidance.

  • While you are onboard at Singapore airlines 
  • You can access your device (laptop or smartphone) and, after this, launch the internet browser (Chrome, Safari, or Firefox)
  • Further, which mentions the key under a valid website address to access the login page easily
  • The final step to take will be to select a selection of Wi-Fi logo under your device, and after this, you will be able to conveniently enjoy Wi-Fi services for the next 3 hours without any obstacles.

Although, if you still seek more assistance with free Wi-Fi access, the best you can do is contact a Singapore airline customer service representative, who is available 24/7. You get assisted adequately direct from the expert hassle-free. 

What is the free Wi-Fi speed on Singapore flights?

You can expect to see a speed of 1 to 8 Mbps downloading speed and 1- 2 Mbps uploading speed with free wifi at Singapore Airlines. You can enable a smooth Wi-Fi experience onboard using the tips below.

  • Enable low data mode.
  • Avoid activities like Gaming, transferring big files, streaming videos, etc.
  • Disable auto-downloading, app updates, etc.

How does portable Wi-Fi work in Singapore?

Portable Wi-Fi is an excellent option if you want to stay connected while exploring Singapore. Before arriving in Singapore, you can also rent portable Wi-Fi devices from various airports or online providers. Once the portable Wi-Fi is activated, the device uses local cellular networks to provide internet access to your devices.Here is the simple process to use portable Wi-Fi in Singapore airlines:

  • To begin, you can rent the device from a reputable provider.
  • Pick up the device at the designated location, usually at the airport or a nearby collection point.
  • Turn on the device and connect your phone, tablet, or laptop to the network using the password.
  • Enjoy high-speed internet access throughout your journey in Singapore.

How can I get Wi-Fi in Singapore for tourists?

For Singapore tourists, the Wi-Fi service is named "Wireless@SGx," which is not only accessible to program members but also to those tourists. You need to sign-up for free membership online or through any other even source or medium which is accessible online as well as offline.

Is there any charge for Wi-Fi at Singapore Airlines?

Yes, passengers should pay for the Singapore Airlines Wi-Fi, but it immediately depends on the access speed you wish in-flight, and the cost would be approximately $25 to $30. On the other hand, if you need to consult for the fees then you should try to contact Singapore airline assistant and receive proper guidance.


Most of the Singapore Airlines fleet nowadays is wifi enabled. However, you will not get the wifi services on their Boeing 737-800 NG. You can access free wifi at Singapore Airlines under the given situations.

  • If you have booked a Suite/ First class or a Business class ticket.
  • If you are a KrisFlyer member and have a booking in Economy or Premium Economy Class.

Yes, if you haven’t got the complimentary Wi-Fi access or you are not a KrisFlyer member at Singapore Airlines, then you are required to pay the following charges.

  • USD 3.99 for one hour of continuous Wi-Fi access.
  • USD 8.99 for three-hour continuous wifi access.
  • USD 15.99 to stay connected over wifi for the entire flight.

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