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Wheelchair and mobility assistance with JetBlue Airlines: A need to add the special service request.

JetBlue Airlines deliver the services you need on the travel to a suitable destination. All the flight booking information is available on their website according to their needs and preferences. Sometimes, you need to plan your travel wheel for passengers having special needs. JetBlue helps you to accommodate passengers having a disability and allows you to add a wheelchair before the scheduled departure. Here is the necessary information which you can read for special assistive assistance. 

How do I get wheelchair assistance at the airport with JetBlue?

JetBlue Airlines provide mobility and wheelchair assistance at all their airport. You need to access the mobility service at the airport by following the given details. 

  • You will get boarding and deplaning assistance at the airport, or you can have a personal wheelchair upon your arrival. 
  • If you choose the wheelchair facility to deliver at the bag claim area, JetBlue will provide the service to there. 
  • You need to reach the crew members available at the curbside with your companion and ask for assistance.
  • You need to submit the relevant form regarding the requirements and necessity for the disabled person. 
  • Specific fees will apply if you get the wheelchairs which you need to pay over there. 

What is Disabled passenger needs Assistance (DPNS) guidelines?

According to the DPNS, a person with a disability may have a mental or physical impairment that impacts hearing, walking, or breathing.

  • Airlines provide assistance with wheelchairs to passengers with a disability. Some other assistance will also be there.
  • Disabled passengers or their companions must submit the requirements and medical documents to the airlines. 
  • You need to attach clear instructions on the working of the wheelchair while heading to the airport. 

How do I contact JetBlue for wheelchair assistance?

While traveling with the JetBlue Airline, if you are looking for wheelchair assistance, then for that you can get in touch with the live human of the Airline and ask for a special service request; there are quite a few ways through which you can get special assistance, but the most convenient yet the easiest ways to proceed with is by getting it through a phone call where you can call at the customer helpline number of the JetBlue Airline 1-800-JETBLUE (538-2583) and then proceed with the method.

  • Dial the JetBlue Airline customer support helpline number.
  • From the given options, pick your preferred language.
  • And for the IVR, tap the button to choose the special service request option.
  • Shortly, the agent will connect with you on the line.
  • Then provide your needful information to the human on the call.
  • And then, the agent will accept your request and grant you the service.

How much do you tip for wheelchair assistance at the airport for JetBlue?

You can tip for wheelchair assistance at the airport for JetBlue from $5 to $50 for one attendant. This will depend upon the type of assistance, and the numbers of attendants require at the terminal with the airlines. 

How to request Airport Mobility Assistance on JetBlue?

Suppose you forgot to add the special assistance service while making your flight reservation, or you have been injured recently. In that case, you can request the Airline representative to get you Mobility Assistance so you can board your flight easily. Assistance from the Airline will help you throughout the process. To know how to file a special service request, go through the steps below.

  • Make your visit to the Airport.
  • Then move to the helpdesk of JetBlue Airline.
  • Speak with the live human available at the counter about your issue.
  • And request special service from the Airline representative.
  • Give your needful information as per the requirement.
  • The agent will provide you with a special assistance service.

What does JetBlue consider an assistive device?

CPAP machines, ventilators, and respirators are considered assistive devices with JetBlue Airlines. They can be used or stowed in the cabin properly in the overhead bins of the seats. The assistive device must be approved by the TSA and the FAA guidelines that govern carry-on bags. 

How to get Gate passes for wheelchair needed person?

When you choose the special assistance service while making your flight reservation, then you get the Gate pass on your respective email; you can show that to the security check at the Airport departure gate, and for any query, you can speak with the representative of the Airline by connecting them through their helpline number.

What is SSR and How to book SSR on JetBlue Airlines?

SSR stands for “special service request” if in case you need special assistance from the Airline, then for that, you can request special service, for which you can make a call to the Airline customer support and ask him to provide you with the special service, or you can also get it through the website of the Airline by choosing the SSR option during the reservation process. You can also book SSR at the Airport by speaking with the live agent available at the help desk of the Airline.


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